What to Wear and What Not to wear this Valentine’s Day

So you show up at your girlfriend’s with a ton of Valentine’s Day gifts in your favorite flip flops, shorts, and t-shirt. You expect her to be excited beyond measure, but her initial excitement turns to anger. You wonder why, but isn’t it obvious? You dressed up like it was just another day, like Valentine’s Day doesn’t matter, and like you don’t really about how you look. Do you really think any woman in the modern day would like that, especially on Valentine’s Day?

So this Valentine’s Day, use the following tips to dress yourself so that you look your absolute best, not just to your girl, but to the whole world.


Buy a Cologne, Keep Body Door Away

No matter what clothes you wear on Valentine’s Day or any other day of the Valentine Week, you can’t expect any love from your girlfriend if you smell like you haven’t bathed in days. Trust us, women hate smelly men in general, so what makes you think she would stick through body door for the sake of love? Therefore, before you pick the clothes to wear, buy yourself a good cologne for Valentine Week. You are guaranteed not just gifts for hug day and all the other days, but a lot of love, hugs and kisses as well!

Not Totally Formal, Not Totally Casual

A casual look on Valentine’s Day means that you really don’t think of it as a special occasion, and that is not going to go down well with your girlfriend. On the other hand, a formal look might just put her off because it would seem like you are out for work, and not for love. So what do you do? Just play it safe, and walk the middle path. Go for a semi-formal look that blends in the best of both the casual and the formal looks.

Look Brilliant with a Classy Belt

Belts are accessories that have been in fashion for a long time, and a classy belt can really add embellishment to your semi-formal look. Go for leather belts, as they always have a certain depth to them, apart from oozing class all the time. A good looking belt is also the mark of a man who knows how to be fashionable, as it is the little details that truly separates a stylish guy from the generic crowd.

Wear Good (and Clean) Shoes

Valentine’s Day is not the day to wear the same old shoes you have been wearing daily for the last six months. As far as footwear is concerned, February 14 is all about wearing quality. So ditch those sorry excuses for shoes that you have, and go for a quality pair of shoes that makes your girlfriend sit up and take notice. And remember to give it a good cleaning before you head out to meet your girl. Nothing irks a girl more than a man who doesn’t keep his shoes neat and tidy.

An Old-School Watch

Wear a watch to take your style to the next level on Valentine’s Day. Watches, somewhat like belts, would never really go out of fashion. February 14 is the ideal day to drop that old sports watch and go for something a bit more elaborate, a bit classier. A classy watch is a great way to tell your girlfriend that you are not just her boyfriend; you are her man!

So dress well on Valentine’s Day, a day of not just love, but style as well.

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