Things that will Make your Raksha Bandhan a way More Special!

Rakhi festival is just approaching; streets and online portals are lined up with colorful and designer Rakhis. Where everyone is busy in planning the ideas for the celebration of Rakhi, there are also some people who live in abroad and missing their family member especially their brother/sister on this Rakhi.

For them, the options like Rakhi online and send Rakhi gifts to USA, UK and so on are available on different online portals to cherish their brother or sister waiting in abroad for your Rakhi and Rakhi gifts. Siblings are the best gift given by the god to share our childhood, thoughts and expression. Everyone knows the traditional way to celebrate this Rakhi festival. So, here are some unique and enjoyable ideas to celebrate Rakhi this year:

Rakhi combo

Rakhi Combo

Go for a picnic with your family

If you want to spend some quality and adventurous time with your family, go for a picnic. Celebrate this Raksha Bandhan on some desired picnic spot of your little brother and sister and arrange a fun game for his/her enjoyment. Your siblings must be waiting this for too long so, make it as special as you can by games, foods and gifts.

Enjoy some rides in amusement park

On this Rakhi festival, take a trip to you and your sibling’s most favorite place that is an amusement park where you use to enjoy rides. Make this brother and sister festival more meaning by facing your fear, as there must have some rides that scared you as a child. So, this is the time to face your fear and jump on the rides.

Collect your Childhood memories in a slide show

Collect all your childhood pictures that depict the strong bond of you and your brother and make a slide show as a surprise gift for the celebration of Rakhi festival. Remember the naughty expression of yours when while capturing picture your brother pulled your pony tail! It’s a best idea to make a slide show with these types of naughty and adorable pictures of love, fight and care. It’s a perfect gift any brother/sister can get on this Rakhi festival.

Refresh your old restaurant childhood memories

In your childhood, you must have some favorite list of restaurants you both love. On this Rakhi festival, revisit it once again to relive and refresh your childhood memory. Remember your comfort when you eat your favorite masala dosa and your sister eats her favorite pav bhaji. Enjoy the same food and make this Raksha Bandhan extra special and valuable for both of you.

Express your heartfelt feeling to each other

Sometimes, it’s important to express your feeling to the one who understand you and there is no one better than a sister for this work. Express your inner emotions like what you feel about your sister and how much you love her? It genuinely makes her feel special and being a little sister you should also do the same thing and told all your feeling to your brother. If you feel hesitated in saying it in front of your brother, try to write them in a letter and give it to your brother.

These are the few things you can do on this Raksha Bandhan that will make this festival more awesome and interesting. To send Rakhi online, visit, an online e-gifting portal that offers options like silver Rakhi online, designer Rakhi online for your brother and also have wide collection of Rakhi gifts.


Top 7 Navratri Gift Ideas to Surprise Loved Ones!

Navratri is time again for the people to dwell into the cheerful festive mood and celebrate the auspicious festival with great fervor. Thus for all the ones finding it difficult in figuring out that perfect Navratri gifting option, here the blog is sure to help you in deciding that perfect Navratri Gifts choices to surprise and greet near and dear ones with.

Navratri is the name for the sacred Indian festival of Hindus that marks its celebration for nine days as the name suggests. Thus with approaching time for Navratri celebration, people are seen dwelling in devotion of Goddess Durga whole heartedly who is said to be the creator of this world. In addition to this it’s time again for people to shop for Navratri Gifts for loved ones, as this is the conveyor of love and heartily greetings for the auspicious festival.

navratri-giftsNow if the thought of Navratri Gifts( is making you confused to what to choose and gift near and dear ones, then below are top 7 Navratri Gifts ideas that are sure to help you out. Have a look:

Delightful Mithai Hampers:

In India sweets can make their way in any festival celebration as it is the perfect thing to add more happiness and fun filled moments in any festival. All you need is to make choice for best Mithai or traditional Indian sweet and get it packed in a decorative sweet box.

Divine Maa Durga Idol:

For the sacred festival of Navratri, the best auspicious to gift and greet dear ones with is a Divine Maa Durga Idol. In fact a beautifully crafted Durga Maa idol can used for worshipping or to decorate home with.

Sweets & Dandiya Sticks:

Dandiya dance is the activity that adds more fun and enjoyment in the festival of Navratri. And when there is an addition of Sweets with Dandiya sticks, there is nothing better to choose for gifting and offering to dear ones on Navratri.

Decorated Puja Thali:

Another auspicious Navratri gift is a Decorated Puja Thali. Since, puja of Maa Durga or Maa Sherawali is of great importance on Navratri, thus gifting a decorated Puja thali would be an excellent gifting option to choose and buy online.

Dry Fruits Platter:

To greet loved ones with Navratri greetings, Dry Fruits Platter is also an excellent gifting option. At the time of Diwali celebration many devotees are on nine day or eight day fast. Thus you can gift them a dry fruits platter as a healthy snack to munch on during fast. It would be rather an affectionate or caring gift.

Maa Durga Idol with Puja Essentials:

For the auspicious Navratri festival on of the most relevant gifting option is Maa Durga Idol with Puja Essentials. It would be a perfect gift combo for the sacred fest and would help meet your dear ones Puja needs the best way.

Set of Maa Durga Feet Impression Stickers:

Navratri is also a time for the people to decorate their home and welcome Maa Durga. Thus on this Navratri you can gift your dearest ones  with the set of Maa Durga Impression Feet Stickers that perfect for decorating the worshipping place of home.

Thus there is too much to choose and buy online for Navratri fest. You can also log on to that is offering customers with an extensive collection of online Navratri gifts at attractive price point.  Also customers can send Navratri gifts to India from the portal.