Should Couples Choose Dinner at Home over Restaurants on Valentine’s Day? You Decide!

Don’t let the title confuse you. Most couples around the world, in an attempt to make the most of Valentine’s Day, reserve seats at posh restaurants for dinner dates. But in recent years, many couples have started to shun restaurants on the February 14 occasion. Instead of spending their hard-earned money at a restaurant, they would rather team up, get creative, and cook themselves an awesome dinner right at home.


When you look at it from a certain perspective, making dinner at home makes much more sense than going to a top-drawer restaurant on V-Day, and here’s why!

Eating Out is an Expensive Proposition

Most couples want to make their Valentine’s Day dinner memorable, and that’s why an experience at a great restaurant is so cherished. Unfortunately, you can’t eat at a great restaurant unless you are willing to part with a handsome amount of your money. And since its Valentine’s Day, you would be tempted to order more extravagantly (right from the appetizers to the main course to desserts) than you would at a typical dinner date. But a homemade dinner is great to enjoy a tasty meal without spending a fortune, which is practically beneficial too, considering February 14 is right in the middle of the month.

Quality is Not Guaranteed on V-Day

That’s right! Not even the best restaurants in your city can guarantee quality food on Valentine’s Day. “Why is that?” you ask? Well, simply put, restaurants, even the best and biggest ones, have a limit to what they can and cannot do. On regular days, they can dish out tasty dish after tasty dish, because they have the requisite time to make them tasty. But on Valentine’s Day, it’s a rush from the first minute to the last and as a result, the quality of food is bound to suffer.

You Won’t Get the Special Treatment You’re Looking For

People don’t just go to fancy restaurants because of their food alone. They also want to be pampered, which typically is the case at the most posh eateries. But this totally goes for a toss on February 14, mainly due to the reason stated in the previous point; there are just too many people for the restaurant staff to cater do. While the staff would in no way be rude or impolite, they just wouldn’t take care of you in the manner that the best restaurants generally do.

You would have to be quick

It’s not just the restaurant staff that has to be quick. You have to finish your meal quickly as well. Even though restaurant staff would try their best not to mention it to you, if you take too long to finish your meal, they would politely ask you to leave. There would be several more couples in line, so you need to think about them as well, which can make the dinner a half-baked experience.

Homemade Meal Facilitates Greater Bonding

If you haven’t spent too much time together lately, then by all means, you should choose a homemade dinner over an expensive dinner date. Doing things together adds a lot to any relationship. While the familiar image of couples having a great time at an elegant eatery has been commercialized and done to death, the truth is, it rarely turns out that good in real life. When you team up with your partner and work towards a common cause, it’s bound to be brilliant for your bonding. So buy fresh flowers online for each other, treat each other to chocolates and other gifts, and get cooking!

So this Valentine’s Day, skip the expensive restaurant, get the romantic mood going at home with online flower delivery in Delhi( ) and other Indian cities from Giftalove, and together, cook up the most romantic meal of your lives!


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