Delightful Vanilla Cakes That can tempt you to Insanity!

Whatever be the occasion, a party will always seem droopy and monotonous without a wonderful cake. A presentable and scrumptious cake is something that stirs up enticement for celebration and merry making. There can be many enthusing flavors in the cakes, but most enchanting and aromatic ones are indeed the Vanilla Cakes.

Due to its strong and pleasant aroma and truly lingering taste, vanilla is perhaps a universal flavor that can be easily blended with other varieties of flavors to make for an extremely luscious and delectable cake. Whatever be your reason to celebrate, the beautiful and tempting cake with even a hint of vanilla essence to it can truly make everyone crazily attracted to it.

Vanilla Cakes

If you are in the search of an innovative option in Vanilla Cakes to treat your guests at the party, you must not overlook this exclusive range of all new Vanilla Cakes that can add to your mood of revelry:

The Chocó Vanilla duo:

There can be many instances where the decision regarding the choice of cake gets divided among the family members. It is mostly the kids who have strong love for chocolates, while others have a fondness for flavors like vanilla. If you are trapped in such a situation, you must order this super hit duo of chocolate and vanilla which is simply compelling. This will delight your taste buds and your loved ones. The Chocó Vanilla duo Cake will definitely become a permanent choice for the whole family. You can also find other such duos with Vanilla on Giftalove.

Gift a Vanilla in a Lotus:

Got gob smacked? This trendy variant in the Vanilla Cakes is sure to leave you and all others spellbound. This agreeable and flowery cake is indubitably an excellent gift choice for your loved ones to make them surprised and fascinated on a festive moment. If you want to send cakes online, you can easily send such creative cakes through efficient online delivery through Giftalove, without hampering the quality of its contents.

Get yourself featured in the Personalized Vanilla Photo Cake:

Baked to perfection and finished with utmost delicacy, this is the most pioneering creations in the exclusive range. It will truly become a winner in every occasion of joy and celebration. You can easily personalize this cake with the photo of the person to whom it has been dedicated. This amazing creation is available in other flavors too, those include Vanilla. You can buy it and send cake online as a perfect present for your dear ones.

Yummy Butterfly Cake for your fairy’s birthday:

If you are planning the birthday party of your dearest fairy, that is your darling daughter, this is undoubtedly the most apt variety. This will surely treat your princess to her utmost delight. To surprise a little one, this is really an exquisite one in the huge Array of Vanilla Cakes that make for a choice celebratory gift. Besides, it can be a perfect gifting option for perfect gifting option for Birthday party, wedding ceremony, baby shower, farewell party or any other moment of festivity.

So these are some exclusive varieties of Vanilla Cakes to treat your guests in the most favorable way on all occasions. You can buy these exquisite cakes from Giftalove, one of the most preferred websites for sending gifts, flowers and cakes online throughout India and other parts of the world. Here you can also find wide varieties of cakes in ample of flavors to choose.


Get the Perfect Wedding Cake for Your D-day!!

Are you waiting to enjoy your wedding day cake? Delicious & designer wedding cake will be one of the best features of the special day. Guests anticipate relishing toothsome cake in the wedding parties. Wedding cakes actually becomes a center of attraction on the special day. Thus add your own signature style while selecting the perfect cake for your wedding day.

REDMOONCAKE07The wedding cakes were traditionally made of primary ingredients like wheat, sugar & eggs. But with change in times, we can see a lot of variation in today’s flavorsome cakes. Have you ever tried online cakes? They are made of top quality of ingredients with various additional goodies like dry fruits, fresh fruit flavors, aroma & taste. Buy online cakes for your wedding day specially hand baked & craft fully designed by expert bakers.

Selecting Your Wedding Cake

Conventionally, the wedding cake should be having multiple tiers with white icing. Nowadays, online bakeries offer around thousands of cake varieties in attractive shapes, colours & designs. Couple can also order for personalized wedding cake according to the theme of their wedding party.

Cake Size & Shape

The size of your wedding cake depends upon the number of guests that you have invited. The most conventional and popular wedding cake shape is round or rectangular. However, couples can use their innovative ideas and choose from any shape for your cake. For instance how about a heart shape cake/triangular cake or star shape cake! Well round or rectangular cake would be easy to cut & serve more guests.

Cake Design

Online stores help you to design unique & innovative cakes. Thus your choices here are countless. Just go through several wedding magazines to have an idea and the baker’s cake online catalogues to find a wedding cake design that fascinates you the most. Contemporary cakes can be decorated to match the bride’s lace on her gown or even the blooms in her floral bouquet. A unique theme from your wedding ceremony can be referred to design the cake around that theme. Just keep one thing in mind that the more extravagant design you choose, the more expensive it becomes.

Cake Flavor

While it is important that your cake should appeal visually amazing, it is even more important that it should equally taste delectable! Modern cakes come in a multitude of moist & delicious varieties from vanilla to chocolate, Pineapple to mango, fancy carrot, almond cheese, banana, fruit or mousse fillings. If you like to enjoy different flavors, you can go for a multi-flavor tiered cake with each tier in different flavors.

Cake Frosting

The frosting on the Wedding cake is usually pearl white or cream white. A more trendy cake would match your wedding flowers colors. Anything that matches well, it can be black current frosting, to Red velvet cake.

So these are some suggestions you can consider while selecting your wedding day cake. Log on to Giftalove for buying Personalized Cakes, Wedding Cakes, Anniversary Cakes and Birthday cakes in different various mouthwatering flavors. You can also get cake delivery in Gurgaon Sohna road (, Gurgaon sector 56, Gurgaon Cyber city and Delhi NCR.

This website has widest collection of Cakes that can be delivered in international places like Canada, USA, Europe, Japan, Africa and Australia etc.

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Benefits of Getting Online Cake Delivery in Gurgaon Cyber City!

Wish you could also send cakes like gifts to your dear ones on their special day? Well the why you are just wishing for it when you can actually buy cake online ( send it online to anywhere in India as well. Yes it’s now possible to buy and send cakes online is possible through online gifting portals. Indeed it’s the best way of offering someone a cheerful surprise on their special day. Read further to know more on this.

Half Kg CakesIt is always hard to imagine a celebration without a cake, isn’t it? Well this is because cake adds the most special, cheerful and enjoyable element into the celebration without which a celebration don’t turn as a memorable day. In fact cake is now considered as the main element of any celebration. Thus be it someone’s Birthday, wedding, farewell, Mother’s Day celebration, anniversary, a festival celebration or any other day of celebration, cakes are simply the most inevitable part of it.

Well this makes cake as a perfect gifting as well. This means that be it any special day for your dear one, you can simply turn the day special and memorable for him/her by gifting an online cake. In fact this would be a great idea to turn a day into a cheerful day of celebration for someone. But till now ti buy cakes one has to go to a bakery shop and purchase a cake. But now for the ones living far away from their dear ones there is the facility to send cakes to India. This is possible if anyone buy cakes online.

Yes cakes can also be bought online these days. It is so because cakes are now also available to buy online. All it needs to go to an online gifting website and search for the range of best cakes online, select the one and place an order for it. Further the cake will be delivered to the specified address with online cakes delivery. Moreover there are plenty of benefits of buying cakes online.

In detail:

Saves Time:

It is obvious that if one is not going to venture here and here at various local bakery shops in the search for that perfect cake for any celebration, the person automatically saves a lot of time in all this. In fact buying cakes online just demands few minutes of time to search for the range of online cakes at different gifting portals then choose the right one and place and order for it.

Offers Convenience Factor:

Undoubtedly to buy cake online is much more convenient options then to step out of home in unsuitable climatic conditions as well in the search of best cake at a local bakery store. All that one need is to search for online cakes variety, choose the best one and place its order within being at the comforts of home or without stepping out from work place.

Extensive Variety:

Your nearby bakery store is obviously not going to offer to hundreds of cake varieties in making a choice for the best one. Rather searching for online cakes range takes one to a variety of hundreds of delightful and unique cake options to make a choice from.

Home Delivery:

Cake is soft and creamy as all know which also makes difficult to be carried from the local bakery shop to its venue. Thus buying cakes online eradicates all such carrying issues of cakes with its excellent home delivery option. Yes you can get cakes delivery at your doorsteps without making any effort for it, other than just buying cake online.

So this time, just stop thinking about buying cakes traditionally as you have been till now. Rather switch to buy cakes online. No matter if you wish to get cakes delivery in Gurgaon Cyber City, Delhi, Bangalore or anywhere across India, you can get it here at Giftalove that is now basically making promotions for its Order Half Kg Cake Online, Celebrations cakes and other such varieties. So explore this creamy delight here online!

9 Special & Exquisite Flavorsome Cakes!!

The word cake is synonymous to rich and creamy taste of sweet confectionary. During ancient times, cake was a small piece of bread & honey spread over it.  There was the dawn of contemporary cakes in the 19th century, thanks to the arrival of specialized cake oven. It has thermostat to maintain the temperature of baking medium. That is the reason why today’s cake is made of thick batter or dough of all purpose flour, eggs, sugar, baking soda & various types of flavorings.  Usually modern day cakes fall into these range.

Before the emergence of e-commerce company nobody has ever imagined to Buy cakes online. Online gifting stores offer Cake delivery in Gurgaon cyber city, Noida, Faridabad and various places in Delhi.

Thus next time you can send online cake on birthday of your dear ones via online mode.  Besides prompt delivery service, they also offer a variety of flavorsome cakes. check out these unique & special cakes flavours offered in online stores.

Chiffon Cake1.    Chiffon Cake

These delicious cakes are known for their light & fluffy taste. The secret of this light and fluffiness is that the egg whites are separately beaten from the yolks. Vegetable oil instead of butter is used in the dough.

2.    Checkerboard Cake

This is a special kind of butter cake that uses a batter having dual colour & flavor. It is prepared in a way to get the appearance like checkerboard of chess game. Interesting combinations are used such as butterscotch with chocolates or lavender & strawberry in square patterns. When the baked layers get combined and sliced, a checkerboard pattern appears.

Cheesecake3.    Cheesecake

A cheesecake is actually not a cake. It is a custard pie. Cheesecake is traditionally made from thickened cheese, cottage cheese and a variety of other cheese can be used in the crust. It can be topped with different layers of frosting. The recipe may vary from light & airy or heavy & rich. Unlike other cakes cheesecakes but have crispy base.

4.    Chocolate Chambord Cake

Chocolate and raspberry is a match made in heaven. Chambord is known as a brand of raspberry liqueur. This cake is deliciously infused with a dark chocolate sponge with raspberry liqueur. The toppings of bittersweet chocolate ganache icing are used in this cake.

Chocolate Fudge Cake5.    Chocolate Fudge Cake

The basic difference between a chocolate cake and a chocolate fudge cake is the quantity of chocolate used in the recipe. A fudge cake has doubled the amount of chocolate as compare to the usual chocolate cake.

6.    Chocolate Satin Cake

This is a delectable, rich and elegant cake. This version of chocolate cake comes with a moist, dark chocolate layer cake filled and frosted with rich chocolate. The sides are coated with cookie crumbs and the ganache is used to create a scroll pattern throughout the rim.

Coconut Cake7.    Coconut Cake

A classic coconut cake has white or yellow layers (unlike German Chocolate cake which has coconut too). Some people also use butter cream or marshmallow frosting. The cake is covered with freshly grated coconut white. As per the order, there can be variations such as pineapple filling and coconut milk in the smooth batter.

8.    Cassata

Cassata is a traditional version of Sicilian dessert, made from a light-textured sponge cake stuffed with rum-ricotta filling, laced with candied orange peel. It is often served at Easter. The version in this photo has been Americanized to dense chocolate cake, filled with sweetened ricotta cheese and chocolate chips, and iced with fudge frosting.

9.    Charlotte

A charlotte is a molded dessert that can be served cold, frozen & hot. The batter is poured into a mold lined with buttered bread, ladyfinger and frosted with whipped cream.  Frozen charlottes are prepared with frozen mousse. Charlottes can be made with every variety of fruit, chocolate and in holiday flavors like maple and pumpkin.

Log on to Giftalove & send online cakes to your dear ones staying in Delhi NCR, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune & many more places.

Best 5 Birthday Gifts for Your Loving Boyfriend

Birthday Cake

Thinking of gift options to surprise your boyfriend on his birthday then it needs to be something special and exclusive that can make him feel special and loved. If confused in coming up with right decision, then this blog is certainly going to help you a lot. Read on to know amazing ideas on birthday gifts for boyfriend.
Birthdays have always been one of the most special and exciting day for people of every age. Now there are many reasons that make birthdays a special day of celebration for everyone. The heartily wishes for birthday by family members, friends and relatives is the bundle of joy and to feel special and blessed. But this is not all that makes the day joyous and special day for everyone. The main reason for boosting the excitement of the day is birthday gifts.
Gifts are always a box of happiness and joy for everyone. There is nothing better than a gift to express your heartily feelings to someone special and close to you. So when it’s your boyfriend’s birthday, it is an excellent opportunity for you to express your feelings of love and affection for him. The gift you offer him will always matter the most to him and he will keep it as a token of your love.
Thus here comes the need of good selection of gifts that not only make the receiver feel special but also let you to express your feelings of love for him in the best way. So here are some of the best birthday gift ideas for boyfriend that is perfect to make him feel loved and delighted.
Wrist Watch: When it’s your boyfriend’s birthday, then his birthday gift also needs to be a special one. A wrist watch can be a great option in this context. You can get it of any style, material and pattern. But just consider the choice of him that you may have noticed over time.

Wrist Watch
Personalized Coffee Mug: Now days, personalized coffee mug are becoming very much popular gifting options. So when you are thinking of gifting something thoughtful and special to your beloved, a personalized coffee mug can be a great option. Just print the best of your and his photos on the mug with a special birthday quote to make him feel loved.

Personalized Coffee Mug
Wallet: If you are with a thought of gifting something useful or purposeful, then a wallet is just the right option. Guys generally prefer branded wallets. So get him a trendy yet sober wallet that he would love to carry all his essentials into and also flaunt his style with.

A Perfume Set: Another purposeful gift that you can think of gifting your dearest boyfriend is a perfume set. This is one of those gifts that will love to be received by anyone. You just need to buy a perfume set of a good brand that your boyfriend especially appreciates. Otherwise, you can surprise him with something new that he would love to use.

A Perfume Set
Personalized Cushion: It is another nice option from personalized gifts range. Just get a nice picture of him or both of yours printed over it and gift him with a surprise. He is sure to get amazed and love this surprise a lot.

Personalized Cushion
For numerous other Birthday gift options, you can log on to and buy the best birthday gift to let your boyfriend feel loved on his special day. You can also buy birthday cakes from the mentioned website for your beloved.

Give an end to Christmas countdown with luscious Christmas Cakes

24Less than 3 weeks are left until Christmas time is passing rapidly to finish your Christmas shopping and you are still incomplete with your shopping. For the people who are near to us, we can easily hand in festival even at the same day as well but for the people who have settled to a different location we need to ensure about the advance gifting so that it could be delivered at the same day.

If you are planning to have a nicest Christmas Gifts Ideas or not sure what to send your loved ones, why not view Christmas cakes that are the common gifts good to have sugary delights to soothe taste buds that contain a broad range of mouthwatering cakes gives a festive cheer to your home. There is a great selection of gift item you can choose to endow to your loved ones along with quick delivery with no hurdle.
You can find these cakes in different designs, shape, size and ranges as per your requirements with great ease and comfort. Let’s choose from this unique range of Christmas cakes( to the people who love sweets and make it memorable for them.

Exotica- This makes a perfect Christmas gift that come up with a bunch of 12 purple orchid stems beautifully arranged in a classic glass vase with loads of seasonal fillers that articulate your thoughts. It includes the sweetness of a delectable 500gms pineapple cake or you can also increase the size as per your needs. It makes the day of your loved ones extra enchanting and memorable. brings a fervent bouquet for you to convey your love in the most exotic way.

Loving Surprise-Xmas- It’s a great gift for the eve of Christmas to enchant your loved ones. You will find 1/2 Kg Lip smacking Chocolate Cake along with a Bunch of 10 beautifully Mixed color Carnations & greeting card. It’s a lip-smacking chocolate cake that adds more sweetness to Christmas celebration.

Love Treat for you- This is simply a love treat for your loved ones who stay at the distant location. Here with this gift, you will get one sided Bunch of 12 Red Roses wrapped up in red color paper packing with white ribbon, one 6 inch height cute teddy bear & 500gm Chocolate Truffle Cake.

Red Roses with Cake- your lady or heartthrob will be more delighted with this amazing gift which includes Bunch of 10 Red Roses in a cellophane packing with red ribbon and 500gm chocolate Cake.

You can easily find each of these gift items at and can order it to your dear ones with quick delivery. Just visit at the site, choose your product and mention the delivery date or the time when you want to send to your loved ones and it will be done in a quick and easy manner.

Send some mouthwatering cakes to Delhi with express online cake delivery

three-tier-cakeWanna endow something delicious to your loved ones for any special occasion? Looking to give them a best treat? If yes then what would be a better gift then a delicious cake of his or her favorite flavor. If you are someone wandering out to search for the platform from where you can send cakes to Delhi to your dear ones then is right here to match your needs with the help of its wide and broad affiliation with some renowned lenders across India as well as other countries with quick and express delivery.

How it’s all done?

Doing this all is an easier task where you won’t have to make any kind of manual hurdle. Unlike the manual cake delivery, you won’t have to talk to the confectioners by visiting their shops to place your order online. All you will be asked to do is simply visit at the website at which is one of India’s largest gifting portal deals with different types of gifting options.
There are different types of cakes you can find online from us because we are having out affiliation with some of the renowned confectioners in the country who can cook up the best out of best cakes for you based on various occasions and events. The taste is good and also gets it in a decorative manner with your preferred icing or fondant that would extremely be favored more. This art of beautifying a cake is called cake art.
Today, most of the people buy decorative cakes for various occasions such as birthday, marriage anniversary, farewell parties and other sorts of special events. Where most of the people consider that the history of cake is born with the new modern era but that it not true anymore because it’s traced back to the mid 17the century when people initiated to display the pastries and cakes for the parties so you can have an idea that how old is the tradition of displaying cakes to the parties is.

This was also very popular in the 19th century and now, if you talk about the current time then this is something you will be shocked with. Now almost all sorts of celebrations are rejoiced with the cakes. As creativity is on its peak so you can asked for the confectioners to customize them as per your needs where you just need to tell your requirements to the cake builders who design it.
The process takes only few hours of time. If you are someone looking out to send cakes to Delhi with quick online cake delivery then is here to help you with your all sorts of requirements. Let’s visit at the website to place your order online for quick online cake delivery and make your loved ones feel special on this eve.
Let’s place an order for your preferred birthday cakes now!