Why Baisakhi is Synonymous with Gifts

-order-baisakhi-special-gifts-online-mumbai-india-On April 14th, here comes the most euphoric celebration- Baisakhi or Vaisakhi. It’s a celebration to usher in harvesting of ripen wheat crops.
Baisakhi is a day of thanksgiving, revelry, happiness and festivities on which the popular folk lore of Punjab is tuned to let everyone groove on its much exhilarating folk dance, Bhangra. Also, the day is popular for gifting and feasting. So, what are you planning to send Baisakhi Gifts to India to your loved ones?

• Baisakhi Wishes: Baisakhi is an auspicious day for many Indians, especially the communities of Punjabi and Sikhs. It was on this very day that Guru Gobind Singh set up Panth Khalsa. The farmers rejoice the day as thanking God for copious harvest, and pray for God’s grace.

Here is a list of gifts, which you can give to your loved ones on Baisakhi:

• Sweets: Every Indian festival is a perfect day to munch on delicious sweets to heart’s content. Not just for relishing, but sweets also make a traditional yet surprising gifts for Baisakhi. There are motichoor laddos, kaju barfi, kaju katli, pedas, rasogullas and other traditional sweets which you can choose as gifts for this auspicious day.

• Dry Fruits: In India, since ages people have been using dry fruits as one of the best gifts during special occasions and Baisakhi is no exception. Nowadays attractive and pretty packs as well as baskets of dry fruits are available online, which really make excellent gifts. Either you can choose from assorted dry fruit packs or go along with a particular one for your gifting purposes. There are immense options available.

• Spiritual Gifts: As Vaisakhi is an auspicious day, it would be really astonishing if you buy spiritual gifts like idols, diyas, paintings or other as gifts. A spiritual gift holds greater significance in one’s life. Not just it brings prosperity in the life of the recipients but also sustains spiritual area at home.

• Clothes: Clothes despite being age-old gifts are still in vogue in the gifting world. In India people love to endow their near and dear ones with some new clothes as a token of love. There are kurtas for men, saree and kurti for women, for kids and all. Depending on your loved one’s interest you can pick a traditional to modern piece of cloth for this auspicious occasion.

• Flowers: Well, when we talk about gifting and skip flowers, it is not gonna happen. Since ages, flowers have been serving as the most admirable gifts. Despite birthdays, flowers can also be given on Baisakhi. Either you can choose simple flower bunches or go for a well-crafted bouquet, basket or a premium arrangement, there are many options to choose from.

So, the most cheerful festival is going to make its presence, it’s time to buy gifts online and add to the jubilation of near and dear ones!


6 Baisakhi Gifts to Fill Loved One’s Heart with Cheerfulness

BaisakhiLadooBaisakhi, the festival of utter euphoria is here!!! It is one of the biggest yet jovial festivals of Sikhs in Punjab. There exists a strong traditional of Baisakhi Festival Gifts with sheer love and adoration.

But how much do you think to pamper your loved ones on upcoming Baisakhi festival 2014? I know most of the people get it hard yet quite challenging to pick out a perfect gift for Vaisakhi. Well, in case you are tucked in a dilemma of what to gift and what not to gift, just go through below given Baisakhi gift ideas.

• Fresh Cut Flowers: Smiling and cheerful bouquets of fresh-cut flowers have always been considered the best gift for a festival like Baisakhi. This is because the festival of Vaisakhi signifies happiness, prosperity, which can best be described by the flowers.
If you want to send a bouquet of different blooms to a loved one in India, just buy flowers online. Why to buy flowers online? Because it will save you a lot of time and you can also get a lot of options there.

• Puja Items and Accessories: Well, they are yet another very appropriate gifts for the propitious festival of Baisakhi. You can choose from designer puja items like thalis, diyas, candle holder, diya stand, incense sticks, as per your budget and interest.
At present you can find a wide range of puja items and accessories at online gifting portals like for Baisakhi shopping. If you want to send puja items to loved ones then you’ve got a very convenient facility too.

• Dry Fruits: Well, dryfruits have always there during special occasions in India. They are admired as well as appreciated as a traditional gift owing to rich taste and long shelf life. There are dry fruit hampers to choose from with crisp and crunchy cashews, almonds, nuts, and so on. In a dryfruit hamper you can find either a mixture of dryfruits or a particular arrangement of dryfruits for gifting purposes.

• Sweets or Mithais: Sweets and mithais have always been the greater part of any Indian festival. People love to exchange delectable, yummylicious and lip-smacking gifts amongst their loved ones. So there are a lot of possibilities in this gifting section. You can choose from laddoos, barfis, rasogullas, kaju katli and a lot more.

• Household Gifts & Items: they also make ideal gifts for Baisakhi. You can choose household items like decorative showpieces, crockery items, appliances and many more for Baisakhi gifting.

• Chocolate Hampers: Who doesn’t find chocolates resistible? Chocolates are universal gifts and everyone loves to have some delicious, sweet, sugary bites of these delectable treats. For kids and teenagers chocolate hampers make excellent Baisakhi gifts. Your loves ones would just love you for such a sweet surprise. If you aren’t sure about the preferences of your loved ones, just stick to assorted chocolate gift hamper featuring different chocolates.

Hope you’ll find some inspiration gift for upcoming Baisakhi out from above mentioned Baiksahi gift ideas.