Send Gifts to Delhi as Your Hearty Wishes Needs to Be Conveyed with a Token of Love!

Is you dearest one is settled in Delhi? Want to give a heart winning surprise to him/her? Well you need not to worry if you cannot be with your dear one on the special moment because you can send Gifts to Delhi online, all that you need is few clicks to get your present parceled to dear one residing anywhere in Delhi.

Online shopping is the new trend or the new cool that offers smart ways of shopping in just few clicks. It’s the ease that is has taken the ease of shopping to the new level. So now being in any part of the world, you can send gifts to anyone residing anywhere. Giftalove is one such website that is making gift shopping and conveying love to dear ones just a matter of few clicks.


So what if someone dear to you is angry, beautiful flowers is just a click away now to get delivered anywhere in India or overseas. When a dear one of yours is celebrating his/her birthday, click to the vast range of Birthday Gifts online. For anniversary surprise, romantic gifts online is the best thing to convey love. All thanks to the internet shopping that is easing the way of people gift and surprise their loved ones.

So for your wish to send Gifts to Delhi, GiftaLove has to offer many fabulous gift solutions like:

Printed Coffee Mugs:

The gift that is very popular and preferred among people of every age is printed coffee mugs. Be it on Birthday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Anniversary, farewell or any special moment of the year, a printed coffee mug is the perfect gift to express love.

Birthday Cake with Flowers Combo:

For special Birthday surprise, the combo of Birthday Flowers with Cake is one of the best gifting option to make choice for. It doesn’t’ matter that you with your dear one or far away from your dearest one, you can convey Birthday wishes to the special one with an online combo of Birthday Cake with Flowers.

Personalized Photo Frame:

Want to give something very memorable present to your dearest one, its Personalized Photo Frame that you must choose to buy online to surprise your dearest one. The facility of getting a photo frame personalized with memorable pictures at online shopping portal makes it easy to win anyone’s heart.

Designer Flower Bouquets:

Flowers are one of the most heart-winning token of love and a perfect gift to greet anyone for any celebration or occasion. So for anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, anniversary, Farewell or any such special celebration, Designer Flowers bouquets of awesome patterns are available online with great ease.

Assorted Chocolates:

To melt anyone’s heart at once all that you need is assorted chocolates. To buy mouthwatering and flavorful assorted chocolates online, assorted chocolates is always available online in a matter of few clicks at GiftaLove. In fact the range of assorted chocolates is available in different shapes to buy online.

Lucky Bamboo Plant:

If it’ a housewarming party of your loved ones which you won’t be able to attend then to convey your hearty wishes, lucky Bamboo plant is the perfect gift to choose and gift online. At online gift stores, Lucky Bamboo Plants are available online at attractive prices.

There’s lot to choose from online gifts range and buy online to surprise someone very dear and near in Delhi. All that you need is the heart of love to choose the most heart wining token of love for the special one. So start online gift shopping to surprise the one in Delhi with online gifts delivery in Delhi.


Easy to Send Cheap Valentine’s Day Flowers with

Valentine’ Day is very near and most of are waiting for this day to come fast from time. No matter, how much busy you are in your life but you still get time to share your lovely feeling and thoughts to your beloved on this day. People usually look roaming, around, do window shopping first to look for some unique and different gifts for their love. This time you need not worry at all as there are many online portals that give you ample choices of gifts to choose. Flowers are the most demanded gift given on love day. If you are worried as to where you can buy cheap Valentine’s Day Flowers( ), then your problem is also solved with the introduction of online gifting portals that have renowned florists.

As the day is approaching fast, Valentine’s Day flowers might become difficult to find. Red Roses along with other flowers with their beautiful colors are easy to buy online now. It does not matter how expensive is your gift, it matters how you present it and what importance it has in the life.


To find cheap Valentine’s Day Flowers is not difficult as it was in earlier days due to many flower shops and also the introduction of Online Flower Delivery in Delhi and other places have simplified the work to a large extent.

Discount coupons: When you shop flowers online, you get many discount coupons from the respective company. Such companies offer discount coupons to customers willing to do online shopping for flowers and flower bouquets along with many other products and services. By using coupon codes, you can get good quality of fresh flowers at a reasonable rate.

When you look around for the same Valentine Flower or flower bouquet, then you will find that when you buy flower online, it is much cheaper in price and you do not have to scarify for quality. It is the sentiment behind Valentine’ gift that matter, not the price, so this Valentine’s Day shop for Cheap flowers online at a reasonable price and impress your beloved.

This is a general concept that Valentine’s Day means red Roses. However, there are other combinations of Roses as well that you can mix, match and create your own bouquet. Believe it!! The customized Bouquet will be unique in its design and your beloved will surely like it to the core the heart.

Giftalove is a renowned online gift portal that is actively engaged in Online Flower Delivery in Delhi. You can also send gift items to your choice of places and send gifts online. To your surprise, the portal also offers Same Day delivery of the ordered product within the nation at a much reasonable price.

Red Roses? Try These Top 12 Red Flowers for Valentine’s Day Gifting!

Valentine day is most long-awaited, celebrate day for every lover. And if you are in love then you must be thinking to gift Red roses for Valentine’s Day, right? Well to help you out in offering the best floral surprise to sweetheart, here I m going to suggest Red color flowers that can be possibly one of the most romantic token of love to galvanize your love ones unexpectedly.


So folk! What are waiting for? Buy Flower Bouquet Online as it is a matter of just few clicks. Red color signifies the meaning of pride, loyalty, unconscious in love and dedication and self-indulgent and of earthy, sensitivities, Here I m going to enlist Red flowers you can offer to your love ones.

1. Red Roses with leafy-fillers bouquet:
Red roses are most ostentatiously beautified flower that symbolically confesses the feelings of love and affection. So to give red roses means you are inviting attention related with deep-inner-love, loyalty, romance and affection.

2. Red Cardinal Flowers with leafy filler bunch:
It is American flowers that has longer blooms and very good for primarily star flowers arrangement. Leafy fillers you can choose per your desire and choice.

3. Red carnation with leafy fillers glass vase:
Red carnation is romantically famous for undying deep-love, fascination admiration, charity and appreciation. Choose leafy-fillers of your choice-type with it.

4. Gerbera Daisy with seasonal foliage antique:
It is the flower that is famous for its innocence, purity, loyalty and a highly committed person to the shared secrecy about personal or non-personal.

5. Red Crocus with leafy-fillers:
It is the flowers that are famous for sunshine, exuberance and cheerfulness.

6. Red daffodil with seasonal foliage:
It is most eye-striking flower that evoke feelings of graciousness, exuberance, disciplinary and passion. Added seasonal foliage gives it a long-lasting idealized relationship harmoniously.

7. Red tulips with leafy-filler antique:
It evokes the feelings of exuberance, pureness love and passion. It is most romantic flowers should choose for seductive and erotic intent.

8. Red lilies with leafy filler bouquet:
This flower used for passion, love, harmonious and desirous and most seductive ,erotic and sexual intent flower that can be used for conveying your intimate intent. For long-lasting relationship it is very eye-pepping up flower.

9. Zinnia with seasonal foliage bunch:
It is a very bright, deep-love, goodness, truthfulness, uniformed and consistent.

10. Red Freesia:
It is the flowers that evokes feelings of care, concern as well admiration, passion, loyalty and exuberance and appreciation.

11. Red Lilac with Wild Flowers Bouquet:
This is the flower that is astonishingly heart-throbbing for its youthfulness, innocence, adoration, gracefulness and exuberance added wild flower giving it a meaning of earthy, self-indulge, whimsical, joyfulness &of wildness nature excitedly.

12. Red Orchid with seasonal foliage antique:
Red orchid Flowers is a symbolic token of love that can create a spiritual environs of elegance, coziness, passion, joyfulness, sensitivities .Red orchid flower would remind the color of earthy, love, pride patience, loyalty, practicality sensitivity and trust. Added Seasonal foliage would add colourful gestures and texture to the antique.

Red is the color of love so express your heartfelt feelings of love to your beloved with these Red Valentine flowers online that is just few clicks away at It is one of the most preferred and visited online gift stores that offer several kinds of gifts, flowers and cakes for celebrations falling round the year.

7 Promising Gift Ideas of Propose Day to Strengthen Your Bond!

Propose Day is the second day in the Valentine week starting from February 7-14. To confess your love to that special person in your life whom you adore is the best thing anyone lover can do. People usually find it difficult to speak out their heartfelt desire to the one he/she love. As you all know valentine day is coming, most of the people are in hurry and in search of gifts for propose day( ).


Propose day is usually for couples, a day to express your love. On this propose day don’t let your lover or beloved be unknown about your feelings, grab some courage and confess your desire to be with them. If you are in love and your beloved person don’t know about your feeling make them realize how important they are for your life. It happens in every one’s life that underneath you are questioning yourself that “How can you be sure you’ve found ‘The One’? After realization about your love and internal feeling, do not waste your time in thinking what he/she thinks of you? What if your proposal is rejected? Be patient and cool down yourself, go and express your love and later on keep faith in destiny. If your known and close friends or family members know about your love then the Pressure to propose can come from all directions. Some promising gift on propose days are:

· A Rose is sufficient to make your love fall in love with you. if you are going to propose your love with a rose in your hand is the most romantic proposal any one can get as propose day gift.

· A bouquet of chocolate is the most delicious and sweetest gift couples should gift each other on this very special day.

· A lovey-dovey pair of teddies is the cutest gift any girl can get. If your girl loves soft toys then it’s a most suitable gift for proposed day.

· A card full of lovable messages of love is also the favorable gift for propose day as you are saying your heartfelt emotions through love cards.

· Love letter scroll falls in the category of unique gift. Make a short love note, express your feeling on that notes and then drop all the notes in a bottle. This is something which grabs the attention of your lover.

· Heart shape photo frame is the life time memorable gift you should gift to your partner to make them feel special. It’s a sweet gesture gift with photos of both of you that add more essence of love and respect for your partner.

· Lovely cushion with adorable teddy is always cute. On this propose day, confess your love to the most special person of their life in the most possible cutest way.

After these amazing and beautiful ideas, surely confessing your feeling to the one you love is not a Hercules task any more. Does your heart starts beating for someone or you are gaining feeling for someone special need not to worry buy valentine gifts online at Giftalove , where you get desired propose day and valentine day gifts for your beloved better half and special person.

5 Most Adorable & Charming Teddy Day Gifts

We often hear that “Everything is fair in love” and so this implies with Valentine’s Day as well. No wonder, couples, boy and girls, irrespective of their ages and location, wants to share the moment of love with their adorable one. Most of us are aware, however, some of you might not know about Teddy Day. This day comes under Valentine Week and falls on 10th February every year. Make the more memorable by purchasing Gifts for Teddy Day and delight your adorable one to the fullest.

In affection or in any relationship you observe that somebody uncommon to be warm, sweet and cuddly. On the start of the fourth day of the progressing Valentine week, commend the cute bond you impart to your cherished. Teddy Day is one of the greatest days to grasp the adoration and friendship you impart to your beloved partner.


A Teddy Bear is always been preferred as one of the best gifting choices for your beloved to be given on that day. The delicate and cuddly surface of a Teddy Bear can comfort anybody from children to grown-ups. When such teddy bear is given to any special person in life that means a lot, it implies a cherishing motion of profound respect and genuine emotions.

There can be as many as reasons for giving Teddy Bear on teddy day as Gift. Different

dy Bear. Some of you might like to have you this Teddy all the time whereas might want toIndividuals likewise have some magnificent recollections aligned with their most loved Ted sleep with it, holding the teddy tight and so on. The reason could be anything and it varies from person to person. It can bring a smile to anybody and can be a real true friend as well; such is the power of this wonderful gift on this day.

How about gifting a good and soft teddy bear on this Teddy Day and Valentine’s Day? There are no doubts in it that this can be really an unmatched gift for your beloved on Teddy Day. Likewise, you can mix and match Teddy with other items such as Chocolate, Cakes, and Flowers as a gift and can make it the Best Valentine gift as well. Some ideas that you can pick from below as Teddy Day Gifts

1. Teddy Bouquet: Wow!! A bouquet of Teddy, awesome gifts for Teddy Day. This will surely be an amazing idea and your beloved will definitely love to have this on the special day of Valentine week. So, shop now for a unique teddy bouquet from the online portal or you can buy different sizes of teddy in vivid design and pattern and make your own bouquet. Alternately, you can also buy Teddy Bouquet from online gift stores and get is delivered to the places of your choice.

2. Teddy with Flowers: A lovely bouquet of fresh flowers of your beloved’ choice and along with that a cuddly filled Teddy bear. Just imagine the face of your sweetheart. No one can deny the fact that it has so much to say; just true feeling and hidden sentiments are best conveyed using these many gift items.

3. Teddy with chocolates and Flowers Bouquet: Be it any occasion, flowers are always the best gift that conveys the secret meaning inside it. Mouth-watery and soft Chocolates adds flavor to the occasion when present along with the bouquet of flowers and small teddy nicely inserted and decorated gives it a perfect look for the present and can be used as Gifts for Teddy Day.

4. Teddy with Chocolates: A surprising gift of Teddy with Chocolates of your beloved’s favorite one, just imagine her/his face. Mind blowing! Both chocolate and teddy bear is loved and cherished by almost all age group and this makes it a perfect gifts for Teddy Day.

5. A Giant teddy bear: A gift of giant Teddy, almost double the size of your beloved is just a perfect gift to please him/her.

The choices and options for Teddy day gifts are endless and when you explore the wide range of gift options at, then you will find as many as gift ideas that you have never imagined also. Choose the romantic Valentine gifts for your beloved at a pocket-friendly price and delight her/him to the core of the heart.

What to Wear and What Not to wear this Valentine’s Day

So you show up at your girlfriend’s with a ton of Valentine’s Day gifts in your favorite flip flops, shorts, and t-shirt. You expect her to be excited beyond measure, but her initial excitement turns to anger. You wonder why, but isn’t it obvious? You dressed up like it was just another day, like Valentine’s Day doesn’t matter, and like you don’t really about how you look. Do you really think any woman in the modern day would like that, especially on Valentine’s Day?

So this Valentine’s Day, use the following tips to dress yourself so that you look your absolute best, not just to your girl, but to the whole world.


Buy a Cologne, Keep Body Door Away

No matter what clothes you wear on Valentine’s Day or any other day of the Valentine Week, you can’t expect any love from your girlfriend if you smell like you haven’t bathed in days. Trust us, women hate smelly men in general, so what makes you think she would stick through body door for the sake of love? Therefore, before you pick the clothes to wear, buy yourself a good cologne for Valentine Week. You are guaranteed not just gifts for hug day and all the other days, but a lot of love, hugs and kisses as well!

Not Totally Formal, Not Totally Casual

A casual look on Valentine’s Day means that you really don’t think of it as a special occasion, and that is not going to go down well with your girlfriend. On the other hand, a formal look might just put her off because it would seem like you are out for work, and not for love. So what do you do? Just play it safe, and walk the middle path. Go for a semi-formal look that blends in the best of both the casual and the formal looks.

Look Brilliant with a Classy Belt

Belts are accessories that have been in fashion for a long time, and a classy belt can really add embellishment to your semi-formal look. Go for leather belts, as they always have a certain depth to them, apart from oozing class all the time. A good looking belt is also the mark of a man who knows how to be fashionable, as it is the little details that truly separates a stylish guy from the generic crowd.

Wear Good (and Clean) Shoes

Valentine’s Day is not the day to wear the same old shoes you have been wearing daily for the last six months. As far as footwear is concerned, February 14 is all about wearing quality. So ditch those sorry excuses for shoes that you have, and go for a quality pair of shoes that makes your girlfriend sit up and take notice. And remember to give it a good cleaning before you head out to meet your girl. Nothing irks a girl more than a man who doesn’t keep his shoes neat and tidy.

An Old-School Watch

Wear a watch to take your style to the next level on Valentine’s Day. Watches, somewhat like belts, would never really go out of fashion. February 14 is the ideal day to drop that old sports watch and go for something a bit more elaborate, a bit classier. A classy watch is a great way to tell your girlfriend that you are not just her boyfriend; you are her man!

So dress well on Valentine’s Day, a day of not just love, but style as well.

How to enjoy this Valentine’s Day without Leaving Your Home

Valentine’s Day is celebrated all around the world these days, and this year would be no different. Be it romantic dates at posh restaurants or movie dates at multiplexes, Valentine’s Day has become something of an excuse to go out and splurge big. As a result, businesses too have jumped on the Valentine’s Day bandwagon, and they see it as a day that can be promoted to make a lot of money.

If you are one of those people who are tired of the hype surrounding Valentine’s Day, but want to celebrate it with your loved one anyway, don’t fret! It’s not compulsory to go out and spend a ton of cash to enjoy this special day. Here are a few ideas on how to make the most of 14th February, right from the very comforts of your home!


Be Nice to Each Other

If you and your partner have been going through a tough time recently with arguments and petty fights from time to time, Valentine’s Day is the day to put them all to bed and move on. Before you go and make your celebration plans, it’s important that you talk to each other and for a change, be nice to each other. Start the day with positive vibes, and the rest of the day should automatically follow suit.

Gifts are Mandatory

A Valentine’s Day without gifts does not make sense. Gifts are the best way to express your love for one another, and if picked right, they can leave partners smiling and appreciative of each other throughout the whole day. Whether its Valentine gifts ideas for her or for him, don’t just think of what you would want them to have. Think about what they would like to have. If you are not sure what gifts to buy, stick to tried and tested gifts like printed coffee mugs, perfumes and of course, chocolates.

Cakes are Compulsory

If cakes are so important for birthdays, why shouldn’t they be considered important for Valentine’s Day? After all, no one can say no to cake! The best cake on a Valentine’s Day is definitely a photo cake. Pick your favorite photo from the archives, and of course your favorite flavors, and bring the cake to life. Visit Giftalove today to take your pick from a wide variety of cakes that are sure to make any Valentine’s Day celebration special!

Cook Up a Fantastic Meal Together

The best way to resolve arguments is to work together, and there’s no better opportunity than Valentine’s Day to team up and do something. Typically, Valentine’s Day is known for couples splurging an awful amount of money at fancy restaurants. But what if you can cook up a delicious meal right at home? Even if you are no expert chef, take the help of online video lessons to create some sumptuous food.

Watch a Romantic Movie Together

Once you have finished with your food, put on a romantic movie that you both enjoy. You might even try watching a recent movie if you don’t feel like watching the same old movie for the umpteenth time. Rom-coms are recommended. Keep the tearjerkers away, unless you want to turn into an emotional cry-baby on Valentine’s Day!

Finish your day off with a candlelight dinner if you really want to go full tilt, or simply relax, unwind, and spend the rest of the day in each other’s company. Make this Valentine’s Day special, right from home!

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