7 Outstanding Rakhis your Brother would Love to Wear and Glee

Everyone is planning a grand celebration for this forthcoming Rakhi. We want to make our brother feel special, valued and loved on this day. Rakhi festival is coloured by exchanging gifts and love for brothers. On this auspicious occasion you must be thinking of sending the best Rakhi to your brother who stays in Hyderabad.

Rakhi sets

If you are planning to Send Rakhi to Hyderabad( rakhi.giftalove.com/send-rakhi-to-hyderabad-57.html ) for your brother and you are running out of ideas on how to make it happen. Worry not, at rakhi.giftalove.com you can get number of good ideas regarding the types of Rakhi that will be suitable and soothing for your brother. Below are the top 7 Rakhi you can give to your brother on this Raksha Bandhan:

1.  Bracelet Rakhi
Rakhi created in the form of bracelet is one of the most trending Rakhis nowadays. It is very durable as well as very fashionable. This Rakhi can be made with different materials and in number of styles. So if you have a brother who is fond of wearing bracelets then sending them one across will be a good idea to show how much he means to you.

2.  Fancy Rakhi
It is well known for its attractiveness. This type of Rakhi is very popular especially among the younger ones. It is created and designed in different styles with different materials. If you have a brother who is in love with fanciful items then sending this Rakhi will certainly give him immense joy.

3. Rudraksha Rakhi
This is one type of Rakhi that can instil a sense of spirituality. It is made from rudraksha which is a type of bead that have spiritual significance in Hindu mythology. Since olden days people used to present garland made of rudraksha for health, wealth, good fortune, etc. This Rakhi also stands for goodwill and love. Rakhi made of rudraksha will be a nice option for this forthcoming Raksha Bandhan.

4.  Diamond Rakhi
Rakhi painted with sparkling diamonds add extravagant to the appearance of an ordinary Rakhi. It is a type of Rakhi that is crafted out by plating diamond giving the wearer a true sense of royalty and a feeling of superiority. Sending this Rakhi will be a pleasant surprise for your brother.

5.  Auspicious Rakhi
Sending auspicious Rakhi to your brother on this auspicious day will be a wonderful idea. It is a type of Rakhi featuring image of gods and symbols therefore it is revered by many people. So, on this Rakhi you can re-create the spirituality and divinity that is there in the festival.

6.  Kundan Rakhi
One of the types of Rakhi that is slowly gaining its popularity is Kundan Rakhi. This material is widely used in jewellery making process. It is flexible and the tenderness it gives is simply astounding. This Rakhi is available in different colours at affordable price. You should add this Rakhi in your list as well.

7.  Traditional Rakhi
If you want to express your love and care to your dear brother in a somehow traditional way then you can always go for this type. It always brings to life the rich culture and tradition of India. So, sending this Rakhi will bring happiness to your brother.

Apart from the above mentioned Rakhis, you can also explore various other types by visiting Rakhi.giftalove.com. This online portal offers number of good Rakhi and Rakhi Gifts collection.


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