Hurry Now to Get Best of Holi Gifts 2018 for Online Shopping!

Planning for a bashing Holi this year? Well then get set to make arrangements for yummy gujiyas, platter of Holi Gulal, bucket full of colors, attractive water guns, delicious thandai and much more that adds into the merriment if the festival of colors. And the thing that will make Holi, the memorable surprise for loved one is Holi Gift. Get the best ideas for Holi Gifts 2018, here in this blog.Holi gift HampersWhen you wish to give the most thoughtful and wonderful surprise to your loved one on this holi, you need to be ready with Holi gift ideas in advance. So, now when the festival of colors is just few days ahead for a cheerful celebration, you need to hurry up for holi gift shopping. No wonder, gifting on holi will make the festival a memorable one for all your near and dear ones.

So, here are some cool and impressive ideas on Holi Gift 2018 that are sure to help you make this festival, a memorable one for your dear ones. These are:

Big and Attractive Water Guns:

Want to give a cheerful and relevant Holi gift to dear ones? Well then this is the perfect gift option to choose. You can find big water guns in attractive designs and patterns at any nearby market area or online at, which is one of the trusted online gift stores of India. No wonder everyone will love this gift which they can use to play holi.

Funky Masks:

For people you know who are very conscious about their skin damage because of holi colors, this is the best holi gift for them. Some funky masks are readily available everywhere during Holi which can be bought to surprise the dearest one.

Box of Herbal Holi Colors:

The act of gifting herbal holi colors to near and dear ones won’t just bring happy moments in dear one’s life but will also make them feel cared and loved as herbal holi colors are safe and not harmful to skin. It’s the most wonderful gift option and perfectly relevant for the festival of colors.

Stylish Caps:

Another funky and useful Holi gift is this. Stylish and funky caps are very relevant gifts as they help people safe their hair from harmful effects of colors. People can buy wonderful and stylish caps and ask loved ones to cover their hair from getting smashed with colors. Thus, it’s a wonderful holi gift to express carte to loved ones.

Platter of Delicious Gujiyas:

Since, none of the Indian festivals are complete without sweets, thus to add delightfulness and cheerful moments in Holi celebration of your loved ones, a platter of delicious Gujiyas is the perfect gift to choose and gift dear ones. Also, you can choose a vast range of Holi Gift hampers online (, containing delicious Gujiayas to delight your loved ones. No wonder, this Holi special sweet delight will be loved by your dearest ones a lot to relish with family and close ones.

There are lot that you can find impressive for gifting and greeting your loved ones on this Holi 2018. To find and buy some impressive Holi Gift 2018, make visit at, India’s much preferred online gift store that offers wonderful range for Holi Gifts online at attractive prices. Also, the portal offers a wide range of gifts for all time with ease of online gifts delivery in India and worldwide.


Here’re are Some Amazing Holi Gift Ideas to Surprise your Dear Ones

Holi is a beautiful festival celebrated with colors of happiness and joy!! Everywhere there is the talk of merrymaking with people forgetting about all the acts of resentments and showing the attitude of friendship to each other. People on this day also send Holi gifts online for their loved ones who are far apart from them.

Holi gifts are actually a way of saying that you care and you want to share your happiness with them. There is an assortment of choices for making the selection for a Holi gift and that can best be selected by having the understanding of the test of your dear one. Sweets for Holi that you choose will make a lot of difference because Sweets are one of the important ingredients of the celebration.

Here are some of the suggestions of Gifts for Holi that people can refer to. Let’s find them out and bring happiness to your dear one’s lives…..

1. Hamper of Flower Bouquet, Teddy and Gulal

The best thing about Holi is colors and it’s the one thing that makes the celebration pretty exhilarating. On the special occasion of Holi it is quite an interesting idea to send to your loved ones a hamper that is inclusive of flower bouquet, cute teddy bear and Gulal. This will definitely work in wishing your dear ones in the best possible way.

2. Gujia with Flower Bouquet

Gujia is one of the favorite sweet for Holi celebration and that everyone love and when it is coupled with a bunch of some beautiful flowers that form the best Holi gift ever. The taste of Gujia adds charm and sweetness to the celebration and everyone loves to eat get a tang of this yummy sweet delight during Holi.

3. Dry fruits with Flowers Basket arrangement

If you are looking out present to your dear one a gift of health then a delighting combo of flower basket arrangement and some dry fruits will be the most perfect option to choose as a gift of Holi. No matter you are sending it to, they will definitely enjoy it and will love you for this.

4. Chocolates with Flower Bouquet

Chocolates are the best gifts for all occasion and when you it’s the occasion of Holi a perfect combo of chocolates with flower bouquet is the most delightful choice to make. There are various online portals like that will help you in finding such gifts for Holi.

5. Holi colors Bucket Hamper

This hamper of gift is the most perfect one as without the shower of colours this festival of Holi is incomplete. So choose to send a hamper of color bucket with balloons that will be perfect for playing Holi for all age groups including the children and the elderly ones.

These are some of the perfect ideas that you can look for when trying to send Holi gifts online for your dear ones. They will definitely feel special receiving this special gift of love as that can be the most delighting part of their Holi celebration. At, you will get to experience the happiness and joy of the festival by sending Sweets for Holi and other gifts ( ) for the special people in your life.

This Holi get an Enjoyable experience with Colorful Celebration Ideas

Holi is the festival of colors and joy. Everyone loves to play Holi and celebrate this festival with great excitement. From a child to an old man Holi is the favorite festival for all. Especially children are super excited for this amazing festival. It’s the festival that ultimately brings a bundle of joy and happiness in everyone’s life. In all over the world this festival is celebrated with full excitement and energy. In foreign countries also this festival is celebrated with proper colors and sweets. You can also say that it’s the festival that brings all the communities and nations together under one sky full of colors and love.


On this special day, children demands Holi Gift from their parents. Prior Holi Gift shopping is essential especially in Indian families. There are so many unique ways to celebrate this festival of colors, like by giving gifts to your family member add more respect on this occasion, eating gujia and drinking Thandai is one of the major parts of this energetic festival. Children make card for their lovely friends on this festival with best wishes and lots of happiness. Holi is the word which represents a great history of Prahalad, Hiranya Kashyap and Holika. The main reason of celebrating Holi is ‘winning of good over bad’ and like this on this festival every bad things are destroyed and good things remains. Even enemies become friends on this special festival. There was a song from old movie “Gile-Shikwe Bhul kar Dosto, Dushman Bhi Gale Mil Jate Hai’’. This song clearly tells the actual meaning of Holi.

There are bundle of Holi celebration Ideas that will ultimately blow your mind. Best of them are following:

  • Bundles of colors and pichkaris are the major need for any Holi celebration. Without these things no any Holi celebration is possible. Different types of colors are needed like ‘Abir’ and many more. Pichkaris are mostly used by children. So if you have little brother or sister in your house. Gift them colorful pichkaris on this Holi to see a happiest expression on their face.
  • Arrange a boxes and thali’s full of sweets, chocolates and gujia, and offer your loved once one by one is the best way to celebrate this festival. Gujia is the main dish of Holi. In every home, Gujia and sweets is the first and foremost dish anyone makes on this festival. In some houses, people especially allocate ‘Halwai’ for making sweet dishes on Holi.
  • Dancing on Holi song is the most favourite way to celebrate this joyful festival. Holi is meant for joy and happiness and there is no other way to celebrate your happiness than dancing. Holi festival is favorite carnival for bollywood. There are bunch of songs on Holi on which you can’t even think to stand quite without dancing.
  • Gifting of apparel to your loved one is the pleasant way to celebrate this festival. Your loved once happiness is the utmost need of yours. Especially children are eagerly waiting for their gifts. Apparel like Suit, Sarees, Kurtis, Shirts, Pants, Jeans, and so on that anyone can buy & send them online as well.

You need to choose any of the above ideas or I can say go for each and every idea to make your Holi celebration full of colors and joy. These are the best Holi celebration Ideas any one can search out. To get more amazing ideas and to buy online gifts for Holi, click on, an online gift portal for gifts for every occasion.

Spellbind Your Loved Ones with Amazing Holi Gifts and Make Your Holi Memorable!

With the festival of colors and joy is inching closer, you can plan a whole lot of things in order to make this Holi festival remarkable. Send Holi Gifts to India Online and surprise your family and friends by presenting some of the most wonderful gestures that can accolade the aura of this colorful festival.Holi_Gifts

If you wish to surprise your loved ones on this day, you can easily do that by presenting some of the most thoughtful gestures, as these kinds of gifts rejuvenates the recipient. On the festival of colors if you are planning to make the celebration grand then go on digital platforms for Holi shopping as then you can avail Holi Express Delivery Option plus you can get extra time to do other things.

Here you can find some of the most admiring Holi gifting ideas that can bring smiles on the face of recipient and can be the perfect applause to this festival. In order to admire your friends and family members you can present these gestures and adore your loved ones on the colorful festival of Holi.

Astounding Holi Sweets:

Well, the perfect way to pay gratitude to anyone is by presenting sweets to him/her. On the fortunate occasion of holi one can present traditional Indian Sweets and Delicacies, so that your recipient can start this most colorful day with sweetness. On this day you can present some options like Traditional Indian Gujiya, Adorable Sweet Combo, Soan Papdi Combo and plenty others sweet gestures.

Adorable Holi Hampers:

Hampers are the perfect accolade by which you can make any day blissful and joyous. On this festival which is dedicated to brotherhood you can present some of the most admiring Holi Hampers so that you can rejuvenate the bonds. Present Holi Hampers such as Khadi Hamper, Stunning Holi Hamper, Holi Gift Hampers, Special Holi Hampers and many adoring Holi Gifts and Hampers.

Holi Pichkari & Colors:

What is more beautiful than a Hamper of Pichkari and Colorful Gulaal? Well, this catalogue is most elegant and can accolade the festival perfectly. There are many adoring Holi Pichkari and Color combos that will certainly adore your loved ones of any age barrier. Holi Package with Colors, Colorful Basket with Holi Balloons, Holi Pichkari with Colorful Canister’s and plenty more to choose from.

Lovely Holi Combos:

Combos are mostly adored gestures that one can present to their loved ones. With some of the most adoring holi combo you can actually mark this day as the most remarkable one. The festival of colors is known for celebration and brotherhood and your gesture should reflect the same so on this day present some of the most amazing Holi combos and make the day blissful.

Visit and get accessed to the wide range of gifts that are exclusively chosen so that you can celebrate the occasion to the fullest. Present some of these adorable gestures on holi and make the colors of this auspicious festival more colorful. Order online Holi Gifts and avail free home delivery options, so that your product is delivered at the doorsteps of your loved ones.

5 Sugary & Spicy Flavored Holi 2016 Recipes!!

No Indian festival is celebrated without gorging on sweets. These are integral part of Indian festivals. Holi celebration is synonymous to gourmet sweet gujiyas, fried malpuyas, masala kachoris and a lot more. Eat your heart content and relish on tasty sweet delights. Also share the joy of colorful festival by sending Holi gift hampers to loved ones.

Holi gift hampers

Check out these yummy sweet and spicy recipes for Holi 2016 celebration:

1.    Gujiyas

Gujiya is the most popular and star sweet of Holi. It is originated from Rajasthan state. This sugary delight is a sweet dumpling made of maida and filled with rich dry fruits & khoya stuffing. Check out three different types of tasty Gujiya recipes.

–    Baked Gujiya

The outer layer is made with blended whole wheat and semolina (suji) in lieu of refined flour (maida). It is stuffed with dried fruits, nuts and baked perfectly, dipped in honey. This recipe involves minimum use of oil and ghee. It is a healthy version of traditional Gujiya.

–    Chocolate Gujiya

Chocolate Gujiya is rich in taste and have mouth watering cocoa flavor. The stuffing of this gujiya is made of mawa and chocolate chips. It is garnished with hot chocolate sauce.

–    Coconut Gujiya

This is traditional Gujiya is made of refined flour. They are stuffed with fried khoya, cashew nuts and grated coconut flakes. These are fried in desi ghee and dipped in thick sugar syrup.

2.    Fried Malpua

Malpua is a traditional North Indian sweet. It is basically a sweet pancake, fried in pure ghee and dipped in sugar syrup. You can also make variation in the traditional Malpua recipe by adding paneer, cocoa powder, choco chips, Kesar and almond flakes. Kesar or saffron has amazing aroma and enriched fragrance.

3.    Bhaang ki Thandai

Bhaang is a famous intoxicating traditional drink of India. It is associated with many legends and mythological stories. This drink is considered to be favorite drink of Lord Shiva. Thandai is prepared with special crushed dry fruits, milk, saffron strands and sugar. Give extra kick to this traditional drink by adding bhang powder.

4.     Gol Gappe / Paani Puri

This yummy recipe at home would beat the street food on this Holi festival. Gourmet and spicy gol gappe is made out of maida for making fluffy puris. Gol gappe water is made of jal jeera, pudina leaves and aam chur. Yummy Gol gappas are filled with boiled and mashed potatoes and cholas and dipped in paani puri water.

5.    Dahi Bhalla

Enjoy crispy, crunchy paapris and soft, spongy bhallas on this Holi with your friends and families. Bhalla are made of urad ki daal and friend in oil in form of round shapes. Then Bhallas are dipped in spicy dahi flavoured with anar daana.

So these are some yummy Holi sweet and snacks recipes. Log on to and buy premium grade sweets & snacks for Holi. Explore vast array of exciting Haldiram’s Holi Gifts, Bikano Holi gift packs, Murga Gold Gulal and herbal spray colours. This website has vast delivery network all across India and overseas.

Explore Vast Array of Online Haldiram’s Holi Gifts!!

Holi is the festival of joy, love and colours. This wonderful festival portrays the message of victory of goodness over bad spirits. Holi festival is celebrated in India since time immemorial. Lord Krishna was believed to play Holi with radhika and his Gopis (female devotees).Holi gifts onlineIt is a spring festival in India, celebrated in the full moon day of Falgun Purnima in the month of March. No Indian festival is celebrated without sweets and gourmet meals. If you are physically apart from your loved ones still you can send Holi sweets for them. Online stores offer vast range of sweets, snacks and biscuits. Reputed food brands like Haldiram’s, Bikaner, Bikano and etc offers attractive gift packs for Holi celebration. Buy sweets, Holi gifts online and send amazing gifts to India for family, friends and dear ones.
Haldiram’s Sweets

Haldiram’s is one of the reputed sweets brands in India and abroad. It offers traditional sweets, made of premium grade ingredients. Buy Hadiram’s Rasgulla, Soan papdi, Motichuur Ladoo, Gulab Jamun and Kaju Katli. These traditional sweets make mouthwatering and delicious gifts for all. These are deliverable all across India and abroad. Send sweet packs in various assortments and combos along with Holi gulal and colours.

Haldiram’s Namkeen

Apart from sweet hampers, people can also buy Haldiram’s Namkeen. Explore salty, spicy and crispy snacks in different flavours. Lip smacking namkeen make irresistible combo with delectable sweet hampers. If your loved one is not fond of sweets then you can prefer giving Haldiram’s Namkeen as Holi gift. Haldiram’s snacks come in variety of flavors like Moong daal, Aloo Bhujia, Cashew Mixture, Navratna Mixture and so on. Buy and send Haldiram’s Holi gifts in various Indian cities like Delhi NCRs, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad and so on.

Haldiram’s Biscuits

Buy and send Haldiram’s biscuits in lucrative gift wraps. These delectable biscuits make special gift surprise. For your kid siblings and cousins, send gourmet biscuits along with Holi colours, gulal and pichkari.   Check out butter biscuits, namkeen jeera biscuits, cashew biscuits, cream biscuits and almond biscuits.

Haldiram’s Drinks

Soft drinks like squash, juices and thandai in various flavours are also been offered by Haldiram’s drinks. Buy traditional Thandai or squash and celebrate Holi 2016 in flavor some note.

Log on to and send Holi gifts and hampers for all. This portal offers online shipping of Haldiram’s gift packs along with colourful gulal, herbal colours, pichkaris and so on. Explore vast collection of Holi gift sweets, snacks, chocolates, dry fruits and so on.

Celebrate The Vibrant Colors of Holi with Some Endearing Holi Gifts!

With every single day passing by, Holi the festival of color is inching closer and closer. What is your planning in order to make the most of this day, you can go on online pylons if you wish as there you can get accessed to Online Holi Gifts that can surely adore most of you recipient on this auspicious day.


The righteous gesture for such occasion must reflect the aura of Holi i.e. the festivals of colors and thereby the gift should be chosen keeping all those things in mind. In order to do so the best option would be going online and exploring all the possibilities of finding right gift that suited best for your recipient.

Adorable Holi Gifts:

The main task associated while choosing Holi Gifts must reflect the aura associated with the festival as mentioned above. In order to do so online catalogues are best such as Haldiram Holi Gifts ( and other gifts. You can look for options such as Authentic Holi Flavor, Herbal Gulaal with Sweets, Holi Hungama and plenty more gifts that are adorable.

Happy Holi Combo:

There are several ways by which one can wish Happy Holi to their loved ones, and one of the most important one is saying it with a marvelous gift. Some of the Holi Combos are perfect as it reflect the aura of Holi very well. Hence, present gifts such as Elegant Holi Combo, Fully Masti Combo, Appetizing Holi Combo, and Adorable Coconut Combo etc.

Lovely Holi Hampers:

Holi is the festival on which one can celebrate different bonds they have, i.e. it is the festival which is dedicated to the celebration of brotherhood. Hampers can add the required flavor you needed in the celebration of this day. Some of the most adorable hampers are Shubh Holi Hamper, Delectable Holi Hamper, Appetizing Holi Hamper and plenty other cool hampers to choose from.

Sweet Delicacies for Holi:

Such festivals can be greatly celebrated with sweets and hence one can easily adore their loved ones on this auspicious festival with delicious sweets. Some of the sweets delicacy gifts that you can present on this festival are Coconut Barfi with Gulaal, Splendid Delicacy, Gulab Jamun Combo, Holi Gujiya, Coconut Barfi Rolls, Kaju Rolls, Almond Pinni and plenty more sweet gestures to present.

Stylish Holi Gifts:

This catalogue can solve your problem of choosing stylish Holi Gifts and thereby you can easily adore your recipient with some of the stylish Holi gifts. This catalogue is inclusive of gifts such as Holi Tray, Holi Delight, Smear into Colors, Greetings for Special Occasions, Flask N Shot Glasses, Stylish Holi Chic and plenty more stylish gifts that can adore your loved ones to the fullest.

The festival of colors can be celebrated in spirited manner and hence in order to do so all you need to do is just to roam on the online catalogues of classy gifting podiums such as GiftaLove where you can easily find a wide range of gifts that can adore your loved ones to the fullest. And can make this special day of yours extra special.