Red Roses? Try These Top 12 Red Flowers for Valentine’s Day Gifting!

Valentine day is most long-awaited, celebrate day for every lover. And if you are in love then you must be thinking to gift Red roses for Valentine’s Day, right? Well to help you out in offering the best floral surprise to sweetheart, here I m going to suggest Red color flowers that can be possibly one of the most romantic token of love to galvanize your love ones unexpectedly.


So folk! What are waiting for? Buy Flower Bouquet Online as it is a matter of just few clicks. Red color signifies the meaning of pride, loyalty, unconscious in love and dedication and self-indulgent and of earthy, sensitivities, Here I m going to enlist Red flowers you can offer to your love ones.

1. Red Roses with leafy-fillers bouquet:
Red roses are most ostentatiously beautified flower that symbolically confesses the feelings of love and affection. So to give red roses means you are inviting attention related with deep-inner-love, loyalty, romance and affection.

2. Red Cardinal Flowers with leafy filler bunch:
It is American flowers that has longer blooms and very good for primarily star flowers arrangement. Leafy fillers you can choose per your desire and choice.

3. Red carnation with leafy fillers glass vase:
Red carnation is romantically famous for undying deep-love, fascination admiration, charity and appreciation. Choose leafy-fillers of your choice-type with it.

4. Gerbera Daisy with seasonal foliage antique:
It is the flower that is famous for its innocence, purity, loyalty and a highly committed person to the shared secrecy about personal or non-personal.

5. Red Crocus with leafy-fillers:
It is the flowers that are famous for sunshine, exuberance and cheerfulness.

6. Red daffodil with seasonal foliage:
It is most eye-striking flower that evoke feelings of graciousness, exuberance, disciplinary and passion. Added seasonal foliage gives it a long-lasting idealized relationship harmoniously.

7. Red tulips with leafy-filler antique:
It evokes the feelings of exuberance, pureness love and passion. It is most romantic flowers should choose for seductive and erotic intent.

8. Red lilies with leafy filler bouquet:
This flower used for passion, love, harmonious and desirous and most seductive ,erotic and sexual intent flower that can be used for conveying your intimate intent. For long-lasting relationship it is very eye-pepping up flower.

9. Zinnia with seasonal foliage bunch:
It is a very bright, deep-love, goodness, truthfulness, uniformed and consistent.

10. Red Freesia:
It is the flowers that evokes feelings of care, concern as well admiration, passion, loyalty and exuberance and appreciation.

11. Red Lilac with Wild Flowers Bouquet:
This is the flower that is astonishingly heart-throbbing for its youthfulness, innocence, adoration, gracefulness and exuberance added wild flower giving it a meaning of earthy, self-indulge, whimsical, joyfulness &of wildness nature excitedly.

12. Red Orchid with seasonal foliage antique:
Red orchid Flowers is a symbolic token of love that can create a spiritual environs of elegance, coziness, passion, joyfulness, sensitivities .Red orchid flower would remind the color of earthy, love, pride patience, loyalty, practicality sensitivity and trust. Added Seasonal foliage would add colourful gestures and texture to the antique.

Red is the color of love so express your heartfelt feelings of love to your beloved with these Red Valentine flowers online that is just few clicks away at It is one of the most preferred and visited online gift stores that offer several kinds of gifts, flowers and cakes for celebrations falling round the year.


7 Promising Gift Ideas of Propose Day to Strengthen Your Bond!

Propose Day is the second day in the Valentine week starting from February 7-14. To confess your love to that special person in your life whom you adore is the best thing anyone lover can do. People usually find it difficult to speak out their heartfelt desire to the one he/she love. As you all know valentine day is coming, most of the people are in hurry and in search of gifts for propose day( ).


Propose day is usually for couples, a day to express your love. On this propose day don’t let your lover or beloved be unknown about your feelings, grab some courage and confess your desire to be with them. If you are in love and your beloved person don’t know about your feeling make them realize how important they are for your life. It happens in every one’s life that underneath you are questioning yourself that “How can you be sure you’ve found ‘The One’? After realization about your love and internal feeling, do not waste your time in thinking what he/she thinks of you? What if your proposal is rejected? Be patient and cool down yourself, go and express your love and later on keep faith in destiny. If your known and close friends or family members know about your love then the Pressure to propose can come from all directions. Some promising gift on propose days are:

· A Rose is sufficient to make your love fall in love with you. if you are going to propose your love with a rose in your hand is the most romantic proposal any one can get as propose day gift.

· A bouquet of chocolate is the most delicious and sweetest gift couples should gift each other on this very special day.

· A lovey-dovey pair of teddies is the cutest gift any girl can get. If your girl loves soft toys then it’s a most suitable gift for proposed day.

· A card full of lovable messages of love is also the favorable gift for propose day as you are saying your heartfelt emotions through love cards.

· Love letter scroll falls in the category of unique gift. Make a short love note, express your feeling on that notes and then drop all the notes in a bottle. This is something which grabs the attention of your lover.

· Heart shape photo frame is the life time memorable gift you should gift to your partner to make them feel special. It’s a sweet gesture gift with photos of both of you that add more essence of love and respect for your partner.

· Lovely cushion with adorable teddy is always cute. On this propose day, confess your love to the most special person of their life in the most possible cutest way.

After these amazing and beautiful ideas, surely confessing your feeling to the one you love is not a Hercules task any more. Does your heart starts beating for someone or you are gaining feeling for someone special need not to worry buy valentine gifts online at Giftalove , where you get desired propose day and valentine day gifts for your beloved better half and special person.

Floral Gifts! Which One to Choose for this Valentine’s Day??

Flowers play a very important and significant role in love. If you want to propose your love or if you want to persuade your love, in both the condition flower is needed. Now a day’s flower are been used to express love for lovers not only for this age people but from a teenager to an old man. So for this Valentine’s Day all you need is a beautiful flower gift to make the day romantic and memorable forever.


Flowers for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the day of love. We can say without flower there is no meaning of valentine day. If distant residing beloved of yours don’t know how much you miss him/her, give them a reason to smile and to remember you by gifting flowers. If they are far away from you then you need to make visit at Giftalove. The leading online gift store offers an option of same day flower delivery in India. So buy beautiful flowers for your beloved and give the feeling of your presence being far away from him/her. There are several types of flowers you can gift to your loved one:

Roses Never go out of Fashion:-
Red roses are always in trend and if we talk about Valentine day then it’s a big sell of these roses. In ancient time also roses had the significance importance. When you want to convey your heartfelt feelings to your love, best option is to pamper your love with a beautiful bouquet of roses. Roses are not only the flower it’s a feeling for your love especially red roses. A bouquet full of red roses is more than sufficient to express your care and affection to your beloved girlfriend/boyfriend.

Express your Love with Orchids:-
Orchid flowers have their long history of being associated with love and elegance. This valentine pampers your love with a beautiful bouquet of orchid flowers and makes them feel special and important. Especially White orchids symbolize innocence and purity, as well as elegance and reverence. So give your love an essence of innocence with white orchids. There are so many different color of orchids like pink, yellow, purple and orange. You can also gift a bouquet of colorful orchid flowers and express your kind love.

Cheer up your Beloved with Gerbera Daisies:-
It’s the fifth most popular flower in the world. Innocence, purity and cheerfulness are depicted by Gerbera Daisies. If you want to brighten up the day of your loved one, it’s a perfect gift to give best wishes in the form of Gerbera. This valentine your love gets cheerful wishes with the beautiful bouquet of colourful gerbera flowers.

Show your Passion of Love with Yellow Lilies:-
If you want to show your partner how much you are passionate about him/her then gifting orange lilies should be the best and sure choice. To express your heartily feelings, propose your love with orange lilies so that he/she could automatically love your kindness and passion about love.

To pursue your love choose some of these flowers that will help you to express your own feelings to your loved one. If you are far away from your lover then GiftaLove will provide you the best option for beautiful and colorful flowers online and also provide the facility of same day flower delivery in India. So despite of being far away from your sweetheart, you can convey your love to your beloved with beautiful flowers online.

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All the Qualities that a Man needs to be that Perfect Valentine

It’s 2017, and this year’s Valentine’s Day is well on its way. With just under a month to go for the special day, couples around the world are already gearing up to celebrate it. But what makes for a perfect valentine?

If you are a man and are eagerly looking forward to 14th February, it would be natural to expect your girlfriend to give you Valentine gifts for boyfriend( ). However, are you the valentine she deserves? Here’s a list of all the qualities and traits that make a man the perfect valentine.



Kind and generous men are rare these days. Most men are so busy taking care of their own desires and wants that they completely forget about the important people in their lives, and what they expect. Women love men who are not just caring, but giving as well. Wouldn’t it be lovely to surprise your girlfriend with quality Valentine’s Day gifts from Giftalove? And why just Valentine’s Day? Surprise her whenever you feel like, for true love does not need a day to be celebrated.


A perfect valentine always carries positive vibes, and the positivity is not just reserved for one particular day on the calendar. He has a positive outlook towards life, and approaches everything with a smile. It’s not that he’s totally fearless and life doesn’t get him down at all. It’s just that he takes negative situations with a pinch of salt, and convinces himself that there is light at the end of every tunnel, no matter how dark they all get.


You cannot expect to earn the trust of any girl if you aren’t an honest, truthful person. Okay, maybe not brutally honest, but honest enough to make his opinions loud and clear. Even if someone dislikes your honest opinion, that person would respect you because of your honesty. If a girl asks you how her dress is, don’t just say “Yes!” because that would please the girl. Remember, no girl is a fool, and if you aren’t an honest individual, sooner or later, you would definitely be found out.


Humour goes hand in hand with the aforementioned positive attitude. Men with great sense of humour are always more popular with the ladies, and that comes as no surprise. After all, women want their men to make them feel good, and not just under the sheets. A man who sees the funny side of things happening around him is amazing company, and can cheer up anybody, no matter how depressed they may be.


Every human being deserves respect. And why just human beings? All forms of life, no matter how insignificant, deserve our respect, and the perfect valentine understands that. You may have had a tiff with your man, but that doesn’t give him the right to disrespect you or treat you badly. So all the men out there, you definitely need to learn how to respect others before you can expect the ladies to be your valentine and buy online gifts for you.


So you just promised your girlfriend that you would arrive for your dinner date at 9. But come 9 o clock, you are nowhere to be seen. Your girlfriend waits for you expectantly for an hour more, but you just don’t turn up. There’s nothing worse than going out with a guy who just cannot respect other people’s time. Yes, she might be your girlfriend, but in no way does that mean that you can play around with her time.

If you have all the aforementioned qualities then rest assured, you are definitely the perfect valentine that the ladies crave!

Customized Jewellery Gift Ideas for Girlfriend on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is approximately around the corner and many Guys and Girls have begun looking for one of a kind and unique gifts for their cherished one to demonstrate their thankfulness and love for them. Jewellery are one of the most prevalent gifts which you can include your own touch by customizing it. There are numerous choices accessible with regards to Personalized Jewellery as Valentine Gifts ideas for Girlfriend( ).


Jewellery Gift Ideas for GirlFriend

A portion of the prominent ones is Alphabet Pendants, Imprinted Jewelry, Name Jewelry and Initial Letter. These make extraordinary endowments to a darling and you may even upgrade the estimation of the adornments by choosing gemstone studded gems with a birthstone of the individual whom you plan to give it as a gift or by deciding on an exorbitant stone like Diamond which all ladies cherish. One can likewise select diverse metals like silver, gold or platinum in light of the financial budget of the individual.

Initial Letter or Alphabet Pendants: Initials regularly remains for the primary letter or letters in order of the name of the individual. They are in style and always remain in fashion. Introductory Letter or Alphabet Pendants are a superb method for conveying everything that needs to be conveyed. So such a gift would be exceedingly loved by your girlfriend on the Valentine’s Day.

Imprinted Jewellery: Engraved or Imprinted Jewelleries are always a prominent decision as gifts for Valentine’s Day, Birthday or Wedding Anniversary. Envision giving engraved jewellery to a girlfriend affirms your affections for her with wordings like you are special to me and so on. You can pick between pendants, rings or wrist bangles according to your choice and individual decision. It is for sure that any lady who is in love would acknowledge such a gift from her dearest one.

Name Jewellery: Name is a vital part of our identity as it is the thing that distinguishes us in the general public where we live in. So on the off chance that you need to give a customized gifts, you may likewise decide on name pendants or gems with the full name or short name of the individual.

Sometimes it so happens that you are very busy with some work or any one of you are at some other places and not possible to meet on this Valentine’s Day, no worries. Buy Valentine Day Gifts online and send it across the globe of the choice of the place that you wish to send those lovely and romantic gifts without delay.

Regardless of the possibility that you don’t have somebody whom you might want to gift these exclusive pieces, you can purchase for yourself and wear it as your mark style. Who knows by next Valentine’s Day you may not be single any longer.

Fresh flowers, chocolates, handbags, teddy bears and lots more can be sent to anywhere in the world by simply making an online request. Choose the best and authentic online portal; buy Valentine’s Day Gifts online at a pocket-friendly price.

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Deliver the Right Message with Rose Bouquets/ Mixed Floral Bouquets!!

What has made every year 7th February so special? Yes your guess is Right! It’s celebrated as Rose day. As this day is approaching so fast, you might be planning how to celebrate this day in an unconventional way.

Though on this day, valentine roses become the obvious choice as Rose day gifts( but you can mix and match an ordinary looking rose bunch into an exciting flower combo.

valentine_rosesWhen you search flowers on online floral stores, it is quite natural to get confused while choosing a flower bouquet. These days’ online florists display countless digital images from alluring red roses (in traditional patterns) to extraordinary rose bouquets. Therefore the most common confusion is whether to pick mixed flower bouquets or basic rose bouquets.

This blog will help you to decide which would be a perfect Rose day gift for your dear ones.

Rose Bouquets

Valentine roses will always be admired and cherished by anyone if you choose to send them. Red roses are the classic symbol of dedicated love, sincerity & loyalty. Pink roses symbolize celebration and happiness in life. Yellow rose is for deep bond of friendship. Hence, there is a specific color of rose for every special relationship you cherish. You can get a clue of what a unique shade of rose conveys to the recipient. So you have to select a shade that appears the most suitable colour of rose.

Roses are also the flowers which die out quickly but nice thing about roses is they stand unique on their own. A single rose can speak your message loud & clear. To make it more interesting, you can send extra gifts along with a simple bunch of rose.

For instance:

1. Red Rose bouquet with dark forest cake for your valentine,

2. Yellow Rose bouquet with Belgium Dark chocolates for your close friend,

3. White rose with Swiss white chocolates for the one you respect & admire most.

Mixed Bouquets

Roses are great to receive by when an elaborate bouquet of mixed flowers are received, recipients are blown away with its charm. A multi colour bouquet shows that you have really put some thought into this gift. You haven’t just ordered the cheapest roses you could get. You made an effort of finding an extraordinary bouquet that would convey the right gesture you wanted to deliver.

Another benefit of sending mixed bouquets is the option to play around with different shades of colour. Instead of picking one color of rose, you can pick a complete colour scheme or a same color in various shades. These combos would standout really very well and grab the attention.

A mixed bouquet doesn’t have to comprise of 6-7 different flowers tied together. Some bouquets seem spectacular with just two combinations, but other flower arrangements simply composed of two or three flowers that really look graceful in the vase together.

For instance:

1. A bouquet of Red Rose s & White Orchids looks absolutely mesmerizing.

2. A bouquet of fully bloomed Pink Lily surrounded with yellow rose buds can look spell bound without anything else to add in.

3. A bouquet of Bright Sunflowers, Pink Gerbera and purple roses would look vibrant & cheerful.

Whether you pick a rose simple bouquet or a mixed flower bouquets along with roses depends upon the kind of the bond you share with the recipient. After all you want to deliver the right kind of message on this Rose day.

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7 Most Popular Valentine Gift Ideas!!!

Mid February is fast approaching. Dedicated lovers all around the world are earnestly planning to make this day memorable in a best possible way. So you’re also one of them and earnestly preparing for valentine day .These days countless variety of online valentine day gifts are been offered just a few clicks away. Valentine gifts can also be easily delivered in international cities like UK, USA, and Australia etc.

If you are still bewildered what to choose as a perfect Valentine’s gift for your sweetheart, then the following Valentine’s gifts ideas might help you & end your dilemma. Lovely Valentine Gift for Girlfriend:-

1. Personalized Gifts

Women are easy to be surprised & satisfied with small gifts. You can choose a pair of fascinating mobile phone straps and hang them in respective mobile phones. This will show off that you guys are a couple happily in love with each other & don’t hesitate to declare it to the whole world. Your ladylove would be proud of you.

valentine_gifts_boyfriendgirlfriend2. Jewelries

Dazzling jewelries are women’s’ close friend. Earrings, rings, bracelets, pendant, ring & necklaces are women’s favorite jewelry. If you are planning to propose her on this special day, get her a beautiful ring. Or you can look for a nice pair of earrings, even if the earrings are simple & ordinary looking; she would love to wear them because they were chosen by you.

3. Handbags

Another purposeful gift for your ladylove would be a pretty handbag. If you’re not sure about choosing a right kind of hand bag, take her to handbags stores and let her choose her favorite handbag, you just need to pay the bill.

4. Valentine Flowers

Last but not the least flowers would also make an ideal valentine surprise for her. Romantic flowers like red roses & orchids. Every woman likes flowers unless she is allergic to it. You can impress her by giving a charming floral bouquet in unique arrangement. Lovely Valentine Gifts for Boyfriend:-

5. Romantic gesture of Love
Men might look like insensitive creatures, but actually they are not. In fact, they would be delighted to get a pleasant surprise in this valentine. For example you can write a love note or a tiny valentine greeting card, and red rose strand. Put these things into a small red box. He will surely treasure your gesture of love.

6. Funky key chains

You can also select a pair of metallic key chains with animals or cartoon characters/star and moon/ little boy and little girl. Put this into a cute red or pink box and wrap it beautifully. Write a romantic message with a kiss trace.

7. Extravagant Gifts

If you are looking for an expensive gift for your man, you can gift him a branded watch, an iPod, digital camera or iPhone. Both of you will enjoy music and click photographs together.
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