The Best Movies Depicting Brother Sister Bond In Bollywood

The Bollywood industry has touched several sensitive dimensions depicting different kinds of relationships which form a vital part of lives of all Indians. Raksha Bandhan is a festival that the whole country celebrates. Sisters pray for the long lives and well-being of their brothers while they promise to protect their sisters in all the odds. This is the true essence of the adorable relationship. There are many Bollywood movies which portray this chaste and pure relation between brothers and sisters. These films have definitely touched the hearts of the viewers and even today you cannot just resist watching them over and over again. So this rakhi why not sit together and watch a lovely movie like this with your siblings and enjoy the day fully. The list below reminds you of some of those amazing movies which are great to watch:

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• Hum Saath Saath Hain: No other movie than this teaches you the real family bonding. Every character in the movie is so beautifully designed that it touches your heart every time you watch it. The film shows how all the three brothers jumped together to help their sister when she was in trouble. It displays that no third person can ever weaken the strong bonding between siblings even at the toughest situations of life. If you are away from your brother on this festive occasion, then send him rakhi gifts to Canada ( ), UK, Australia, or any other part of the world along with a DVD of this touching movie. This can turn your celebrations a perfect one.

• Fiza: This is the most loved and powerful movies whose central plot revolve around the relationship of brother and sister. Both Hrithik Roshan and Karisma Kapoor have incredibly performed in the movie. The film gives a message that siblings can go to any extent to save the honour and respect of each other. This is why, at the end Fiza did not hesitate to kill her brother, Aman just to ensure that he had an honourable end.

• My Brother Nikhil: Another incredibly good story showcasing the love of siblings. The film shows how a sister fights all the odds to release her brother from isolation who was suffering from AIDS. She also starts an AIDS organisation along with her brother’s partner, Nigel just to support and love her brother. When everybody else left out Nikhil, only his sister and his partner were there for him.

Chup Chup Ke: It is another beautiful bollywood masala movie which has portrayed the sweet relationship between cousins. Even though, Mangal is a strong and scary person, when it comes to his little sister Shruti he is ready to shower all the love for her. He is desperate to gift his handicapped sister a happy and normal life.

• Bumm Bumm Bole: This movie is lovely to watch on the day of rakhi with your brother. It perfectly reflects the pure love that exists between the two kids who fight with each other but at the same time protect one another. Their innocence in the movie makes it really heart-warming for the viewers. So, if you have not watched this movie earlier, do plan to watch it this rakhi.

There are many other such movies like Agneepath, Kai Po Che, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, etc. which bring out the immense love of brothers and sisters. Rakhi celebrations are never complete without lovely gifts for your siblings. With buy rakhi online for your brother and enjoy any of the movies both of you like the most. Their creative gifting solutions can help you find the best gift for your brother or sister. They ensure customers with prompt delivery services which add value to your celebrations. Set of 3 rakhis, rakhi combo gift hampers, personalized rakhi gifts; divine gift items and much more are available at this portal for you.


For Your Likeable Brother Send 5 Stunning Looking Rakhi to Delhi to Make Him Feel Special

Raksha Bandhan, a festival that celebrates siblinghood is fast approaching. This is India’s most important festival for siblings. People will commemorate this occasion in a lively fashion with lots of gifts. This festival of strengthening sibling’s bond and love is celebrated with fervent and joy in every parts of India. Preparation for this festival always starts well ahead of time and I’m sure you are planning something big and special for this upcoming festival.

Send Rakhi to Delhi

This time of the year (Raksha Bandhan) is the most precious moment for siblings living far and wide to express and convey their love and affection for each other. If you have brother residing in Delhi then, it’s a good opportunity to show your one-of-a-kind love by sending the most stunning Rakhi. Finding suitable Rakhi for brother is not difficult provided you locate the right the right channel.

At you can Send Rakhi to Delhi selecting from the wide assortment available. On this online portal there are lots of options and you will never run short of it. Online Rakhi Shopping has made selecting and sending more congenial and convenient. Here are the 5 stunning looking Rakhi you may like to procure for your brother living in Delhi:

1.    Fancy Rakhi for your brother:
Rakhi of these days come in different fashion, looks and designs. This change has attracted buyers in so many ways and for many this thread is already a piece of art. If you are looking for the ideal type of Rakhi then fancy Rakhi work out in varieties of embellishments, motifs and patterns are available. This Rakhi is one of the most famous Rakhis for its looks and state-of-the-minute touch it produces.

2.    Mauli Rakhi for your brother:
This Rakhi is made of silken thread and brings out the traditional spiritual side of the festival. Mauli Rakhi is the most sacred thread used on this occasion and it was traditionally simple in its texture and looks. Now, this simple thread has transformed into a sophisticated one adorned with certain embellishment, beads and zari works. You can express your genuine love to your brother on this upcoming carnival with this fine-looking Rakhi.

3.    Premium Stone Rakhi for your brother:
With changing time and ever-shifting preference of people, the threads once that used silk or cotton has gone a sea change and now you can see precious stones and expensive stones being used widely. The thread of the Rakhi bedeck with stones like gems, pearl, sapphire, etc are the emerging trend at the moment. You can convey earnest feelings of appreciation through this grand and precious looking stones.

4.    Lumba Rakhi for your brother:-
Raksha Bandhan is a festival that celebrates the bond shared by siblings and on this occasion you can bless your loving brother with beautiful and attractive lumba Rakhi. This Rakhi decorates with zari work and other items of embellishment have added to the glamorous appearance of it. This Rakhi is one of the most popular Rakhis among the buyers.

5.    Kids Rakhi for your brother:-
For your cute and adorable little siblings you can send colourful and alluring Rakhi for kids on this upcoming fete. Kids are usually fond of cartoon character or any superhero character. To meet their preferences there varieties of eye-catching Rakhis are available such as Donald duck Rakhi, Mickey Mouse Rakhi, Angry Bird Rakhi, Doraemon Rakhi, Ben 10 Rakhi, Spiderman Rakhi and others. This collection of kids Rakhi will surely elate your brother.

Besides these Rakhis, you can also send attractive bracelet Rakhi, ravishing designer Rakhi, dazzling silver Rakhi, precious stones Rakhi, elegant handcrafted Rakhi, etc. If you have more brothers then you can send Rakhi sets like set of 2 Rakhi, set of 3 Rakhi, set of 4 Rakhi, etc. Make Rakhi celebration more fun by complementing Rakhi with sweets, Rakhi with fruits, Rakhi with flowers, and plenty other surprises.

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Spread the Never Ending Joy of Raksha Bandhan to Australia with Promising Rakhi

Raksha Bandhan is a festival that is commemorated with full of excitement and spirit. It is a festival that occupies a special place in the hearts of Indians. This celebration is for every Indian to enjoy the chaste bonding of siblings, their unceasing love and affection. It is observed every year in the Hindu month of Shravan (July-August). The message of love and peace is shared beyond social and geographical boundary.

send rakhi to australia

If you have siblings located in Australia then you can celebrate this upcoming festival in a special way with them. You can Send Rakhi to Australia and make your presence felt in their lives. At you can find varieties of upgraded and enhanced version of Rakhis that are fine-looking, attractive and appealing to eyes.

Tying of sacred threads on the wrist of brother is a ritual during the festival and on this upcoming Raksha Bandhan you can express your genuine care with the most beautiful and most suitable Rakhi for your dear siblings settling in Australia. You may go through some of the most promising collection of Rakhi that are securable on this online portal:

Swastika Rakhi for your siblings:

You can celebrate this upcoming Rakhi with an adorable swastika Rakhi. This Rakhi is used often on this festival. It is liked by many buyers and I’m sure your siblings residing in Australia will be happy to receive such cherish-able Rakhi. This Rakhi is adorned with attractive and fine-looking swastika symbol. This Rakhi which has a mythological significance will usher in a sense of attachment and belonging.

Bracelet Rakhi for your siblings:

Bracelet Rakhi is one of the most trending Rakhis at the moment. It is very attractive and admirable. This Rakhi is quite functional as it can be used after Raksha Bandhan for several other occasions. It is available in different shape, pattern and print. You can also find bracelet Rakhi made of gold, silver, metal, steel, etc. You can express your heart to your siblings through this good looking Rakhi.

Handcrafted Rakhi for your siblings:

For your siblings residing in Australia, you can send unique piece of handcrafted Rakhi. You can let them know their uniqueness through this rare and exquisite handcrafted Rakhi. This Rakhi is not a creation of machine but it is carefully and skilfully carved out with hand by prominent artisans. This Rakhi can ignite the speciality of the festival in light hearted manner.

Kids Rakhi for your little siblings:

If you have little siblings living in Australia then on this upcoming Raksha Bandhan you can send the most adorable collection of Rakhi for them. You can buy for them cute and attractive Rakhis that are easily procurable on this site. For your loving siblings you can send attractive kids Rakhi such as doraemon Rakhi, superhero Rakhi, cartoons Rakhi, angry bird Rakhi, Gal ganesha Rakhi and many more.

Rakhi sets for your siblings:

If you are fortunate to have more siblings then you are even luckier because you can make them feel extra special on this auspicious occasion with beautiful range of Rakhi sets. You can purchase for them Rakhi sets such as set of 2 Rakhi, set of 3 Rakhi, set of 5 Rakhi, set of 12 rakhis( ), bhaiya bhabhi Rakhi, family Rakhi set or special Rakhi set.

Alongside these Rakhi, you can also complement with various Rakhi hampers such as Rakhi with Sweets (Rakhi with rasgulla, Rakhi with gulab jamun, Rakhi with soan papdi, etc), Rakhi with chocolates, Rakhi with fruits, Rakhi with flowers, Rakhi with cake, Rakhi with greetings card and many others.

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7 Outstanding Rakhis your Brother would Love to Wear and Glee

Everyone is planning a grand celebration for this forthcoming Rakhi. We want to make our brother feel special, valued and loved on this day. Rakhi festival is coloured by exchanging gifts and love for brothers. On this auspicious occasion you must be thinking of sending the best Rakhi to your brother who stays in Hyderabad.

Rakhi sets

If you are planning to Send Rakhi to Hyderabad( ) for your brother and you are running out of ideas on how to make it happen. Worry not, at you can get number of good ideas regarding the types of Rakhi that will be suitable and soothing for your brother. Below are the top 7 Rakhi you can give to your brother on this Raksha Bandhan:

1.  Bracelet Rakhi
Rakhi created in the form of bracelet is one of the most trending Rakhis nowadays. It is very durable as well as very fashionable. This Rakhi can be made with different materials and in number of styles. So if you have a brother who is fond of wearing bracelets then sending them one across will be a good idea to show how much he means to you.

2.  Fancy Rakhi
It is well known for its attractiveness. This type of Rakhi is very popular especially among the younger ones. It is created and designed in different styles with different materials. If you have a brother who is in love with fanciful items then sending this Rakhi will certainly give him immense joy.

3. Rudraksha Rakhi
This is one type of Rakhi that can instil a sense of spirituality. It is made from rudraksha which is a type of bead that have spiritual significance in Hindu mythology. Since olden days people used to present garland made of rudraksha for health, wealth, good fortune, etc. This Rakhi also stands for goodwill and love. Rakhi made of rudraksha will be a nice option for this forthcoming Raksha Bandhan.

4.  Diamond Rakhi
Rakhi painted with sparkling diamonds add extravagant to the appearance of an ordinary Rakhi. It is a type of Rakhi that is crafted out by plating diamond giving the wearer a true sense of royalty and a feeling of superiority. Sending this Rakhi will be a pleasant surprise for your brother.

5.  Auspicious Rakhi
Sending auspicious Rakhi to your brother on this auspicious day will be a wonderful idea. It is a type of Rakhi featuring image of gods and symbols therefore it is revered by many people. So, on this Rakhi you can re-create the spirituality and divinity that is there in the festival.

6.  Kundan Rakhi
One of the types of Rakhi that is slowly gaining its popularity is Kundan Rakhi. This material is widely used in jewellery making process. It is flexible and the tenderness it gives is simply astounding. This Rakhi is available in different colours at affordable price. You should add this Rakhi in your list as well.

7.  Traditional Rakhi
If you want to express your love and care to your dear brother in a somehow traditional way then you can always go for this type. It always brings to life the rich culture and tradition of India. So, sending this Rakhi will bring happiness to your brother.

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How to Buy Rakhi Gifts for Brother? A Simple Guide

RKI-14-004Everyone is in festive mood, but why? Don’t you know? The most awaited celebration of Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan is going to be rejoiced shortly. It is the zing of this festival which has made the whole environment to go festive.

Raksha Bandhan holds a greater significance in Hindu mythology as the day celebrates the eternal bonding between brothers and sisters. With this occasion being round the corner, hunt for the most exciting rakhi gifts for brother has also started

To help you cope up with the blues of rakhi shopping for brother, here in this article are given some tips, you’ll find handy. If you couldn’t figure out how to buy or pick rakhi gifts for brother, just keep reading this article till end.

Consider these tips before buying Rakhi Gifts For Brother:

#1- Ask your bro if he has something in his mind. Ask him if he wants something special. This will give you an idea of what type of gift he’s looking for or what he wants for him. Though you may not have to buy the exact gift he tells you, but it will give you a general idea as what to choose for him.

#2: Think of any activity that he wants to give a try and arrange a gift based on that activity for him for Raksha Bandhan. It could be anything from lessons to skydiving to gold lessons. Let him enjoy this special experience of him with you or with his best friend.

#3: You brother may be interested in some sports activity or concerts, if you could get him the ticket of his favorite ones as Rakhi gift. For instance, if he likes cricket, try getting him tickets of his favorite game. He’d never forget the memory you gave him as Rakhi gift( If possible you can escort him to his favorite sport by booking a ticket for you

#4: Find a gushy or a sentimental gift if you want to endow your brother with something special and unforgettable from his ancient times. Find an old picture, or something which could remind him of those bygone days. Better option would be a personalized photo frame having the pictures of you both two from childhood.

#5: Go shopping for a real present, if you don’t want to give him an experience of his favorite activity. There are accessories, gadgets and even fashion apparels that adhere to his personal longings and hobbies. If he loves reading, give him books of his favorite author. It could be anything a novel, biopic, autobiography or so on.

#6: If he has an ultimate passion for fashion, find a clothing or accessory item for him. Find something which could augment his festivity to greater extent. If your bro is kid, of course you must go for clothing having cartoons on it or if she’s a teenage opt for tees featuring quirky quotes as these are in-vogue. Accessories like wallets, belts and cufflinks can also be considered as Rakhi gifts for brother.

#7: Always supplement your gift for brother with a greeting card. Write a note in that card wishing him Raksha Bandhan and telling him how he’s mean to you.

Go through these seven gift buying ideas for your brother this Raksha Bandhan and let him know you really care for him.

Ways to Send Designer Rakhis for Brothers to India Online


As the festival of rakhi approaches, everyone is looking out for reliable and efficient ways to send rakhi to India. Rakhi is one of the most cherished festivals of India that celebrates unconditional love between sisters and brothers. Due to circumstances created by the situations like work assignments in foreign land and relocation after wedding, siblings get separated and sisters look for cheap yet trustworthy ways to send rakhis to their brothers residing in India. Brothers too intend to send gifts to their beloved sisters staying abroad and vice versa.

In the present world of commercialization, rakhi has also taken a huge makeover and now the markets are flooding with wide variety of rakhis to choose from. Online selling of rakhi and associated gift hampers have made it really convenient for siblings to choose as per their budget requirements and send them to any location across the globe.

The Problem

Sending rakhi and gifts to their loved ones is a big problem that emerged for brothers and sisters who are geographically apart. Courier and postal services are often very expensive and untimely delivery is a bigger issue when it comes to sending gift and rakhi parcels to India. With the advancement of technology and participation of the internet, now sisters can send brothers rakhi to India online. Online stores provide a wide variety of rakhis and gift packs to choose from and send them to your loved ones. You don’t have to worry about the delivery time and date as they work as per your requirement.

World of Rakhis

In this ever evolving world, rakhi has emerged from being a simple thread to stone studded, precious metal coated designer rakhi designs. Gold rakhi and silver Rakhi For Brother are very much in vogue these days. These are often sold in the hampers with some sweets or chocolates to make the entire packages more lucrative. If you want to send online rakhi to your brothers in India, then all you have to do is find one of the online rakhi selling portals, choose the preferred rakhi design that serves your needs and tastes, pay the amount and be carefree. Your rakhi will be delivered to your brother in India well on time. With online shopping getting highly popular amongst today’s folk, it’s advisable that you book your rakhi hampers well in advance to avoid any last minute disappointments on this special festival.