5 Valentine Gifts Ideas That Will Truly Wins the Heart of Loved Ones You Should Not Miss

Valentine’s Day is considered as a perfect day to express all love and care that you have in your heart for the loved one. It is a day that is celebrated all over the world with full zeal and passion. Undoubtedly, there are many stories that are associated with the origin of Valentine’s Day; however, this day is not bounded by any specific caste, community and country. So, if you are living in USA, UK, Australia or any other abroad country and wish to send Valentine Gifts to India to express all love and concern to your loved ones then browse the online gift portal. Here’s you can find an amazing and stunning collection of gifts that you can buy or send online and delight his/her mood.

Flower with chocolate

There can be many ways to show or express the caring and loving nature of yours to dear and loved ones and presenting or sending gifts online is one of them. Below are mentioned some of the gifting ideas and plan that you can opt and make the person feel special on 14th February that is recognized as Valentine’s Day:

1. Chocolates: To make the love of your life feel special, you can send mouth-watering chocolates as Valentine gifts for girlfriend. Delight the taste buds of her with yummy and chocolaty surprise by sending a pack of her favourite chocolate and make her feel special. For a chocoholic girlfriend of yours, this is the best gift that a boyfriend can present to her, giving a feeling of concern and liking of yours.

2. Surprise Dinner Date: If you want to make her/him elated with something unique and romantic, how about planning for a surprise dinner date in an exotic hotel or restaurant? Treat her like every other day and with dawning sunset, ask her/him to get ready for a simple outing. Now, take him/her to her favorite restaurant and surprise her with your pre-planned arrangement. Including light, romantic music with colorful watery fountain together with mouth-watering dishes will surely win her/his heart. To add more charm to the occasion, present her a beautiful and eye-catchy gift of jewellery that will enhance the beauty of the entire celebration.

3. Fresh Flowers: WOW!! Colorful and fresh flowers, a true gift on Valentine that makes the person feel loved and special. Those who are looking to send Valentine gifts for girlfriend online can opt for a lovely bouquet of flowers on this day of the year. Different flowers carry different meanings and hence, choosing the one is entirely person specific and their choices. Most of the people prefer to present red Roses as Valentine Flowers that helps people in conveying the hearty feelings of love and care. Some other flowers that you can also choose include Orchids, Lilies, Carnation, Tulips and many others.

4. Tickets as Thoughtful Gifts: It hardly matters if you are within the country or outside, there’s always a way open to cherish the mood of the loved one. So, even if you are settled or been to some places outside India and your beloved boyfriend or girlfriend is country, no worries at all as you can still arrange for tickets online for a movie with her/his friend if the person loves to watch a movie in a hall. For a travel freak person, plan to visit her favourite place by letting her/him your secret for tickets and send delight the mood on the day with a surprise.

5. Appetizing Cakes: No doubts, any celebration without cake is considered as incomplete. To give surprise to loved ones of yours, send cakes online and win his/her heart on this day of love. Chocolate cake, pineapple cake, strawberry cake, mixed fruit cake and many other flavours are easily available at online gift and cake store. Select the flavour of her choice and send it online as Valentine gifts for girlfriend via Express Delivery services and give her stunning surprises. is the best online gift website that offers numbers options to you that makes gifting selection easy for online shoppers. It not just facilitates the way of choosing gifts online but also opens the door for you to send Valentine Gifts to India irrespective of geographical location. The portal offers different types of delivery services such as Midnight, Fixed time and Same Day that you can opt for sending as Valentine gifts for girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife and others. Explore the website and find the gift within your budget and win her/his heart on this Valentine’s Day.


A Useful Guide for Every Man before Choosing Valentine Flowers

Flowers are certainly the way to a woman’s heart and this is a hint for every man looking for special Valentine Day’s gifts for his partner. Options from a single rose to a designer flower bouquet conveniently replace all those expensive jewelleries and fancy hampers when it comes to impressing women. No matter what you wish to convey to your friend, crush, girlfriend or wife, flowers can be the perfect representatives of your emotions. What you must know is how to choose the right kind of flowers. Here’s a simple guide to help you.


Making Love Confessions

Haven’t confessed your love as yet? Valentine’s Day is indeed the best occasion to tell her your feelings. Let red tulips accompany your love proposal as these stunning blooms are considered great for love declarations. Peonies are another apt choice for confessing the love. If you plan to propose her for wedding on Valentine’s Day, red roses would add to your chances of approval.

If yours is the case of love at the first sight, reveal it to her with a bunch of lavender roses or purpose lilacs. Gloxinia flowers also symbolize instantly generated love feelings and are truly a unique gift idea.

Wishing the First Valentine Season

If it is your first Valentine season this year, carnations are just the thing to celebrate the occasion. By gifting carnations, you reassure her about all the vows and commitments you have made towards the relationship. In case it has been only few days and you two still wish to give time before committing, white roses are the best to display the feelings.

Telling Her that She’s Special

Orchids represent exoticism and these are the wonderful way to express that she holds special significance in your life. By gifting orchids, you also compliment her beauty and gracefulness. Similar emotions are what iris display. Receiving them from you would confirm her that she is of immense importance and that you appreciate her presence.

Celebrating the Long-term Relation

Red roses are difficult to replace when you are in a long-term relationship and wish to display long-lasting love for her. You may choose to be more specific according to the relationship length and choose daisies or yellow daffodils or asters respectively if it has been 5 or 10 or 20 years of togetherness.

Saying the Long-pending Sorry

Did you hurt her feeling just before the big day? Yellow roses would help you apologize and convey how much you value the relationship. Another ideal choice in this regard is lily of the valley that would signify your desperate desire to bring back happiness in the alliance. If you can arrange it, star of Bethlehem is also a good (through rare) choice to seek a ‘start again’ chance.

Apart from choosing the right kind of flowers, the way you plan flower delivery would also add value to the celebrations. Surprise her with a midnight delivery. You may also get soft toys, chocolates or personalized gifts delivered with flowers.

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Red Roses? Try These Top 12 Red Flowers for Valentine’s Day Gifting!

Valentine day is most long-awaited, celebrate day for every lover. And if you are in love then you must be thinking to gift Red roses for Valentine’s Day, right? Well to help you out in offering the best floral surprise to sweetheart, here I m going to suggest Red color flowers that can be possibly one of the most romantic token of love to galvanize your love ones unexpectedly.


So folk! What are waiting for? Buy Flower Bouquet Online as it is a matter of just few clicks. Red color signifies the meaning of pride, loyalty, unconscious in love and dedication and self-indulgent and of earthy, sensitivities, Here I m going to enlist Red flowers you can offer to your love ones.

1. Red Roses with leafy-fillers bouquet:
Red roses are most ostentatiously beautified flower that symbolically confesses the feelings of love and affection. So to give red roses means you are inviting attention related with deep-inner-love, loyalty, romance and affection.

2. Red Cardinal Flowers with leafy filler bunch:
It is American flowers that has longer blooms and very good for primarily star flowers arrangement. Leafy fillers you can choose per your desire and choice.

3. Red carnation with leafy fillers glass vase:
Red carnation is romantically famous for undying deep-love, fascination admiration, charity and appreciation. Choose leafy-fillers of your choice-type with it.

4. Gerbera Daisy with seasonal foliage antique:
It is the flower that is famous for its innocence, purity, loyalty and a highly committed person to the shared secrecy about personal or non-personal.

5. Red Crocus with leafy-fillers:
It is the flowers that are famous for sunshine, exuberance and cheerfulness.

6. Red daffodil with seasonal foliage:
It is most eye-striking flower that evoke feelings of graciousness, exuberance, disciplinary and passion. Added seasonal foliage gives it a long-lasting idealized relationship harmoniously.

7. Red tulips with leafy-filler antique:
It evokes the feelings of exuberance, pureness love and passion. It is most romantic flowers should choose for seductive and erotic intent.

8. Red lilies with leafy filler bouquet:
This flower used for passion, love, harmonious and desirous and most seductive ,erotic and sexual intent flower that can be used for conveying your intimate intent. For long-lasting relationship it is very eye-pepping up flower.

9. Zinnia with seasonal foliage bunch:
It is a very bright, deep-love, goodness, truthfulness, uniformed and consistent.

10. Red Freesia:
It is the flowers that evokes feelings of care, concern as well admiration, passion, loyalty and exuberance and appreciation.

11. Red Lilac with Wild Flowers Bouquet:
This is the flower that is astonishingly heart-throbbing for its youthfulness, innocence, adoration, gracefulness and exuberance added wild flower giving it a meaning of earthy, self-indulge, whimsical, joyfulness &of wildness nature excitedly.

12. Red Orchid with seasonal foliage antique:
Red orchid Flowers is a symbolic token of love that can create a spiritual environs of elegance, coziness, passion, joyfulness, sensitivities .Red orchid flower would remind the color of earthy, love, pride patience, loyalty, practicality sensitivity and trust. Added Seasonal foliage would add colourful gestures and texture to the antique.

Red is the color of love so express your heartfelt feelings of love to your beloved with these Red Valentine flowers online that is just few clicks away at It is one of the most preferred and visited online gift stores that offer several kinds of gifts, flowers and cakes for celebrations falling round the year.

How to enjoy this Valentine’s Day without Leaving Your Home

Valentine’s Day is celebrated all around the world these days, and this year would be no different. Be it romantic dates at posh restaurants or movie dates at multiplexes, Valentine’s Day has become something of an excuse to go out and splurge big. As a result, businesses too have jumped on the Valentine’s Day bandwagon, and they see it as a day that can be promoted to make a lot of money.

If you are one of those people who are tired of the hype surrounding Valentine’s Day, but want to celebrate it with your loved one anyway, don’t fret! It’s not compulsory to go out and spend a ton of cash to enjoy this special day. Here are a few ideas on how to make the most of 14th February, right from the very comforts of your home!


Be Nice to Each Other

If you and your partner have been going through a tough time recently with arguments and petty fights from time to time, Valentine’s Day is the day to put them all to bed and move on. Before you go and make your celebration plans, it’s important that you talk to each other and for a change, be nice to each other. Start the day with positive vibes, and the rest of the day should automatically follow suit.

Gifts are Mandatory

A Valentine’s Day without gifts does not make sense. Gifts are the best way to express your love for one another, and if picked right, they can leave partners smiling and appreciative of each other throughout the whole day. Whether its Valentine gifts ideas for her or for him, don’t just think of what you would want them to have. Think about what they would like to have. If you are not sure what gifts to buy, stick to tried and tested gifts like printed coffee mugs, perfumes and of course, chocolates.

Cakes are Compulsory

If cakes are so important for birthdays, why shouldn’t they be considered important for Valentine’s Day? After all, no one can say no to cake! The best cake on a Valentine’s Day is definitely a photo cake. Pick your favorite photo from the archives, and of course your favorite flavors, and bring the cake to life. Visit Giftalove today to take your pick from a wide variety of cakes that are sure to make any Valentine’s Day celebration special!

Cook Up a Fantastic Meal Together

The best way to resolve arguments is to work together, and there’s no better opportunity than Valentine’s Day to team up and do something. Typically, Valentine’s Day is known for couples splurging an awful amount of money at fancy restaurants. But what if you can cook up a delicious meal right at home? Even if you are no expert chef, take the help of online video lessons to create some sumptuous food.

Watch a Romantic Movie Together

Once you have finished with your food, put on a romantic movie that you both enjoy. You might even try watching a recent movie if you don’t feel like watching the same old movie for the umpteenth time. Rom-coms are recommended. Keep the tearjerkers away, unless you want to turn into an emotional cry-baby on Valentine’s Day!

Finish your day off with a candlelight dinner if you really want to go full tilt, or simply relax, unwind, and spend the rest of the day in each other’s company. Make this Valentine’s Day special, right from home!

For more ideas –

Latest Trends to Follow While Gifting Valentine’s Day Flowers

Your girlfriend may not want anything from you, except your love, but make an effort to make her feel special anyways. Surprise her; pamper her because that is what she deserves. If it is your wife, ensure that she feels appreciated for being there with you during ups and downs. Surely, flowers alone cannot fulfill that.

Fine non-conventional ways of feeling her loved. Of course, you can send her flowers, but make sure that you send her something else too. However, you have to be tactful. She should not know what you are up to; otherwise the surprise would be lost.


Here are a few things you can do:

A Book of Love: ‘P.S I Love you ‘, ‘Notebook’, or a ‘Walk to Remember’ is all one could think about if you are planning to gift a book to your Valentine. She can store it forever and remember the love message that you sent across. However, first make sure that she loves books; otherwise the whole purpose of the gift would be lost.

Buy What She Wants: Know what she needs at home or office. Check if she badly needs a wallet, a belt or a laptop cover. Buy it yourself and pack the goodies in a bag and set it aside for the D-day. This way, she would know that you are observant of her needs and are willing to help her out whenever she needs help. This will also grow trust among yourself and strengthen the bond.

A Simple Love Letter: She always wanted to hear you say those three mesmerizing words- I LOVE YOU. But you could not do that because of your introvert nature. Do not hesitate anymore because lack of communication can make her feel unwanted. Put down everything you feel about her in a paper and post it to her address. You could also mail it if you want or choose to read it in front of her, just to see her react.

Customized Goods: You love her and there is no hesitation in showing that off. Customize cups and T-shirts and both of you wear them together for the world to know how much you are into each other. One of the best trendy Valentine Gifts for your Girlfriend( ), this would also be something that she could use on a daily basis.

Photo Frames: Collage some happy moments that the two of you have spent together and gift it to her. Break her conception that you never care about the small laughter in your lives. With this gift, she would discover a new you.

A Surprise Cake: Valentine celebration is incomplete without cake cutting. You can make it all the more special by delivering her a cake at midnight. Giftalove offers midnight delivery services too. For a chocoholic girlfriend, a black forest cake or a chocolate truffle makes the best choice. You can also choose combo gifts with flowers, cakes and chocolates to double the fun of the surprise.

Buy valentine day gifts from Gift A Love. We offer a wide range of choices fitting varied budgets. Choose from the countless options of bouquets, blooms, gifts, chocolates, heart mugs, love pillows, a golden rose, teddy bears, goodies that are sure to thrill your beloved. offers great combo gifts and special discounts too. You can shop 1 gift for each day of the valentine week.


Impressive Ideas to Surprise Your Girlfriend on This Valentine

When it’s Valentine’s Day nearby, the boyfriend inside you must have started looking up for romantic gifts for your loving girlfriend, right? Well then I am sure that there must be many sort of confusion regarding the selection of the best Valentine Gift For Girlfriend. If yes, then this blog features few romantic and loving gift ideas for your help. Thus read further.


No matter how clear you are about the things girlfriend that your girlfriend loves, still there must be some sort of confusion regarding the selection of that perfect gift for your beloved. There can be many reasons like you must be thinking of too many options at a time, the wide range of Valentine gifts are making you confused or you must have been into a long relationship and have ended up the list by gifting too many things to her and now nothing special is striking your mind.

Now be it anything that is making you perplexed and confused for deciding what to buy this year on Valentine’s Day for your girlfriend, here are some amazing ideas on Valentine Gifts for girlfriend. Have a look to get an idea:

Decorative Message Bottle: Valentine’s Day is basically the celebration for lovers when they express their heartily emotions of love to their beloved. Thus is the search of a thoughtful gift that can express your undying love for your dear one, gifting a Message Bottle is an excellent idea. It is a set of few decorative bottles that contains a paper note of few love quotes. This is the best gift to express your heartily feeling and let your beloved feel being very special to you.

decorative bottle

Personalized Crystal Table Top: When it comes to gift something special to your beloved then a personalized crystal table top is just the perfect thing to choose as personalized gifts are always very much impressive. Juts you need to get a photo of you with your beloved to get laser engraved on the personalized crystal table top. Your beloved is sure to fall in love it and feel very special on getting it.

Handbag: Gifting something purposeful can also be an excellent way of expressing your love and care for your beloved. All that you need is to choose a trendy or a classy handbag for your girlfriend that can match up to her sense of style and then fill the pockets of the bag with chocolates. Also you can put some handwritten love quote slips on different pockets of the bag. This is sure to impress her a lot.


SPA Kit: Another gift to empress your sense of affection, love and care for your girlfriend is a spa kit. Yes a spa kit can be an excellent way of making your love feel special and cared as she can use it to relax and take care of herself and her soft skin. It is the perfect gift to offer her a rejuvenating experience of using spa products.

Chocolate Bouquet: If your girlfriend is also mad about chocolates, then what are you still thinking? This time surprise her with a beautiful bunch of flowers, nah… nah… with a bunch of chocolates. Don’t worry you can easily get it done from a local floweriest and asking him to replace chocolates with flowers.

Choclate Basket

For more such Valentine Day Gifts ideas, simply log on to Giftalove that has now come up with an excellent range of V day gifts online at attractive prices to buy.