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4 Ideal Birthday Gift Combos of Flowers with Cakes to Surprise the Special Women of Your Life!

On the birthday of someone very dear or loving, everyone wishes to convey heartiest feelings with the best birthday present. Unfortunately, not everyone is skilled in making the best birthday gift choice for a special one. And if the recipient is a woman then it is obvious to feel a bit perplexed at the thought of birthday gift. But, worry not as this blog will give you ideas on some awesome combos of flowers with cakes for the birthday.


She can be your dearest momma, your darling wife, loving sister, dearest colleague or cheerful friend whom you want to give a very thoughtful and cheerful birthday gift. After all, it’s loved one’s wishes and gifts that turn a birthday into the special and memorable day. With the same thought, if you are also willing to make her birthday memorable and amazing one then you must go with the choice for the combo of Flowers with cakes for a birthday.

Apart from being an idealistic birthday gift surprise, the combo of flowers with cake proves out to be an affectionate gift surprise. Well, this is because flower convey the true and heartiest wishes for birthday and the delicious cake completes the birthday celebration with some very delightful memories. And if you are wondering as for how it is an excellent birthday gift for her then it is because of women of every age love flowers and yummy cakes too.

Here are some wonderful ideas on best combos to delight a woman with Flower and Cakes on Birthday:

Strawberry Cake with Pink Roses: on Momma’s Birthday!

When it’s time again to celebrate mother’s birthday, you cannot go wrong with the selection of Strawberry cake with Pink Roses bunch or any pink rose flower arrangement. This combo is just the perfect gift to convey heartiest wishes and lots of love to mother via pink rose flowers and definitely turns momma’s birthday a memorable and cheerful one with a delightful strawberry cake. This pink combo is just the ideal birthday gift for mother.

Mango Cake with Yellow Roses: for Dearest Friend!

To surprise your dearest friend on her birthday, nothing can be more relevant than the combo of Mango cake with Yellow Roses as the birthday gift for the friend. Since yellow roses are ideal choices as a gift for the friend. Yellow roses convey the real meaning of friendship, trust, and affection. Whereas, a yummy mango cake will be definitely an excellent and unconventional cake flavor that your dearest buddy will love on her birthday.

Heart Shape Chocolate Cake with Red Roses Bunch: for Darling Wife/Girlfriend!

If your darling wife or girlfriend will be soon celebrating her birthday then you need not think twice about this ideal Birthday gift combo to win her heart this time. The lovely and delicious heart shape chocolate cake will melt her heart as it will convey your heartiest feelings of love and birthday wishes to her in a romantic way and the red rose flower bunch will do wonders in confessing your romantic feelings of love to her.

Fresh Fruit Cake and Mixed Flower Bunch: for Sweet Sister!

Since the relationship with a sweet and loving sister is always full of love yet unavoidable fights, lots of jealousy but undying care. Thus, the bond with the sister is always full of mixed emotions, thus the combos of delectable and colorful fresh fruit cake with a bunch of mixed flowers is undoubtedly an ideal birthday gift for her. Also, she will indeed love this mixed fruit cake with mixed fruit flower combo a lot.

Women in your life can be the sister, mother, wife, friend and other whom you adore and love a lot. It’s her birthday which is supposed to be the special one. And, without your birthday gift, it won’t be complete. So, let GiftaLove.com, help you find such relevant and ideal birthday gifts online at amazing prices. Also, on this popular and trusted online gift store, you can even send gifts to India with free shipping.


5 Perfect Birthday Gift Ideas for Girlfriend to Surprise Her with Joy!

pplprd023-bIs searching for the best range to Buy Birthday Gifts for girlfriend online is becoming a matter of problem for you? Well then this blog is just for your help. With lucrative birthday gifts ideas you are sure to select the best gift for your dearest girlfriend and make her feel special on her special day of celebration.

Whatever is your age, you must be having the same level of excitement in your heart for your approaching date of birthday. So similarly be it anyone, the excitement for birthday celebration is almost same for everyone. One of the most important reasons for this is the warm Birthday wishes that are received by all the dear and loved ones.

Apart from the wishes it is birthday gift that is one of the most important reasons for feeling special and being excited for the entire day. There is always a very higher rate of excitement to know what our dear ones have gifted us on our special day of celebration that is Birthday.

Now if it is the approaching birthday date of your loving girlfriend, then it is quite sure that she must be holding the same kind of excitement and happiness for her upcoming birthday too. But it may become a matter of lots of confusion for you to buy a perfect and impressive Birthday gift for her. This is usually with every boy because selecting and buying gifts are always a matter of confusion for boys.

So to help you out, below are some of the perfect Birthday gifts ideas to impress your girlfriend. Have a look!

A Handbag: For meeting your choice of gifting something purposeful to your girlfriend, a handbag is an excellent gifting option. You can just choose to buy a trendy and attractive Handbag that your girlfriend would love to carry and also flaunt it with style. To make it bit special for her you can also fill the bag with different kinds of chocolates for her. She is definitely going to love this idea of yours and also would be feeling special.

Teddy: Girls are very much of playing and cuddling with softy toys. Thus a fluffy and big teddy can prove out as an excellent gifting option for her. She is definitely going to love this birthday gift the most and would keep it safe with her as a token of your love for her lifetime.

Jewellery: Another biggest craze of girls is jewellery. So if you find the same craze for jewelery option in your girlfriend too, then you can buy amazing chunky and trendy jewelery option for her online. Though selection of best jewelery may seem you a tough task but its online ranges are sure to help you in the best way.


Chocolate Bouquet: Gone are the days to surprise your girl with flower bouquets as now you can even surprise her more with a chocolate bouquet. Chocolate is favorite of girls so when a bouquet of chocolates your girlfriend would be receiving then it would definitely be a very special gift for her on her birthday.

Personalized Crystal Table Top: If you are with a thought of gifting something thoughtful and personalized to your loving girlfriend on her birthday this year, then a personalized Crystal Table Top is an excellent gift to surprise her with.

For more such birthday gifts ideas for girlfriend or even boyfriend, you can log on to Giftalove and offer a big and joyous surprise to her on her special day.

Tips for Floral Birthday Gifts that Never go Out of Style!

10556526_701492749947649_5732624616673919325_nMulling over the ways to send flowers to India on birthdays? Did you find the way? What??? Haven’t yet got the right way? Let me introduce you the most convenient, easy yet quick solution- online flowers delivery in India! Did you get what I want to say? We can make a celebration like birthday stand out with online flowers delivery that takes just a few clicks devoid of hassles, traffics and chaos you face in the local market.

Flower-studded birthday gift ideas

Almost everyone relishes the celebration of birthday! Devoid of the number of candles studded on the cake, a few birthday boys/girls can resist the love, festivity as well as special attention coming their way year after year.

No sure which birthday flowers to choose from? Read the guide I have mentioned below for picking the perfect Birthday Gift for your loved one living in India.

A flourishing floral arrangement: Just because you can’t be there in person doesn’t mean you can’t be a part of the festivity. A flourishing floral arrangement having all colors of the palette in terms of flowers will deliver the bash to the doorway of your loved ones. Such a floral arrangement would be so bright and cheerful that it’s like sending your personal interpretation “Happy Birthday to You.”in-love

A Happy Mug with Happy Blooms: Send a happy bouquet brimming with cheerful white and yellow daisies and roses that signify the message of friendship and royalty. This arrangement is sure to cheer up your friends and relatives upon reaching.

Send a Basket full of Blooms: Send a basket full of flowers to give your loved ones’ heartiest desire a little nudge! A charming basket accented with a stunning silk butterfly symbolizing change and transformation is something that will leave long lasting impression on the receiver.

A Dozen Blooms: The flower bunch having almost every color of the palette is an artful display of lilies, gerberas and daisies with exotic green fillers arranged in a bamboo made container. Ideal for the workaholic friend or center table of a new mom or dad, such birthday flowers inhale slowly and enjoy the happy moments.

Stylish Arrangement of Flowers: Give a big, beautiful tribute to the guest of honor on their special or can say big day. Send the message of love, beauty, elegance and affection perfectly arranged in a glass vase floral arrangement brimming with gerberas, pink lilies and roses.

Choose any of the above arrangement and Send Flowers To India as a token of your love!

Top 5 Birthday Gift Ideas to Present Your Loved Ones


Puzzled with the idea of what to gift your dearest girlfriend on her upcoming birthday? This time you can surprise her with something exciting and thoughtful. Simply go through the blog where I have included some of the unique and thoughtful ideas to Buy Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend and present her.

Birthday gifts are always a matter of joy for the receiver as well as for the one who is gifting it. And the excitement doubles when you are gifting something that is unique and exclusive that you expect to be special for the one to whom you are gifting it to. Now if it’s your girlfriend’s birthday, then it should be something thoughtful, unique and loving that can impress her and make her feel special.

There may be an obvious confusion you may be going through. Well if it is so, then flush out all your confusions as below are some of the best and thoughtful birthday gift ideas to choose one and surprise your dearest girlfriend.

Chunky Neck Piece: If your girlfriend is a fashion lover, then this time, you can gift her something that she will definitely fall in love with. Just prefer selecting a chunky and trendy neckpiece that she would love to wear. It is one such Birthday Gifts that she is definitely going to fall in love with.

Teddy: If you are thinking of something cute and adorable for your sister, then gift a big, fluffy and adorable teddy is just the best option to buy and gift her on her birthday. Since girls are generally are very much fond of playing and cuddling with teddies, so it would definitely be a special surprise for her that she love to have as a token of your love.

Personalized Cushion: Now if it’s something exclusive and special you want to gift your beloved girlfriend, then a personalized cushion would definitely prove out as a cheerful surprise for her. It can be any of her or both of your pictures that you can get printed on a cushion and surprise her.

Handbag: Though this idea may seem you as a usual purposeful gift to you but if were thinking of gifting purposeful to your beloved girlfriend then this it can turn out as the best birthday gift for her. Just choose a trendy handbag that she can carry as well as flaunt her style with. Now to turn it into a special gift, you can fill the handbag with lots of chocolate and slips with hand written birthday or love quotes.

Strawberry Cake with Beautiful Pink Roses: For a romantic birthday gift, you can choose to strawberry cake with beautiful bunch of Pink Roses. Just take her on a dinner or lunch date and surprise her with this romantic gift of delectable strawberry cake and a beautiful bunch of roses. It would be best and most romantic gift for her that will let her feel special and loved.

To buy any of these birthday gifts or to search for other such gifting options, you can log on to http://www.giftalove.com and make a choice for the best one to buy online. So hurry to buy and surprise your love.

Ideal 5 Birthday Gifts to Cheer Up Girlfriend

10471390_660895277340730_1497682075921625478_nThinking of surprising your girlfriend on her birthday but perplexed with the idea of right gift? Well then read on the blog as there are some exciting birthday gift ideas that are perfect to express your heartily feelings to her and making her feel special.

Every year, a new surprise for your beloved on her birthday may let you to confusions! Generally we all think of gifting a showpiece, a heart shaped soft toy, flowers and cake as Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend. But if you choose all such common gifts, then you may fail to impress her and also make her feel special on her birthday.

So there is a need of something unique and special that can also make her feel special and happy. Her birthday gift should be something that she can keep with always as a token of your love. Just flush out all the boring ideas now and surprise her with something unique and impressive.

For ideas, scroll down and read further!

Wrist Watch: If you are willing to gift something thoughtful and impressive, then a wrist watch is simply the best option to choose and gift your beloved on her Birthday. Wrist watch is not just an accessory to be updated with time; rather it’s a perfect thing to flaunt your style as well. So prefer choosing a trendy and branded wrist watch.

Bracelet: As a token of love, a bracelet can be a nice option to choose for your girlfriend to surprise her on her birthday. It can be a diamond bracelet, a gold one, a stone studded or any sort of precious bracelet that can make her feel special and loved. All you need to notice that whether she loves to wear bracelets or not.

Sling Bag: If you are willing to gift a purposeful gift to your girlfriend, then sling bag can be the best option to cheer her up with joy. Now days sling bags are very much in trend so gifting a stylish and trendy sling bag can be a great option in making her feel happy and special on her birthday. She would definitely love to flaunt it and keep it safe with her as a token of your love.

Clothing: Another excellent option in making your girlfriend feel happy is apparel. Choosing anything trendy from clothing section is sure make her make her feel special as girls are always fond of clothing, jewelery and accessories. It can be simply a great option to gift her nice Salwar kurta, a dress, jeans, shirt or anything that she loves to wear.

Personalized Cushion/Coffee Mug: These days personalized gifts are very much in trend as these convey the heartily emotion in the best way. So be it personalized cushion or coffee mug, it is sure to impress her a lot. All you need is to get it personalized with a nice photo of her and yours together. You can also add a love text to express your feelings and making her feel loved.

These were just few options! For more such options on Birthday Gifts for girlfriend and others, you can log on to http://www.giftalove.com and offer a delightful surprise your beloved girlfriend.

5 Thoughtful Gifts to Wish to your Girlfriend “Happy Birthday”

WD-14-01So it’s your girlfriend’s birthday and you are totally confused about the idea of what to gift her this year? If yes, then this blog is surely going to prove out as excellent gifting options to woo your girlfriend and make her feel special. Read on to know ideas on what to look for surprising your girlfriend on her birthday.

When it’s your girlfriend’s birthday then it’s sure to be a special day for you too. It is because your girlfriend’s birthday can turn out as the best opportunity to express the feelings of love, care and affection to her. Just the right selection of Birthday Gifts can do wonders in making her feel the importance of her in your life and your heartily emotions of love for her.

Now when you are confused about the right idea to Buy Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend, then below are some exciting and thoughtful birthday gift ideas for girlfriend. Just go through these:

Personalized Coffee Mug: For impressing as well as making your girlfriend happy, you can choose to gift her personalized coffee mug. These are one of the most popular gifting option now days and you just need to get a picture of you both printed on the coffee mug and also a birthday or love quote over it. This would be the best way of expressing your feelings to her. You can also fill the mug with chocolates to make the gift more special for her.

Bracelet: On her birthday, gifting a nice and intricate bracelet is sure to make her go crazy for it. Girls are always fond of jewellery things. So when it would be a trendy bracelet that you would be gifting her, then its sure to turn her happy and also she would definitely love the gift a lot.

Handbag: For gifting something purposeful to her, a trendy handbag would be a best gift for her on this birthday. This would be a purposeful gift that she would love to carry and also flaunt her style with. So a selection of nice and trendy handbag is most important

Message Bottles: For the ones looking for a unique birthday gift with which he can convey his feelings of love to her, then message bottles is simply the perfect option. It is a set of beautifully decorated bottles that have a love message in it over a piece of paper. This would be probably the best way of speaking up your heart.

Teddy: For girls of every age a big, fluffy and adorable teddy is the best gift for her on her birthday. This is because girls love to play and cuddle up with a soft and big teddy. So when it would be a gift from you, then it is sure to turn out as an excellent gifting option for you.

Along with these, if you are looking for more such options, then simply you need to log in to http://www.giftalove.com and select the best one to buy birthday gifts for girlfriend online.

Birthday Gift Guide for One and All


Birthdays are fun-time, merry time, party time for everyone involved, not just for the birthday girl or boy. Part of the appeal to this celebration includes choosing a great birthday gift, however this may turn to be a chore for some, especially for a person who is either hard-to-buy or seems to have everything.

If you really don’t know where to Buy Birthday Gifts, it can be a good idea to have some types of strategies as to how to buy a birthday gift. By taking a few pointers into account, it doesn’t have to be tricky at all to Buy birthday gifts for boyfriend, girlfriend, men, women and kids.
Here is a complete guide to buy birthday gifts online for different recipients:

Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend or Men:

While buying birthday gifts for men be it boyfriend, husband, brother, uncle, father or friend, it’s good to measure his interests at first. Consider whether he’s a sports aficionado, a geek, an avid gamer, a music lover or reader. Would he like a toy especially for boy to play around the house, or he is a businessman always on the look for some smart tools at workplace? Well, the options are practically limitless; however it will involve the thoughtfulness to pick out that perfect present for him.

First and foremost step is to consider the type of present you want to buy for him. Is it a practical gift or a fun gift that you want to buy? How about a gift that comes in both categories? Grooming products like shaving kits can be great choice.
Video games would be an excellent choice for an avid gamer, but you should not choose in haste as when it comes to games, men are really hard to buy for. The better idea would be golden cards if the man loves poker games.
A man with fashion-forward sense would appreciate accessories and in this category cufflinks, bracelets, belts, tie, and wallets would be ideal to choose from.

Birthday Gifts for Women:

Well, with so many gifts accessible in the market for women, buying gift for a woman in your life be your wife, girlfriend, friend, mother, grandmother, sister, or any other lady is no more a hectic chore. Just bear in minder her individual taste and begin to think of the types of birthday gifts she would love to receive. Is she’s a keeper, a memorabilia would make great gift, if she’s a woman with sophisticated fashion taste an elegant piece of jewelry, apparel, or accessory would match her tastes well for sure, however if she is a foodie, go and get a box of delicious chocolates for her.

However if you’re unaware of her tastes, just pay attention towards her dress, accessories or a particular thing that she carries every day. You’d get lots of ideas about her particular taste.

Birthday Gifts for Kids:

Though children are easy to buy for, but it doesn’t mean you should overlook their personal taste. Know your kids’ preferences before buying a birthday gift. Ask him/her what sorts of gifts they would like to get. For an idea here is a table to help you out:
• Newborn to Age 3-> Musical toys, stuffed toys,
• Ages 3 to 5-> Educational toys, pretend toys
• Ages 5 to 8-> Basic building toys, arts & crafts kits
• Ages 8 to 12-> Advanced building toys, board games, puzzles, age-appropriate video games,

In general buying birthday gifts for loved ones doesn’t have to be tricky. With a few considerations and a vast range of gifts available, it’s easier to find that ultimate gift you want to endow someone with on his/her big day.