Spark Romance with Flowers Even After So Many Years of Being in Relationship!


My memory of meeting the love of my life for the first time is completely a fantasy affair. Instead of recalling how I felt when I ran to him, I recall how dumb I was calling the man of my dream “a real handsome” as my way to spool him.

Three years after the first rose I received from his side, we ladies still- might be only I- need the same romantic gesture I think. My fiancé, as he is now after a long date, plan weekly date nights when we are home from travelling and send flowers online(, leave notes or even write cards to show our concern for each other. Going down to the memory lane to all exotic dates & sightseeing we went on in the past, we remember together the happy hours we spent together.

Women love flowers. From my point of view the gesture of getting those takes up 80 percent of the sentiments and 20 percent complements with how stunning and fragrant the roses are.

Perfect scenario: Our men dive in to whatever hectic chore we happen to be in whether folding laundry life, replacing diapers or work life, to stun us with a bouquet of blooms that instantly cheers up the ambiance of the room into saturated colors of red, yellow and peaches, blues and whites.

Flowers make us swoon and we steal the show with a dipped kiss in the sunset shine. I simply mean if it takes or costs you a little, guys, pain your lady’s world with love once in a while.


Flowers are always great, but are always better if paired with a box of chocolates or a soft toy. Since my fiancé used to give me bouquets often, he never picks the same bouquet for every event. He chooses something special every time he gets me flowers. The little seasoning of gifts onto the flowers makes it really an awesome gift that I grab with open arms!

On that note, GiftaLove would be the ultimate destination for romantic flowers. You can even get Same Day Flowers Delivery In Delhi, Mumbai, or other parts of India if your fiancé or lady love happens to be at a far off location.

You can visit the site, browse categories and find flowers of your choices with a little seasoning in terms of addons to sparkle the beauty of the flowers a bit.


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