3 Most Popular Lucky Plants to Gift Your Near & Dear Ones!

Thoughtful gifts are always the best gifting option to make someone feel special and loved. One such thoughtful gifts option is Lucky Plants. Be it any occasion or celebration, lucky plants are perfect gifting option for any occasion or celebration. So if you were not getting an idea of what to gift your dear one this time, then a lucky plant is perfect gifting option to look for.Bamboo Plants

Birthdays, weddings, festival celebration, anniversaries, get together, Mother’s day and many other occasions are there that falls round the year. Every time when it’s a time to celebrate and you are invited for it, you start thinking of what to gift your dear one for the joyous celebration. Sometimes you manage to pick the best gift for your loved one but many times it is a matter of lot of confusion when you fail to decide what to gift your near and dear ones that can make him/her feel special and loved.

So this time when you are facing the same confusion, gifting a lucky plant can be a great idea. Not only a lucky plant will make the other one feel special on getting it but will also express your sense of care to the recipient in the best way. Thus below are three most sought after lucky plants used for gifting to others. Such as:

Bamboo Plant: When it comes gift someone a lucky plant then the first name that strikes the mind is a bamboo plant as it is one of the most popular plant that is used for gifting and decorating home as well. Bamboo in indoors is known for attracting wealth and happiness. It also brings the charm of good luck and good health in house. So what can be better than gifting such a lucky plant to someone very near and dear to you? So go gist a bamboo plants to someone you care.lucky_Bamboo

Basil: Another very commonly used lucky plant for gifting is a basil plant. It is being said that basil plant that brings the charm of wealth, good luck, love and passion to your home. Also basil brings beauty to your home as well when kept indoors. So this time when looking up for gifts to present your dear one, choose gifting a basil plant.Basil_Lucky_Plant

Money Plant: It is another very commonly opted plant used to gift and also decorate homes. The main reason of money plant being categorized into this category because of it is considered to bring the charm of wealth, good fortune, good health, happiness and prosperity in the house. So this time, be it someone’s birthday, anniversary, Mother’s day, Father’s day or any other day of celebration, just gifts a beautiful money plant in a nice pot. It is sure to make the other one feel special and cared.Monney Plant

Other than these, lavender, jasmine plant, rosemary, honeysuckle are also widely used for gifting. To buy such lucky plants like Good luck bamboo online, simply log on to Giftalove that is now offering a wide range of lucky plants to buy online.