Gifting Flowers in a Corporate – Special Points to Note

Flowers carry a message for every occasion- be it anniversary, funeral, birthday or Valentine’s Day. However, these days, they are increasingly getting attention as a part of the office etiquette too. Not just for birthdays of colleagues or bosses, flowers are being sent for office anniversaries, celebration of a success, and more.

However, maintain decorum while sending flowers to your colleagues or subordinates, otherwise things can turn against you.

Office Etiquette While Sending Flowers

Acknowledgement of one’s work is always appreciated. In fact, it is shown to increase the productivity among employees. Sending flowers to a team for their hard work and achievement could be a good gesture to show that you appreciate them. Taking them out for lunch or verbal appreciations is something of the past. Try out something new to gain the respect and attention of your employees.

Sending Flower To Your Love Interest: Office culture is not devoid of growing closeness between two employees. If you are growing closer to someone, there is no harm in expressing your care and love. However, even that should be done maintaining a protocol. Do not go overboard or loud while sending flowers to him/her. But, before that make sure that the other person also feels the same about you, otherwise it could turn out to be an unwanted scene.

Men Should Not Be Left Behind: It has been a common convention to relate flowers to women always. However, there is no reason why men should be left out of it. Be it a birthday or an achievement; do not send out flowers to men. Rather, send them a plant, if they are into gardening. Colourful cacti can also be part of the send-out message. However, ensure first that the person is into gardening or can take care of the plant. After all, a plant in undeserving hands will not survive. And that’s not appreciated.

Sympathy Flowers or Flowers of Condolence: A colleague or a boss experienced a major loss or is in severe trauma; send them a bouquet of white roses or flowers to empathize with their condition. Send a note along with the flowers, expressing your condolences. Ensure that the flowers go from the entire office.


Keep in mind that flowers should be sent in groups or to a group of people. Giving special attention to somebody may call for unwanted controversies or twisting of facts. People may even mistake it for a romantic move. Also ensure that the flowers that you send are not high on scent as there may be people in office who might be allergic to flowers. Consider their well being too, while expressing your love or gratitude for a single person. Lastly, it is best to send flowers at the beginning of the week, so that it is appreciated throughout the week. Flowers sent on weekends cannot be appreciated as they wilt before the next week starts.

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