5 Packet Friendly Navratri Gifts for Kanjak

Navratri is one of the most auspicious festivals that are spiritually significant for Hindu Indians. It’s a festival which is celebrated till nine days. During nine days nine incarnations of Goddess Durga are worshipped. People observe ritual fast for these nine days. On eighth or ninth day of Navratri, small girls (1 to 12 years) are worshipped as Kanjak avatar of Goddess Durga.


In Kanya Pooja or Kanjak Pooja, little girls get Prasad of Poori, Chholey and Halwa. Apart from Prasad they get money and gifts from neighbors and devotees. Most common Navratri Gifts for Kanjak, are Geometry box, Tiffin box, color box, sketch pen set, chocolates, soft toys, bangles, etc. As time has changed, people seek for something unconventional as Kanjak gift. Gifting something functional and useful would be a great idea. There are various options for Navratri Gifts for Kanjak available in the market, which are trendy, functional and affordable too, and all we need to do is, think smartly.

Here is a list of some trendy and affordable Kanjak gifts that would surely be cherished by girls, as:

Religious or Pre-historic Story Books:-
We all have responsibility to make new generation aware of our history and religious mythology. Market is packed with comics and story books having mythological content. You can gift a comics based on Mahisasur vadh or a story book based on Ramayan or Mahabharata. Treating kajaks with such gift would not only inform them about our cultural values but also excite them as they will have colorful and interesting comics in their collection.

Designer Crockery:-
Crockery is also a trendy and affordable item that can be presented to small girls on Kanjak Pooja. One can easily get designer bowls, plates, and cups, made of bone china. Instead of utensils made of steel or any other metals, crockery items are more attractive and trendy. Moreover, these items can be obtained at much affordable price points.

Try Something New and Different:-
If you wish to treat Kanjaks with something unique then you can opt for gifts items such as handbags, money bank, science games, etc. These gifts are unconventional, unique and affordable too. Moreover, you can also get luscious chocolates, jelly packs; candies etc to treat small girls and positively these would be most precious gifts for them.

Modern Accessories:-
Girls of every age group want to look pretty and attractive; therefore you can help them out in this by gifting them fashion accessories such as hair bands, clips, bangles, tiara, etc. It would be rare that these gifts go wrong.

Stationary Gifts:-
Stationary gifts are most frequently ordered Kanjak Gifts in India Online. Accessories such as Pens, pencil box, color box, geometry box, Tiffin box, colorful water bottle etc can be opted to gift Kanjak on Navratri.

There are a lot more choices in Navratri Gifts for Kanjak are available in the market. To explore more Kanjak Gifts in India Online, visit GiftaLove. The portal is an online gift store and is inclusive of Navratri gifts, Durga Idols, sweets, dry fruits pooja thali, Kanjak gifts and a lot more.


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