4 Sensible Navratri Gift Ideas for Kids

durgji002In India, festivals are always a grand affair that depicts the spirit of people breaking the barriers of differences and sharing a single notion of fraternity despite cast and creed. Navratri is as such occasion that goes on showing people’s festivity knowing no bounds! During this festival the modern generation tends to splurge on shopping for Navratri Gifts while some see as a perfect opportunity to cuddle in new outfits.

One of the most stunning aspects of Navratri clothing is the use of colours and elaborate designs reflecting the rich cultural heritage of India. Also, it’s a long-established Indian tradition to shower the little ones in our family with gifts. During Durga Puja children get their bag full of gifts for Durga Puja from their parents, uncles and aunts.

Here is a list of some wonderful Durga Puja gifts for kids, take a look……

Clothes and apparels: During Navratri girls love to deck up in stylish clothes, lehngas and chania choli while boys prefer going traditional in a kurta payjama or shervani. If you want to buy clothes for Navratri, do visit The best aspect of this store is that it offers top-notch delivery services and they also ensure that the gift you pick for your kids or loved ones would reach their doorsteps within the specified time, no matter in which part of India or the world they reside.


A box of sweets: Children are fond of sweets; we all know this fact well. Giving them a box of sweets not just any sweet but their favorite ones would go bringing a cute smile on their cute faces. Even grownups can munch on the sweets to relish the festivity.

Dandiya sticks: The garba and dandiya dance glees kids extremely. Both girls and boys look forward to make merry with family and friends and groove on the beats of garba. What would the better way to add colour to their joy than gifting them dandiya sticks! It’s always feels nice to watch kids grooving or doing garba with dandiya sticks.


Toys: Add to the festivity of your kids with a toy that he/she liked during your last visit to a shop. With Durga Puja just round the corner, why wait for any other occasion? Just get your little ones a soft toy or even a plaything they are fond of to augment their festive spirit!

Buy any of the above said Durga Puja gifts and make your kids’ day a little surprising!


Choose a Surprising Gift out of these Traditional & Contemporary Diwali Gift Ideas!

10The season of celebration has knocked at our doors & the trickiest part is choosing the right gift for your near and dear ones. It involves a lot of brainstorming & head scratching, and even after investing their penny in buying gifts, people still end up with doubts whether they have acquired the right gift or not. It’s really a problematic situation. If you think, the same situation might occur with you, check out below mentioned Diwali Gifts Ideas and tips for better assistance.
Diwali brings with it loads of creativity. People love to decorate their home and offices. Diwali decorations are something which they love to receive to spruce up their home. The festival of lights is the time makes new beginning, so pep up the place of your near and dear ones with stunning magnetism of wall hangings, metal lanterns, wooden sculptures, diyas, rangolis, and so on. Diwali decorations can easily be obtained from a reliable gifting site at affordable price.
Hanging Lamps:
If you want to celebrate this festival in an eco-friendly way, then go for hanging lamps as illuminations. You can illuminate the dark nooks & corners of your home with these lamps. Even you can hang them on the strong branches of the trees in your backyard. You don’t need to create a web of electric wires as you can place a simple candle or a diya inside such lamps. Even if it is a bit windy climate, your candles or diyas wouldn’t die down. Acquire them in plenty to make sure there is only light everywhere. It’s a unique Diwali gift idea and it will work!
Diwali Gift Hampers:
Brilliantly designed Diwali gift hampers( are the excellent choices for the celebration of this festival. You can make your own gift hamper or go for a readymade one comprising chocolates, candle stands, scented candles, Ganesha idols, dry fruits, and a lot other items. Corporate sectors will definitely go for bulk purchases of these items.
Diwali Gift for Family:
Go creative with flowery lamps and candles. Either you can choose from these items or go for Lakshmi Ganesh idols, coins, decorative diyas, etc. for your family. There are a lot more to choose from which your family members would definitely appreciate. Traditional gifts are excellent for family members as their preferences revolve round such items.
There are various gifts to choose from, you just need to consider some factors like age, likes and dislikes of your loved ones before purchasing.

Celebrate this Durgotsab with full piousness with exclusive Durga Puja Gifts


An unruffled land of fairs and festival, India is a countryside engaged with pious serenity. The conviction of individuals toward their religion is immense here that could be observed during the festive seasons. November is gonna be month in which the most sacred festival of Hindus “Durgotsab or Durga Puja” is observed that is dedicated to mighty Maa Durga. Apart from observing 9 days fast, we also take pleasure to send beautiful Durga Puja Gifts( to our loved ones.
Wish Happy Durga Puja to your dear ones with exclusive Durga Puja Gifts
For job purposes and higher qualification, Indians have reached to majorly all parts of the world but haven’t changed with their culture and tradition neither their credence toward their religion seems to be reduced. Festivals are not just a part of celebration or tend to gather people but remind to pay a serene vow to our ancestors and mighty deities. It keeps our culture alive.
Durga Puja, as everyone is aware of a most popular festival of west Bengal but its godliness could be observed in various parts of India or you can say in entire country. This festival is celebrated for 9 days continuously while people observe 9 days fast for their family’s welfare and prosperity. This is also named as Dussehra, Navratri. During the festivity, people wear new clothes, perform pujas, families get together, and exchange sweets.
Besides all, gift exchanging is supposed to be a most indispensible part of diwali celebration. If your dear ones have settled to abroad for any reason and you are worried about sending your wishes to them then you should not think of it anymore. Don’t forget that we leave in India and do not believe in holding back, the merriment is full of life with various colours and sounds spread all over.
You can send Navaratri or Durga Gifts to your dear ones to distant locations with quick online delivery within committed timescale. Some such gift ideas are listed here.
• Sweets for Durga Puja
• Durga Maa Idols and Puja Thalis / Accessories
• Decoratives for Durga Puja and Navratri
• Diyas / Lamps and Lanterns Flowers as Durga Puja gifts
• Door Hangings / Bandhanwar and Wall Hangings
• Chaniya Choli and Dandiya Sticks
• Jewelry as gifts on Navratri and Durga Puja
As gifts give completeness to the festivals, you can make this day more enchanting or captivating with such amazing Durga Puja gifts which are trendy and affordable at the same time. Let’s visit at e-gifting portals that are endowing you with a great range of Durga Puja with quick online delivery.

Elate Loved Ones with Exclusive yet Attarctive Durga Puja Gifts

So folks Durga Puja is all set to come with a bang, have you planned some exquisite gifts for your near and dear ones? I know many of you have fallen short of gifting ideas for this cheerful celebration. Worry not if you haven’t, here is a list of gifts which may entice your loved ones for sure. But before that I’d like to discuss a little about this festival.
Durga Puja also referred as Dusshera or Navaratri is mostly a ten-day festival; however folks rejoice the most on the last four days that are called Saptami, Ashtami, Navami and Dashami. Durga Puja is rejoiced in the month of Ashwin according to lunar calendar or in the month of September- October as per English calendar.

10This festival is observed all over India with great fervor and gaiety. Besides being a festival of Hindu community, this celebration is also savored by people belonging to other communities with same zest and zeal; hence it gives a message of fraternity.
Just like other Indian festivals, Durga Puja is also famous for feasting, social gathering and of course, gifting. Friends, family members and relatives wish each other by exchanging gifts on this very day. So, if you want to send Durga Puja gifts( to your loved ones this season but have no idea then take help from below mentioned gift ideas.
• Durga Idols: Endowing a loved one with an idol of Goddess Durga makes an ultimate gift. In fact, a lot of people give idols to family members and friends during the festival to wish them good fortune, success, and happiness. There you will find a range of idols in brass, silver, gold plated and other materials in designs ranging from simple to elaborate as per your choices. You just need to pick the one that fulfills your gifting needs.
• Chaniya Choli or New Clothes: No matter how modern one may become, cuddling into an ethnic wear gives awesome feeling during special occasions. Gifting new dresses or clothes on festivals is an indispensable part in India. So, bring a big smile on loved ones’ faces by gifting new clothes or Chaniya Choli this Durga Puja.
• Dandiya Sticks: Well, grooving feet on Garba lyrics, cuddling in ethnic wear holding dandiya sticks is an inseparable part of Durga Puja. You can make your loved ones elated by gifting a beautiful pair of Dandiya sticks!
• Special Items for Durga Puja: There are different types of Durga puja items in the market today that make ultimate endowments. These items may include Durga Puja diyas, Chunari, and many more. Such gifts also convey your adoration and affection for loved ones.
• Decorative Items: Lamp Shade, Candle Holder, Wall Hanging & many décor items can also be considered as Durga Puja gifts.
• Sweets or Traditional Mithais: Indulging in festivity and not relishing delicious sweets! Everyone knows sweets and

mithalis( make an integral part of any Indian celebration. If you want to give a delicious and scrumptious treat to near and dear ones, you can send these sugary delights to satisfy their festive taste buds.
• Greeting Cards: Sending cards on any occasion to wish loved ones is a traditional way to show affection and love to dear ones. You can send Durga Puja greeting cards to your loved ones as a token of love. With the help of exclusive cards you can wish them success, prosperity and good luck.
I hope aforesaid Durga Puja gift ideas will really get you much appreciation from your loved ones.

Send Durga Puja Gifts to India This Season & Heighten Happiness Quotient


Festivals have always been considered important in India. The festival of utmost enjoyment, dance & music is back with a bang! Yes, nine nights of sheer fun, Durga Puja is definitely a reason to Send Durga Puja Gifts to India or elsewhere. If the idea of Durga Puja for you is just to groove in traditional chaniya choli or clothes all night, you are definitely wrong.
Durga Puja is not just a celebration of traditional dance ‘garba’, but it carries significant epic episodes, which many of us are unaware of. Durga Puja, celebrated over nine nights is one of the longest rejoiced festivals of India. It is said that Goddess Durga had taken nine divine forms to kill the demon Mahisasura. After nine consequent says as well as nights, it was on the tenth day when She killed the demon. The tenth day of the festival is rejoiced as Dusshera, the triumph of good over evil. Apart from that there is another theory related with the tenth day of the celebration and that is the return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya after defeating the demon king Ravana.
This festival is observed differently all over India. In Gujarat, people lighten an earthen pot called ‘garbi’, which is considered the form of Shakti itself, & pray for the blessing of the goddess by singing devotional songs & dancing around that earthen pot. This ritual continues for nine nights.
While in the North, on the tenth day of the celebration large effigies of Ravana & his brothers Kumbhkarna & Meghnada are erected and burnt to mark the victory of good over evil. However the most prominent way of rejoicing this festival is performing garba & dandiya rass, the traditional dance form famous amongst youths. Everyone cuddles in traditional chaniya choli & dhoti kurta and perform the traditional dance with dandiya sticks.
Dandiya sticks are nothing but a pair of beautifully adorned wooden sticks that is used as prop during the dance. Dandiya sticks, chaniya choli, sweets, accessories, etc. are traditional durga Puja gifts which you can send to India to wish your loved ones.
There can never be so excitement and fun that in relishing this festival in its traditional form. Send Durga Puja gifts to India to all your near and dear ones and be sure that their testes are covered well. Colourful traditional dresses when put on such days while gifted by someone close always gives special feeling.
Don’t fret much upon how you will locate right gifts when you are far away from your homeland India. Just go online and choose a desired gifting portal where you can find everything you desire, to buy or send across India.

Durga Puja Thalis Make Ultimate Gifts on this Pious Occasion

Durga Puja is one of the ancient festivals rejoiced in India by the Hindus. The festival is rejoiced with great joviality all over India. However, with passage of time, the festival of Durga Puja has undergone drastic changes. The customs and rituals remain the same & are still practiced with devotion, but the decoration, festivity and gifting have changed drastically.

In Durga Puja, special puja thalis hold greater significance as these are dedicated to Gods & goddesses. All the pooja materials are arranged in a specific thali, which people use during adulation of the Goddess. Besides being used widely in worship, Durga Puja Thalis also make great gifts for near and dear ones.
Varieties in Durga Puja Thalis:

There are different ways to deck a puja thali. You can opt for a thali made from silver, steel, brass, gold, or any other type of metal. The size and shape of thalis may vary from round, oval and square to any other shape. You can just wrap the thali with shimmering and vivacious packing paper sheets & then place puja items on it.

For more information visit here –

Durga Puja thalis also come with divine images of “Om”, “Swastika”, “Shree”, and so on. Different types of Durga Puja thalis include.

• Silver Thalis: Silver is considered an auspicious metal which is commonly used at puja customs all over India. You can endow your near and dear ones with silver Durga Puja thali this year and confer all your hearty wishes. These puja thalis come in a package that contains items like silver coins, diyas and sinhasans.

• Brass Thalis: Brass thalis also said to be great gifts for an occasion like this. With these gifts you can express your heart wishes to your loved ones. These beautiful thalis are also accessible with other puja accessories. The best aspect of such gifts is that these are available at incredibly low prices. By sending brass thalis to India to your loved ones you can add sparkle to their celebrations.

• Gold Plated Puja Thali: Well, such type of thali is one more amazing option. Gold plated thalis are quite popular & are used widely during other religious festivals. Glittering and exclusive, such thalis also come with accessories like gold-plated coins, kalash and incense sticks.

• Designer Thalis: Sparkling Durga Puja thalis particularly the one engraved with Swastika symbols & the one decked with diyas are some of the excellent options in this genre. These amazing pieces are sure to boost the jolly quotient this season.
No matter which thali you would prefer, it is sure that it will make great gift for such a special occasion.

Convey your Heartiest Wishes through Enthralling Durga Puja Gifts

The holy festival of Durga Puja is dedicated to Goddess Durga who is the epitome of beauty, power, wealth, virtues and love. Each year, the grand Puja is widely commemorated by devotees in several parts of India. The festival covers nine days and during these time period, several forms of Maa Durga are worshipped by devotees with great level of excitement, adoration and fervor.

10Gifts, akin to all other Indian celebrations play an integral part in this festivity as well. By giving gifts to our near and dear ones we express our hearties wishes. This year, the magnificent and hallowed festivity of Durga Puja is starting on 5th of October and it will be celebrated by devotees till 13th October. If you are miles away from your family due to some urgent work and not able to become a part of Durga Puja celebrations this year then by sending Durga puja gifts you can make them feel your presence regardless of long distances between you and them.
Are you bored with gifting same stuffs to your friends, family members, colleagues and relatives? Are you searching for some exclusive gift ideas to impress your dear ones? Dry fruits for Durga Puja( are the best alternatives to bring a smile on the faces of the receivers. It is a healthy gifting option and preferred by many shoppers. If you are not worried about your wallet size then without thinking twice, buy Dry fruits for Durga Puja and make them realize that you really care for them.
If your schedule is very hectic and you hardly get time for shopping then dip into online shopping world and buy Durga Puja gifts with great convenience. These gifting portals are the ideal destinations to procure an attractive and alluring range of Durga Puja gifts. By taking help with these e-shops, you can conveniently buy gifts of your choice without facing many complications.GWD1588
Now you must be thinking why you should go online to do your gift shopping? Well, there are a lot of reasons that could resolve your all queries within minutes. To start with, as we have mentioned above that buying gifts through gifting portals for any occasion is as simple as mouse clicks. Without leaving your home or office, you can buy Durga Puja gifts. You just need to riff through the online gifting catalog of a few renowned websites and in just few minutes, you can accomplish your gift shopping.
Another beautiful attribute is that you can save your hard earned bucks by purchasing desired products through internet based shopping stores. You can see gifting items of several websites and compare various aspects like price, weight, mode of delivery in few minutes. In just short time, you can accomplish this and buy best Durga Puja gifts for your special ones.
Final Words…
If you never tried your hands in online shopping of Durga Puja gifts then this is the right time to reap the benefits of online mode of shopping. And after buying desired products online, it’s a promise that you won’t look back!
Have an exciting experience of Durga Puja gifts shopping!