6 Popular Traditional Sarees as Mother’s Day Gifts!!

Are you still undecided what to gift your mom on this Mother’s day? How about a saree as Mothers day gifts for her? The wardrobe of every Indian mother is filled with traditional/designer saree depending upon their taste. Saree as a gift will never go wrong for any Indian women. Your mom will be simply happy to receive a beautiful saree on a special day.

If your mom has penchant for collecting Sarees then she would like to have Sarees from different region of India. Women like to dress up in saree like plain saree, printed saree, synthetic saree etc.

Check out some of these special types of saree ranging from North India to South Indian silk, Eastern India to Western Indian saree.

1.    Kota Jali

Kota is one of the major cities in Rajasthan state. This place is famous for Kota Doria sarees. These saree are light weighted & usually transparent. Cotton is the main fabric used in this kind of saree. Kota jali saree is made up of finest quality of cotton & looks in checkered pattern. These saree are comfortable to wear on summer as it is airy & drape elegantly. Nowadays this saree is also manufactured in silk.

Kota jali2.    Kanjeevaram Saree

This saree is very popular among Indian women whether they are south Indian or not it does not matter. Almost all Indian women desire to have at least one Kanjeevaram saree in her wardrobe. This saree looks gorgeous as it is characterized by gold dipped silver thread that is been used to woven on the premium quality silk. This saree is woven in a traditional style by traditional craftsmen. It is also known for its durability & shiny texture. The base is made up of finest quality of silk that’s why it’s one of the most expensive saree in India. The heavier is the silk, the better is the quality. The most common colours of silk saree found in Kanjeevaram sarees are Maroon red and golden green.

Kanjeevaram Saree3.    Konrad Saree

This saree is originally from the state of Tamil Nadu. It is also known as temple saree because these special Sarees were originally made for the temple deities. The unique character of this type of saree is that it has broad border. The designs are inspired by wild life like elephants, peacocks, deer & waterfall etc. generally these sarees are available in bold colours like dark brown, royal blue colour and bright pink colour etc.

Konrad saree4.    Baluchari Sarees

This saree has origin from Murshidabad district of West Bengal state. It is usually a five yards saree and has border in bright colors like purple, crimson red as well as in deep blue. These sarees are made up of fabric silk and woven on handlooms. This type of saree is about 200 year old in existence. These sarees look quite similar to Banarasi sarees. There is only one difference between these two sarees. Silk threads are used in Baluchari saree, whereas zari threads are used for Banarasi sarees. The borders of the Baluchari  sarees shows epic stories from Ramayana and Mahabharata. The field of the saree is covered with small dots (Bootis) and a pretty floral design runs across the edges.

Baluchari Sarees5.    Taant Cotton

The Tant sarees are another one type of popular sarees that are not only famous in Bengal but across India. These sarees have a different & unique appearance and colors. The word Taant means ‘Made On The Loom’. Bengali Women like to wear this traditional saree in all occasions. This saree is also regarded as Bengal cotton saree. It is made by villagers by hand-woven in various districts of West Bengal. These sarees come in great variety of colours with elegant and beautiful designer patterns. This is a kind of saree for your cotton lover mom who will love to flaunt wearing it on summers.

Taant Cotton6.    Kantha Sari

The word Kantha means embroidery. So the name is associated with its work & not with its fabric. Any cotton or silk saree having Kantha embroidery is known Kantha saree. It has running stitches with complex thread work. The base (cotton/silk/synthetic) is extensively covered with attractive embroidery work in various shapes like birds, peacocks, floral designs, animal’s designs etc. This saree is manually woven by the rural women in Bengal. Its need extensive labor & effort.

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