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How to enjoy this Valentine’s Day without Leaving Your Home

Valentine’s Day is celebrated all around the world these days, and this year would be no different. Be it romantic dates at posh restaurants or movie dates at multiplexes, Valentine’s Day has become something of an excuse to go out and splurge big. As a result, businesses too have jumped on the Valentine’s Day bandwagon, and they see it as a day that can be promoted to make a lot of money.

If you are one of those people who are tired of the hype surrounding Valentine’s Day, but want to celebrate it with your loved one anyway, don’t fret! It’s not compulsory to go out and spend a ton of cash to enjoy this special day. Here are a few ideas on how to make the most of 14th February, right from the very comforts of your home!


Be Nice to Each Other

If you and your partner have been going through a tough time recently with arguments and petty fights from time to time, Valentine’s Day is the day to put them all to bed and move on. Before you go and make your celebration plans, it’s important that you talk to each other and for a change, be nice to each other. Start the day with positive vibes, and the rest of the day should automatically follow suit.

Gifts are Mandatory

A Valentine’s Day without gifts does not make sense. Gifts are the best way to express your love for one another, and if picked right, they can leave partners smiling and appreciative of each other throughout the whole day. Whether its Valentine gifts ideas for her or for him, don’t just think of what you would want them to have. Think about what they would like to have. If you are not sure what gifts to buy, stick to tried and tested gifts like printed coffee mugs, perfumes and of course, chocolates.

Cakes are Compulsory

If cakes are so important for birthdays, why shouldn’t they be considered important for Valentine’s Day? After all, no one can say no to cake! The best cake on a Valentine’s Day is definitely a photo cake. Pick your favorite photo from the archives, and of course your favorite flavors, and bring the cake to life. Visit Giftalove today to take your pick from a wide variety of cakes that are sure to make any Valentine’s Day celebration special!

Cook Up a Fantastic Meal Together

The best way to resolve arguments is to work together, and there’s no better opportunity than Valentine’s Day to team up and do something. Typically, Valentine’s Day is known for couples splurging an awful amount of money at fancy restaurants. But what if you can cook up a delicious meal right at home? Even if you are no expert chef, take the help of online video lessons to create some sumptuous food.

Watch a Romantic Movie Together

Once you have finished with your food, put on a romantic movie that you both enjoy. You might even try watching a recent movie if you don’t feel like watching the same old movie for the umpteenth time. Rom-coms are recommended. Keep the tearjerkers away, unless you want to turn into an emotional cry-baby on Valentine’s Day!

Finish your day off with a candlelight dinner if you really want to go full tilt, or simply relax, unwind, and spend the rest of the day in each other’s company. Make this Valentine’s Day special, right from home!

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A Man’s Guide on Choosing and Sending Flowers

A Man’s Guide on Choosing and Sending Flowers

It is difficult to understand women, they say. However, on a second thought, women are the most uncomplicated of the lot. Give them flowers to say “Thank You” or “I miss you” and they fall head over heels in love. It’s that easy. So, if it is a make-up or a gracious break-up, flowers are the best way to express your emotions.


Here are a few tips to win the woman in your life with the help of online flower delivery( ):

  • Your mother, if she is angry: If she is angry about that sneak party last night and you did not even bother to inform her, say sorry with her favorite bunch of fully-bloomed pink roses. She would instantly have a mood switch to a better one and who knows, she might allow you for the late night Valentine’s party with your girlfriend! However, before sending your mother the flowers ensure that she is not allergic to them and that she loves roses and not lilies.
  • Your grandmother, if you haven’t visited her for a long time: Is it long since you have visited your cute granny? Is she upset about it and does not speak to you? Buy flowers online and send it across to her with a “sorry” note. Call her when she receives the flowers and let her know that she is always in your mind. Ask if she liked the flowers and that you would visit her soon. But, before doing that, make sure that the delivery boy reaches at the exact time you have mentioned.  Otherwise, she may sit for her puja session or could be travelling or going to the market.
  • Your fiancée or girlfriend: Do you have a difficult girlfriend? But is she also the one who has changed your life for good? If she is the one who has polished your rough edges and has transformed you into a new person and is upset about something now, you should make it up to her. Send her a ‘Thank You’ with a huge bouquet of red roses and say how much you appreciate her presence in your life. However, do not restrict yourself to such occasions alone. You can also surprise her by sending flowers on her birthday, your first dating anniversary or on all the occasions she considers the most important in your relationship.
  • Your boss: Is your boss is a lady Hitler who makes you winch in your seat with disgust? Remember it is a corporate atmosphere and appreciating even if you are not appreciated goes miles to establish yourself as a perfect employee. Set your boss bouquets on her birthday or if she has achieved something. However, so it in a group, otherwise you may offend her or send across a wrong message; or send her flowers that are meant for formal occasions.

Best is to consult a florist or an expert who can help you in deciding which flowers or arrangements suit which occasion and for whom. While time is an important factor for the delivery of the flowers, the intention matters too. If you are clear about your intentions, your message will reach the right destination in the right way.

Send flowers to Chennai a and other states easily with the help of Buy flowers online and send them cross to the desired destination in a jiffy. Same day deliveries are also offered by many florists at a nominal charge.


Make This Valentine’s Day Memorable with Personalized Gifts

There is no doubt that Personalized Gifts are an incredible approach to check various distinctive events. All things considered, everybody loves to see their name in print and in today’s market there are more than a couple of alternatives for personalized gifts. With every one of the choices, there are some who may discover it somewhat overpowering to begin. Realizing what event these gifts are appropriate for can help you settle on your choice. Infect, you can buy Personalized Gifts online and get it delivered to the place of your choice at a reasonable price.

Valentine’s Day is one of most romantic day of the year. It’s perhaps the main time in the entire year where it’s adequate for individuals to show their love & care publicly for the beloved. Presently, communicating your actual sentiments is possible by different means and you could make it a memorable day for your beloved.

You can likewise get a personalized card and fill it with your own words & quotes of ‘roses are red… “, however, for the time being we should stay with the huge one. Try not to stress on the off chance that you don’t comprehend what you’re after in light of the fact that online gift portal have a wide range for you to pore over. Large portions of them can be customized and obviously you can gift chocolate, beautiful & colorful flowers and teddy bears.

How about a personalized Photo frame on this Valentine’s Day? Ahh! The best one!! Select the best picture of either your beloved’s single photo or two of you together and frame that in the Photo frame, making it a personalized gift items for Valentine’s Day. Online portals like Giftalove have gift for each kind & age of person: for him, for her, sweethearts, married couples and so on. Make this Valentine’s Day more romantic and buy personalized gifts online for the love of your life and get it delivered anywhere irrespective of distance.

On the off chance that you are quick to split far from custom this current Valentine’s Day then we can also help you out in this aspect of gifting as well. We have an awesome choice of engraved things extending from adorable Key rings to lighters, heart-shaped cushion, printed personalized cushion,  and lots more, every one of them can expertly engraved with any name or message of your decision. Presently there’s no reason for you not having the absolute, best and exceptional Valentine’s Day.

Do you know what sort of gifts the individual you are offering it to might love or appreciate? For instance, do they cherish brew or wine? Provided that this is true, then a precious stone or crystal glass would be perfect. You can even take it up a score in the event that you give a glass that has been customized. This is really a unique, an interesting and valuable gift items that you’re beloved will love to have.

Personalized gifts are the ideal approach to demonstrate your beloved, family, and friends and family exactly the way you have planned or decided. Fortunately, in light of the fact that you know them so well you can customize gift items which are certain to be extraordinary. Personalized gifts can be funny, contemplative, reasonable, or lavish, or you could simply tick the greater part of the containers with customized chocolates. Chocolates are the vibe great sweet deliciousness which is amusing to eat and is liked and loved by almost everyone.

In the wide range of gifting items you do have an option to buy personalized gifts online and send it to your beloved within country as well as outside country be it flowers, chocolates or any other gift items. Giftalove, the well-known gifting portal gives you an easy option to send gifts anywhere at an affordable price.

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All the Qualities that a Man needs to be that Perfect Valentine

It’s 2017, and this year’s Valentine’s Day is well on its way. With just under a month to go for the special day, couples around the world are already gearing up to celebrate it. But what makes for a perfect valentine?

If you are a man and are eagerly looking forward to 14th February, it would be natural to expect your girlfriend to give you Valentine gifts for boyfriend( ). However, are you the valentine she deserves? Here’s a list of all the qualities and traits that make a man the perfect valentine.



Kind and generous men are rare these days. Most men are so busy taking care of their own desires and wants that they completely forget about the important people in their lives, and what they expect. Women love men who are not just caring, but giving as well. Wouldn’t it be lovely to surprise your girlfriend with quality Valentine’s Day gifts from Giftalove? And why just Valentine’s Day? Surprise her whenever you feel like, for true love does not need a day to be celebrated.


A perfect valentine always carries positive vibes, and the positivity is not just reserved for one particular day on the calendar. He has a positive outlook towards life, and approaches everything with a smile. It’s not that he’s totally fearless and life doesn’t get him down at all. It’s just that he takes negative situations with a pinch of salt, and convinces himself that there is light at the end of every tunnel, no matter how dark they all get.


You cannot expect to earn the trust of any girl if you aren’t an honest, truthful person. Okay, maybe not brutally honest, but honest enough to make his opinions loud and clear. Even if someone dislikes your honest opinion, that person would respect you because of your honesty. If a girl asks you how her dress is, don’t just say “Yes!” because that would please the girl. Remember, no girl is a fool, and if you aren’t an honest individual, sooner or later, you would definitely be found out.


Humour goes hand in hand with the aforementioned positive attitude. Men with great sense of humour are always more popular with the ladies, and that comes as no surprise. After all, women want their men to make them feel good, and not just under the sheets. A man who sees the funny side of things happening around him is amazing company, and can cheer up anybody, no matter how depressed they may be.


Every human being deserves respect. And why just human beings? All forms of life, no matter how insignificant, deserve our respect, and the perfect valentine understands that. You may have had a tiff with your man, but that doesn’t give him the right to disrespect you or treat you badly. So all the men out there, you definitely need to learn how to respect others before you can expect the ladies to be your valentine and buy online gifts for you.


So you just promised your girlfriend that you would arrive for your dinner date at 9. But come 9 o clock, you are nowhere to be seen. Your girlfriend waits for you expectantly for an hour more, but you just don’t turn up. There’s nothing worse than going out with a guy who just cannot respect other people’s time. Yes, she might be your girlfriend, but in no way does that mean that you can play around with her time.

If you have all the aforementioned qualities then rest assured, you are definitely the perfect valentine that the ladies crave!

Latest Trends to Follow While Gifting Valentine’s Day Flowers

Your girlfriend may not want anything from you, except your love, but make an effort to make her feel special anyways. Surprise her; pamper her because that is what she deserves. If it is your wife, ensure that she feels appreciated for being there with you during ups and downs. Surely, flowers alone cannot fulfill that.

Fine non-conventional ways of feeling her loved. Of course, you can send her flowers, but make sure that you send her something else too. However, you have to be tactful. She should not know what you are up to; otherwise the surprise would be lost.


Here are a few things you can do:

A Book of Love: ‘P.S I Love you ‘, ‘Notebook’, or a ‘Walk to Remember’ is all one could think about if you are planning to gift a book to your Valentine. She can store it forever and remember the love message that you sent across. However, first make sure that she loves books; otherwise the whole purpose of the gift would be lost.

Buy What She Wants: Know what she needs at home or office. Check if she badly needs a wallet, a belt or a laptop cover. Buy it yourself and pack the goodies in a bag and set it aside for the D-day. This way, she would know that you are observant of her needs and are willing to help her out whenever she needs help. This will also grow trust among yourself and strengthen the bond.

A Simple Love Letter: She always wanted to hear you say those three mesmerizing words- I LOVE YOU. But you could not do that because of your introvert nature. Do not hesitate anymore because lack of communication can make her feel unwanted. Put down everything you feel about her in a paper and post it to her address. You could also mail it if you want or choose to read it in front of her, just to see her react.

Customized Goods: You love her and there is no hesitation in showing that off. Customize cups and T-shirts and both of you wear them together for the world to know how much you are into each other. One of the best trendy Valentine Gifts for your Girlfriend( ), this would also be something that she could use on a daily basis.

Photo Frames: Collage some happy moments that the two of you have spent together and gift it to her. Break her conception that you never care about the small laughter in your lives. With this gift, she would discover a new you.

A Surprise Cake: Valentine celebration is incomplete without cake cutting. You can make it all the more special by delivering her a cake at midnight. Giftalove offers midnight delivery services too. For a chocoholic girlfriend, a black forest cake or a chocolate truffle makes the best choice. You can also choose combo gifts with flowers, cakes and chocolates to double the fun of the surprise.

Buy valentine day gifts from Gift A Love. We offer a wide range of choices fitting varied budgets. Choose from the countless options of bouquets, blooms, gifts, chocolates, heart mugs, love pillows, a golden rose, teddy bears, goodies that are sure to thrill your beloved. offers great combo gifts and special discounts too. You can shop 1 gift for each day of the valentine week.


Gifting Flowers in a Corporate – Special Points to Note

Flowers carry a message for every occasion- be it anniversary, funeral, birthday or Valentine’s Day. However, these days, they are increasingly getting attention as a part of the office etiquette too. Not just for birthdays of colleagues or bosses, flowers are being sent for office anniversaries, celebration of a success, and more.

However, maintain decorum while sending flowers to your colleagues or subordinates, otherwise things can turn against you.

Office Etiquette While Sending Flowers

Acknowledgement of one’s work is always appreciated. In fact, it is shown to increase the productivity among employees. Sending flowers to a team for their hard work and achievement could be a good gesture to show that you appreciate them. Taking them out for lunch or verbal appreciations is something of the past. Try out something new to gain the respect and attention of your employees.

Sending Flower To Your Love Interest: Office culture is not devoid of growing closeness between two employees. If you are growing closer to someone, there is no harm in expressing your care and love. However, even that should be done maintaining a protocol. Do not go overboard or loud while sending flowers to him/her. But, before that make sure that the other person also feels the same about you, otherwise it could turn out to be an unwanted scene.

Men Should Not Be Left Behind: It has been a common convention to relate flowers to women always. However, there is no reason why men should be left out of it. Be it a birthday or an achievement; do not send out flowers to men. Rather, send them a plant, if they are into gardening. Colourful cacti can also be part of the send-out message. However, ensure first that the person is into gardening or can take care of the plant. After all, a plant in undeserving hands will not survive. And that’s not appreciated.

Sympathy Flowers or Flowers of Condolence: A colleague or a boss experienced a major loss or is in severe trauma; send them a bouquet of white roses or flowers to empathize with their condition. Send a note along with the flowers, expressing your condolences. Ensure that the flowers go from the entire office.


Keep in mind that flowers should be sent in groups or to a group of people. Giving special attention to somebody may call for unwanted controversies or twisting of facts. People may even mistake it for a romantic move. Also ensure that the flowers that you send are not high on scent as there may be people in office who might be allergic to flowers. Consider their well being too, while expressing your love or gratitude for a single person. Lastly, it is best to send flowers at the beginning of the week, so that it is appreciated throughout the week. Flowers sent on weekends cannot be appreciated as they wilt before the next week starts.

Buy online flower for flower delivery in Chennai. You can book an order with and their florists can help you choose the right kind of flower for an occasion. Certified for their skills, these experts can also help you choose the colour of the flowers for the right occasion and help you write a message too. All you need to do is give them the right address and time of delivery for a prompt service.

Customized Jewellery Gift Ideas for Girlfriend on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is approximately around the corner and many Guys and Girls have begun looking for one of a kind and unique gifts for their cherished one to demonstrate their thankfulness and love for them. Jewellery are one of the most prevalent gifts which you can include your own touch by customizing it. There are numerous choices accessible with regards to Personalized Jewellery as Valentine Gifts ideas for Girlfriend( ).


Jewellery Gift Ideas for GirlFriend

A portion of the prominent ones is Alphabet Pendants, Imprinted Jewelry, Name Jewelry and Initial Letter. These make extraordinary endowments to a darling and you may even upgrade the estimation of the adornments by choosing gemstone studded gems with a birthstone of the individual whom you plan to give it as a gift or by deciding on an exorbitant stone like Diamond which all ladies cherish. One can likewise select diverse metals like silver, gold or platinum in light of the financial budget of the individual.

Initial Letter or Alphabet Pendants: Initials regularly remains for the primary letter or letters in order of the name of the individual. They are in style and always remain in fashion. Introductory Letter or Alphabet Pendants are a superb method for conveying everything that needs to be conveyed. So such a gift would be exceedingly loved by your girlfriend on the Valentine’s Day.

Imprinted Jewellery: Engraved or Imprinted Jewelleries are always a prominent decision as gifts for Valentine’s Day, Birthday or Wedding Anniversary. Envision giving engraved jewellery to a girlfriend affirms your affections for her with wordings like you are special to me and so on. You can pick between pendants, rings or wrist bangles according to your choice and individual decision. It is for sure that any lady who is in love would acknowledge such a gift from her dearest one.

Name Jewellery: Name is a vital part of our identity as it is the thing that distinguishes us in the general public where we live in. So on the off chance that you need to give a customized gifts, you may likewise decide on name pendants or gems with the full name or short name of the individual.

Sometimes it so happens that you are very busy with some work or any one of you are at some other places and not possible to meet on this Valentine’s Day, no worries. Buy Valentine Day Gifts online and send it across the globe of the choice of the place that you wish to send those lovely and romantic gifts without delay.

Regardless of the possibility that you don’t have somebody whom you might want to gift these exclusive pieces, you can purchase for yourself and wear it as your mark style. Who knows by next Valentine’s Day you may not be single any longer.

Fresh flowers, chocolates, handbags, teddy bears and lots more can be sent to anywhere in the world by simply making an online request. Choose the best and authentic online portal; buy Valentine’s Day Gifts online at a pocket-friendly price.

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