Best 5 Karwa Chauth Gift Ideas to Cheer Up Your Lady Love!

Karwa Chauth Gifts for WifeBeing a husband if the approaching date of Karwa Chauth is making you worried then this blog is sure to relax you right here. We know the matter of confusion that happens with every married in terms of choosing the best Karwa Chauth gifts for Wife. Thus here in the blog we are suggesting many amazing and affectionate gift options to choose gifting your lady love.

Karwa Chauth is here again for all the lovely married ladies to celebrate and express their love to their loving husband in a unique traditional way. Thus husbands get ready to thank your lady love for showing her immense love and care for you with a Karwa Chauth gift.

Well if the idea of Karwa Chauth gift for Wife is making you confused then don’t be this time as you are now at the right place to leave your confusions away and make your beloved wife feel special and loved with a cheerful and an affectionate Karwa Chauth gift. Scroll below to get amazing ideas on Karwa Chauth gifts for Wife, right below here:

Designer Saree:

To impress your lady love on the day of Karwa Chauth, just think no more in gifting a designer Saree to her. No wonder how many she has in her wardrobe, a new one as a Karwa Chauth gift from her loving husband is sure to make her cheer up in joy.

Personalized Canvas:

In order to impress your beloved wife with something special plan to gift a Personalized cushion to her. First get a cushion printed with an adorable picture of you with your wife and pack it nicely. She is sure to love this gift a lot.

Traditional Jewellery:

For your dearest wife, when it is to choose something to bring that instant dazzling smile o her face then it can be nothing much better then choosing a Traditional Jewellery set for her. Just consider the kind of jewellery your beloved loves to wear.

Trendy Clutch Full of Chocolates:

Clutch is one such fashion accessory that your lady love would also love to style her looks with. Thus this Karwa Chauth just get a new designer clutch for her, And to make this clutch an amazing surprise to her, get it filed entirely with chocolates. She would fall in love with you again for such a lovely surprise.

Make Up Kit:

On Karwa Chauth every married women desires to look most beautiful! Thus to help her look her best on the special day, you can gift a Make-Up Kit to her this Karwa Chauth and show your concern of care and love.

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Common but Most Important Gifts for Karwa Chauth 2014

Karwa_SArgiKarwa Chauth, the festival of wedded dedication is right here. Have you buckled up yourself so as to wow your loved ones with something special? If not, stay tuned with this blog, as I’m going to help you get some amazing Gifts For Karwa Chauth right below.

As this celebration isn’t less like a festival, it would be great if you foster relationship on this day with gifting. Gifting is an essential part of any celebration in India so why to let Karwa Chauth just pass by without it? Here are some helpful ideas to choose something that may go realizing your loved ones that you care.

Baya and Sargi: Baya and sargi are two most important yet essential gifts for Karwa Chauth( It’s a common practice to send baya and sargi to women observing this fast in the relation. Commonly baya and sargi include dry fruits, fruits, sweets, jewellery, sarees and other items as per one’s choice and budget. Nowadays, there are readymade yet pre-packed options available in this section which you’d find helpful as per your gifting requirements.

Flowers _ Karwa

Flowers: Suppose you’re miles away from you, but you want to let your wife or any important lady in your life observing this fast, to know you care; nothing would be as expressive as flowers. Send Karwa Chauth Flowers to India, USA, UK, Australia, Canada or any other parts of the world in case you’re unable to join the celebration or geographical barriers would be coming in your way. There are varieties of flowers available online, like roses, daisies, carnations, gerberas and more.

Cakes: Yes, cakes too make excellent gifting options for Karwa Chauth! As your wife, mother, sister, daughter-in-law or mother-in-law is going to have a daylong fast; it would really amaze them if you send karwa chauth cakes online overnight. Let them savor a delicious treat after the daylong fast with your care mingled in it to augment the deliciousness.

Given above are simple but easy gifting options even last minute gifting options which will go making your loved ones’ day extra special!

3 Perfect and Purposeful Karwa Chauth Gifts Ideas

Searching for the best range of Karwa Chauth gifts to buy online? Well it is always a matter of lots of confusion. So to help you taking the right decision for gifts selection, here are some of the best ideas on Karwa Chauth Gifts. Go through the blog further to know more on how to send Karwa chauth gifts to India and amazing gift ideas as well.

Karwa Chauth the suspicious festival of India is now approaching again. It is the festival of strengthening and reviving the bond of love and care between husband and wife. So when its Karwa Chauth every married women keeps a strict fast to impress God and worship for her husband’s long life and well being.

Thus to express the gratitude of thanks to wife, husbands greet them or present their wife an impressive Karwa Chauth gift. It can be anything that a husband gifts his beloved wife to make her feel special and happy on the day of the festival. But still if you are in confusion regarding the selection of the best Karwa Chauth gift for her than below are some impressive examples. Have a look!


Trendy Handbag: A purposeful gift is always a safe option to choose. However it is one of the most impressive gifts for Karwa Chauth as well that your wife would love to use always. Just make a selection for the trendiest handbag that your dearest wife would love to use and flaunt it with style as well.

Designer Saree: For a wife it can be nothing better to greet her with a beautiful designer saree on Karwa Chauth. This is because on the festival day, women get dressed beautifully in different significances of Suhaag in which wearing traditional saree is of great importance. So she is sure to love this gift a lot.

Jewelery: Another perfect gifting option for Karwa Chauth is Jewelery. This is because women are crazy for wearing jewelry and accentuate their looks. So be it a bangle set, a ring, earrings, necklace, a bracelet or any other jewelery piece you choose, it is sure to impress her a lot and make her feel happy and special too.


These were just 3 popular Karwa Chauth gifts ideas. For more such ideas to offer a joyous surprise to your loving wife, you can log on to that offers a wide array of gift for the occasion to buy online. Moreover, the site is also offering Sargi For Karwa Chauth at impressive prices. So hurry!

Buy Karwa Chauth Gifts to Delight your Loved Ones

10448816_665862073510717_571029049124749106_nIf you are a Hindu residing in north India then Karwa Chauth is the upcoming festival on your calendar. Now if you are confused with the idea of what to gift your beloved wife on this Karwa Chauth, then to help you out here I have mentioned many impressive ideas to Buy Karwa Chauth Gifts online.

Karwa Chauth is one of the auspicious and popular festivals of India that is celebrated with lots of joy and enthusiasm by the Hindu and Punjabi married women. But now in states of Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat, Karwa Chauth is considered an important festival that strengthens the bond of sacred marital relationship between husband and wife.

For this married women dress beautifully and keep strict fast for the whole day to pray to God for the well being, long life and success of their husband. So to appreciate and respect the efforts of wife, every husband gifts a special and thoughtful Karwa Chauth gift to his wife and expresses his gratitude of love and care for him.

So with the arrival of the festival of Karwa Chauth getting into the situation of confusion is likely to happen with every man in terms of what to gift their loving wife and make her feel happy and loved. Thus below are some amazing ideas on Karwa Chauth Gifts For Wife. Such as:

Beauty of  Diamonds!!

Jewellery: For wife it can be nothing more alluring and exciting to get jewellery options as gift. So when it’s Karwa Chauth, gifting a jewelery piece would be the best the best gifting options to express your feelings of love and respect for her. In fact there are many options to choose such as ring, necklace, bracelet, bangles, earrings and more.

Spa Kit: A Karwa Chauth gift is offered to express the feelings of respect and love to wife for all the efforts she took in keeping the strict fast. Thus a spa kit can be an excellent way of expr4essing for your wife that you care and love her the most.Little Care Package

Designer Saree: On Karwa Chauth women love dress beautifully with all traditional attires. So this year gift s designer saree to your loving wife and make her happy and special. All you need is to select the best suitable saree for her that she would love to wear and flaunt with style.

Personalized Cushion: When a thoughtful gift option is what you are searching for then a personalized cushion is just the best gift to surprise your dear wife on this Karwa Chauth. A beautiful cushion printed with a picture of both you and her over it’s sure to make feel very special and loved.

For more such gift options you can log on to karwachauth.giftalove and select the best surprise gift for your wife. So, hurry as the festival is approaching fast!

4 Excellent Ideas on Karwa Chauth Gifts to Buy Online

Karwa _gOnline Karwa Chauth Gifts are what you are wondering about then I am here with many ideas for it! Getting confused with the idea of what to buy on this Karwa Chauth is likely to happen with everyone. So just read on the blog and offer a joyous and loving surprise to your wife.

On the fourth day (chauth) of the dark fortnight of Hindu month of Kartik is the day of Karwa Chauth celebration among the Hindus in India. It is the festival that I celebrated to strengthen and revive the bond of love, affection and care between husband and wife. On the day of Karwa chauth, every married woman keeps a strict fast throughout the day from sunrise to moonrise to impress and pray to God for his husband’s long life and well being. It is way of showing respect, care and love to her husband.

In respect to this husbands present a Karwa Chauth gift to their wife and express their gratitude of love and care in the best way. The trend of gifting on Krawa Chauth is being followed from past many years among the people. This is the best way of expressing the gratitude of saying thanks to beloved wife by their husband.

So if you are also looking for amazing Karwa Chauth gifts for your wife but still confused with the right idea for it, then below mentioned ideas are sure to help you in choosing the best one for your loving wife. These are:

Jewellery: When you are willing to gift something precious to your wife, then gifting jewellery is the best option. All you need is search for a beautiful piece of necklace, bangles set, earrings, bracelet, rings or any other kind of jewellery options that you find suitable for her.

Pack of Dry fruits: If you are willing to gift something healthy to your wife, then a pack of dry fruits can be an excellent gifting option. All you need is to get it packed in a beautiful and attractive box or basket which makes it more lucrative or tempting option for her.Pooja Tahli

Designer Saree: It is one of the most popular Karwa Chauth gifting options that perfectly suits the demands of the festival as well. This is because on Karwa Chauth every woman follows the ritual of wearing all the traditional resemblances of Suhaag in which wearing a red or green Saree is very much important. Thus you can gifts a beautiful saree you wife this time.

Personalized Cushion: However if you are with an idea of gifting something unique and thoughtful, then a personalized cushion is a perfect gifting option. All you need to get a beautiful yet plain cushion printed with a picture of her and you together over it and gift it to your loving wife. She is definitely going to feel very special on having a gift like this.

For more such gifting options, you can log on to and select the best Karwa Chauth gift from the offered range. Moreover you can also buy Karwa Chauth Pooja Thali from the site as well.

What are the right Karwa Chauth Gifts for wives? Share a cool list!

EXDFNP508Being a loyal husband you always strive to take care of your wife ensuring that she’s conscientious towards you and attempt to flaunt her with different positive and creative approaches but your ideas always don’t seem to be working. Though a lovable or romantic person never waits for the occasion to endow his wife with gifts but occasion has a different charm. Being an Indian, you get to indulge into many celebrations.

There are back to back festivals you participate in and every festival has its own significance and dedicated to a different person or festival. Like- October and November or even December is the months of fairs and festival where numbers of festival will fall and one of such festivals which are holistically dedicated to spouses is Karwa Chauth. Yes, it’s a festival that celebrates the incredible bond between spouses.
The day is a form of opportunity for wives to show their intense love and affection for their hubbies. By starving for a day long without a single bite of food and drop of water, they seek the blessings for their husbands’ longevity and prosperity. October 22nd 2013, Tuesday is gonna be the day when all women collectively from different cities of India, especially in North India will conduct this pious ritual.
Endowing Karwa Chauth Gifts to wives…GWD4139
So, you’re confused on what to gift your wife on this Karwa Chauth, how to send Karwa Chauth Gifts to Australia to your wife, right? If so, don’t worry anymore because here with, you’ll be introduced with some captivating gift items which are cool in sense and sufficiently great to win the heart of your wife. During this festivity, markets are flooded with a high range of gift items that you can send to your wives like- sarees, jewelery, cosmetic items, bangles, and all.
You can easily visit these shops sparing out some time. However, being a working individual it’s quite complex for you to hunt the shops. At this point of time or to cope with such situations you can go for the online shops. E-gifting portals are all set to endow you with a handy shopping. You can remotely choose out of the best Karwa Chauth Gift items from the huge galaxy.
Moreover, if your dearest wife is not at home by some reasons or has settled to other nations then you should not worry about this anymore because you can easily Send Karwa Chauth Gifts to India and other countries with ease. It’s a simple process where you have to place an order for your preferred gift, make an online payment and click on it to deliver it to your wife mentioning the appropriate address, contact number of recipient so that dispatch team could easily deliver the same. Your gift will really enchant your brother and convey the intense love and care you have for her. She will again fall in love with your for sure. Try this now!

Send Karwa Chauth Gifts to Germany & Enjoy Marital Bliss with Loved Ones!

1Karwa Chauth is sheer ceremony of fasting observed by married Hindu women seeking the prosperity, longevity and wellbeing of their soul-mates. This festival is popular amongst married women of all ages and is rejoiced in various parts of India majorly in Haryana, Rajasthan, Punjab, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh.
Celebratory Occasion:
The festival marks its presence 9 days before Diwali in Kartik month of Hindu calendar, it means on the fourth day of the new moon just after Dussehra.
Essence of Karwa Chauth:
The term ‘Chauth’ stands for the ‘fourth day’ & the term ‘Karwa’ stands for an earthen pot with a spout- that is considered a sole symbol of peace as well as prosperity, which is quite essential for the rituals. Hence the festival got its name ‘Karwa Chauth’.
Married ladies keep a strict fast for whole day without taking even a drop of water. They get up early in the morning, execute their ablutions, & put on new clothes. On this very day they worship Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati and their son Kartikeya with the ten earthen pots means Karwas filled with sweets. These karwas are later given to sisters & daughters together with gifts.
With rapid growth and development, Karwa Chauth celebration now has gone far and beyond India. Now this festival is celebrated by all those Indian Hindu women settled across India with the same fervor and gaiety. Though they live in another country, they take part in the celebration with same rituals and customs.GWD1987
A few years ago, my sister got settled in Germany. With geographical barriers it’s not possible for me to pay a visit in person and shower Karwa Chauth gifts on her. Thanks to the online shopping boom, now I can send Karwa Chauth Gifts to Germany with ease and comfort. I have ordered a special Karwa Chauth gift hamper for her this year which is ready to be delivered at her doorstep.
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You can choose from sarees, chocolates, dry fruits, jewelries, accessories, perfumes, soft toys, whatever you like from the vast range of products available online. You can order these items right from your home!
Sp, don’t regret if you can’t pay a visit in person, just pick the right gift and order online to enhance your loved ones’ festivity!