5 Exotic Flowers for all Gorgeous Ladies in your Life!

Flowers are the perfect gift for every human being. Whether it’s for your parents, your lady love or your friends, this beautiful gift of nature never fail to adorn your relationships. If you want to give a delightful present to all your favourite women, then flowers can be the best choice of gift you should offer them. Although, it’s quite tough to know what makes feel women the most happy but a beautiful blooming flower will never fail to impress a woman.

Buy Flowers Online

Now, you can also send flowers to Delhi, Mumbai and other parts of India as well as abroad in short interval of time, so, if any of your lady love are residing far away from you, kindly prefer reliable online gifting portals. You can also present several flowery gift combos to your ladies like flower with chocolate, flower with cards, flower with cake and many more. According to women, the kind of flowers a man gives shows his sentiments for her. This directly means that it’s not just about choosing and gifting any flowers but the perfect flowers. So, it becomes truly essential to go for the right flower types, flower arrangement and most importantly flower color.

Below are some different types of flowers that undoubtedly become the perfect gift for every important woman of yours. Kindly go through:

Red Roses for Soul Mate

Red roses are one of the perfect examples of romantic and passionate love. You can woo your partner by gifting a bunch of red roses to her. If you are blessed with a lovely girlfriend or wife, then express your love with a bouquet or bunch of rose in your hand. This flower is the most preferred choice for valentine day.

Sunflowers for Friend

Sunflower stands for happiness and refreshment. It’s the perfect flower for celebrating friendship. Its bright look and soothing fragrance spread the lively and positive energy in the environment, exactly like friends. We feel the same joy, energy and livelihood when we are with our friends. Gift this flower bouquet to your close friends and make them realize how much they mean to you.

Orchids and Lilies for Mother

Undeniably, mothers are the most pure and caring human beings on this planet. Their love, strength and beauty are incomparable. When we talk about suitable flowers for mother, then two names that come in our mind is orchids and lilies. They both symbolize vulnerability and courage. And because of this likeness in nature, they both are the perfect flowers for mothers.

Daffodils for Beloved Sister

For your dearest sister, it’s the best flower that has an ability to make her really happy. It signifies respect and admiration that is suitable for every sister. Be it her birthday or occasion of Raksha Bandhan, a delightful bouquet of daffodils will surely bring a prettiest smile on her face.

Gerberas for Lovely Daughter

Gerberas are the best choice to enthuse your daughter in the best possible way. These eye pleasing colorful flowers with adorable petals and bright yellow centre that look like sun will never fail to make your daughter’s day full of joy and happiness.

So, these are some of the perfectly suited flowers for all women in your life that must be given to bring a pleasurable smile on their face. Gifting a bunch of adorable flowers to a lady in your life will never be a bad idea as flowers magic is way more precious than other types of materialistic gifts. To send and buy flowers online, you can log on to, an online e-gifting portal for all types of gifts such as flowers, cakes, chocolates and many more.


Spark Romance with Flowers Even After So Many Years of Being in Relationship!


My memory of meeting the love of my life for the first time is completely a fantasy affair. Instead of recalling how I felt when I ran to him, I recall how dumb I was calling the man of my dream “a real handsome” as my way to spool him.

Three years after the first rose I received from his side, we ladies still- might be only I- need the same romantic gesture I think. My fiancé, as he is now after a long date, plan weekly date nights when we are home from travelling and send flowers online(, leave notes or even write cards to show our concern for each other. Going down to the memory lane to all exotic dates & sightseeing we went on in the past, we remember together the happy hours we spent together.

Women love flowers. From my point of view the gesture of getting those takes up 80 percent of the sentiments and 20 percent complements with how stunning and fragrant the roses are.

Perfect scenario: Our men dive in to whatever hectic chore we happen to be in whether folding laundry life, replacing diapers or work life, to stun us with a bouquet of blooms that instantly cheers up the ambiance of the room into saturated colors of red, yellow and peaches, blues and whites.

Flowers make us swoon and we steal the show with a dipped kiss in the sunset shine. I simply mean if it takes or costs you a little, guys, pain your lady’s world with love once in a while.


Flowers are always great, but are always better if paired with a box of chocolates or a soft toy. Since my fiancé used to give me bouquets often, he never picks the same bouquet for every event. He chooses something special every time he gets me flowers. The little seasoning of gifts onto the flowers makes it really an awesome gift that I grab with open arms!

On that note, GiftaLove would be the ultimate destination for romantic flowers. You can even get Same Day Flowers Delivery In Delhi, Mumbai, or other parts of India if your fiancé or lady love happens to be at a far off location.

You can visit the site, browse categories and find flowers of your choices with a little seasoning in terms of addons to sparkle the beauty of the flowers a bit.

Flowers That You Can Buy Online To Impress Your Dear Ones

10603590_687427904687467_7671692918080842720_nWondering about an expressive gift that can depict your emotions and feelings in the best way? Well then it can be nothing better than a bunch of beautiful and colorful flowers at such situation. Now you can also buy flowers online and avail a Flowers Delivery In Delhi, Pune or at different parts of the country. To know more on this read further.

Flowers, the beautiful and exceptional God’s creation are also an amazing gifting option now days. For years, people are gifting each other with beautiful bunches and bouquets of flowers. It is because flowers are one of the most beautiful creations of God that pleases everyone’s sight and cheer up the mod with its attractive colors. Also flowers are one of the best gifting options because of being expressive in nature.

It is being said that flowers speak the language of heart in the best way. So whichever the occasion is a bunch of beautifully decorated colorful flowers are simply perfect gifting option for everyone. Be it a birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day or any festival celebration, a bunch or bouquet of flowers is simply the best gifting options.

Now days, you can in fact gift flowers online to your dear ones. Just like we can now buy and send gifts to our dear ones online, bunches and bouquets of flowers can also be bought online and send to people across the globe.

So when your dear one is residing far away from you at a different part of the country, you can offer him/her a joyous surprise by sending flowers online. But if you are willing to buy flowers online and confused about the which one top buy, then below given brief on popular gifting flowers is sure to help you out.

Roses: It is not only a popular Valentine’s Day flower but also a perfect gift for various occasions like Mother’s day, Friendship’s day, anniversary, birthdays and more. So along with red roses, you can try out every different colored roes to greet your dear ones on their special occasion and make them feel special.

Lily: Well if your choice is for white flowers, then lily is the best flowers that you can think of buying and gifting your dear ones. But apart from white lilies pink, orange, purple, yellow and other colored lilies are also much popular for gifting.

Carnations: Another beautiful flower variety is carnation that is available in wide variety of soothing color variety. Be it Mother’s day, Father’s day, Valentine’s day, Birthdays or any other occasion, carnations are just perfect gifting option for every occasion.

Gerbera: One of the most colorful varieties of flowers is gerbera. So when you are looking for a cheerful gifting option, then a bunch of colorful gerbera flowers can be an excellent option. However you can look for same colored gerbera flowers as well. The selection of colors can be made from wide variety of options, such as red white, yellow, purple, pink orange and more.

Apart from these options anthurium, orchids and many other flowers are also perfect gifting options. To buy a beautifully decorated bunch or bouquet of these online, you can log on to and offer a cheerful surprise to your loved ones on their special day of celebration.

Make Quick Flowers Delivery in Delhi to Speak of your Love

10414522_665232866906971_5528837012269212471_nSomeone has aptly said that flowers speak of love, affection silently in a language known only to the heart.

They are the terrific means to portray your emotions to a significant other or a friend, family member or loved one. Since long time back people have been choosing flowers as most excellent gifts for occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Raksha Bandhan and other events.

What could be better than making surprising Flowers Delivery In Delhi for a loved one settled over there? From signifying get well soon message to conferring deep love, blooms excel in nurturing relationships no matter what.

If you are looking to Buy flowers online but have no idea to pick what, take a look at below mentioned suggestions.

Rosy Roses: Nothing is as passionate as red roses, right? This bunch of 10 long-stemmed roses comes packed in a designer cellophane with ribbon bow. The exotic deep red color of roses adds to the beauty of this bouquet sure to serve the purpose of expression in an amazing way.

Sweet Carnations in a Glass Vase: Who doesn’t fall for a mix and match combination of flowers specially carnations? The vibrant bloom known for its exotic look when arranged in a sheer transparent glass vase captivates onlookers. If it’s the most important lady of your life to whom you’ve to give the message, simply go with this beautiful arrangement.

Intense Purple Orchids: For a person who loves the ecstasy of purple shade, nothing could make him/her cheerful than purple orchids. A glass vase arrangement of 12 exotic pink roses with 3 purple orchids is something tickling the receiver’s heart with joy.

Dozen Roses: It’s a classic arrangement though, sure to sweep the receiver no matter male or female off their feet. A dozen roses perfectly arranged in a bouquet or basket is a sure fire way to tickle any heart pink. Red, pink, peach or white, which color would you choose? Simply think of your relationship with the recipient and the occasion to pick the right color.

Roses & Calla Lilies: A head-turning floral gift that won’t leave your receiver wondering about your sentiments. This finely made arrangement includes a dozen roses combined with calla lilies. If there is an eternal relationship between you too, I suggest you must pick this arrangement of flowers.

The above mentioned 5 flower arrangements are sure to help you express your feelings.

5 Reasons why you should Choose Flowers for your Girlfriend’s Birthday

Happy-Birthday-flowers-sayings-happIs this your girlfriend’s birthday next week? Is she located in Delhi, miles away from you? Does it seem quite impossible to be there as you have to do some urgent works? Well, there is no reason to be sheer sad! Hey, chin up guy, it’s her birthday and there shouldn’t be a single line of sadness rolling all over your face. So what if you both are miles away, love knows no distance. Just go through this blog to overcome distance blues and wish her a really surprising birthday!

As it’s her b’day, you would have planned something to get her as gift. I know your mind would be brimming with lots of birthday gift ideas. From candies to fragrance, apparels to jewelry, there are loads of options out there, which would be making you a bit dizzy, am I right? Well, the best birthday present you could give your girlfriend is flowers. Yes, flowers, those pretty ferns and petals of her favorite blooms! I know you’d be thinking why flowers, if there are other options too. Well, a woman loves to be pampered by exotic blooms as it makes her feel special and lets her know she is beautiful, also it signifies your deep-heart feelings in an utterly beautiful way. I think these reasons would be sufficient, if not let’s have a look at below mentioned reasons. And I’m damn sure after reading this; you’re definitely going to make Flowers Delivery in Delhi, right at her doorway.

Reason 1st: Women drool over the gorgeousness of flowers. Either roses that are surefire tickets to romantic birthday, or the blooms she is crazy about. Flowers signifying the birth month are also great gift ideas.

Reason 2nd: Gifting her flowers, especially having them delivered to Delhi right at her workplace of doorway stands just not for how much you care but that you care enough to memorize her b’day.

Reason 3rd: Endowing her with a birthday flower basket can give you an opportunity to put more than a gift as well. It means that not just she would get flowers but other gifts as well; it means she’s going to appreciate your thoughtfulness for this.

Reason 4th: Well, gifting flowers also means that you can put a personalized card as well. Writing a sentimental message or a simple happy birthday wish can mean more than the flowers itself. She would be truly touched by your lovely gesture.

Reason 5th: You can make plants or good luck plants to be delivered at her doorstep that simply means she’s going to cherish this gift for years to come. It will also symbolize your love as green as the plant is.

One great aspect about sending flowers to Delhi for her birthday is that if you overlook her b’day having flowers delivered is the most simple way to say sorry. Just go online and buy online birthday gifts for girlfriend out of flowers, soft toys, chocolates and many more.

Make a Hit on Special Occasion with Flowers Delivery to Delhi

Do you want to ignite your bond with loved ones on their special day? Is long distance playing the role of a culprit cutting you off from your near and dear ones? If it’s so, worry not. Let your loved ones feel your presence despite physical absence by sending beautiful bouquets of flowers.

Flowers have been the everlasting gifts symbolizing love. Blooms with different colors stand for different feeling & relation, nurturing the bond we share with people around us. So, Send Flowers to Delhi to a distant loved one, living there on his/her birthday, for whom you really care about using online flower delivery services.

Birthday flowers have long been the most eminent choices for delivering gifts. These are usually sent with a personalized card with best wishes. A bunch or a bouquet of blooms can be delivered to one’s home or sent to their workplace.
There are few constraints to what sort of blooms may be used for bouquets. Birthdays usually mean bright flowers but there are many more choices. Especially designs may also be made special to make the birthday perfect.
Depict your Wishes Better & Brighter with Flowers: Wishing a loved one a ‘Happy Birthday’ can be done in one of many ways where some people may choose to send fruit, chocolates or cards along with a gift. Others may choose to get a flowery arrangement to decipher their wishes and feelings.


There are scores of reasons to go with flowers instead of or with a present. The first reason is that flowers bring cheerfulness and lift up one’s mood. Even a simple arrangement of daisies can cheer up one’s day. A fragrance assortment of flowers can fill a room with soul soothing scent. This also lets the recipient relish the fragrance for days to come. A perfect way to perk up one’s birthday is to use bright colors. Rainbow hues flowers are perfect choice.

Before Sending Flowers to Delhi understand the Exact Meaning of Flowers:

Some people may be concerned with the real meaning of birthday flowers. Many still grasp to the conventional meaning that a bloom features. Using these can make a simple bouquet have a particular meaning.
Some may go with birth flower while picking a bouquet. There is a flower for every month, each having its own unique meaning. These blossoms range from lilies to carnations, asters and larkspur.

Select the Perfect Bouquet to Send Flowers to Delhi:

Selecting the perfect bouquet to Send Flowers to mumbai or Delhi can seem tricky with so many options available. Many online florists feature a large selection of blooms which makes it possible to choose the right arrangement. Enjoy flower shopping from a reliable florist and make it delivered right on your recipient’s doorstep to send him/her your lovely wishes.