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Send Rakhi to USA with Free Shipping and Make it a Memorable Moment for your Brother!

Raksha Bandhan is nearing and everyone is excited to celebrate once again. This festival is observed to commemorate the never breaking bond and fraternal love of siblings. This festival brings so much joy and delight in the hearts of everyone. Brother and sister takes vow to preserve and foster their relationship they shared with each other. On this joyous occasion people exchange gifts and wishes.

designer rakhi

You may have siblings residing in USA and on this upcoming event you might be thinking of expressing your love and respect for the bond you share with them. Gone are the days where you have to run from one shop to another searching for your favourite Rakhi getting depressed and frustrated, now you can Send Rakhi to USA with Free Shipping without going through any hardships and problems.

For your loving siblings who reside in USA you can effortlessly send Rakhi on this Raksha Bandhan by going through wide array of Rakhi available at . Here are some ideal types of Rakhi for Brother you can purchase and send on this forthcoming fete.

Beautiful Fancy Rakhi for your handsome brother
You can let your brother knows how much he means to you by sending beautiful and attractive fancy Rakhi on this coming occasion. What you can do is go through different designs and patterns of this good looking Rakhi and select the one that will suit him and his personality. Fancy Rakhi goes well on every wearer and I’m sure your brother will be very glad to wear them.

Voguish Bracelet Rakhi for your brother
Bracelet Rakhi is really appealing and most people like bracelet Rakhi for its fashion and style. They are the perfect fusion of modern as well as traditional type. This Rakhi can be used even after Rakhi festival and can be used in other occasion as well. I’m sure your brother in USA would be so happy receiving this Rakhi. He would love to wear them.

Trendy Designer Rakhi for your stylish brother
Designer Rakhi is very popular for its styles and designs and it is one of the most trending Rakhis in recent times. For your trendy brother who love latest styles and fashion this Rakhi will certainly put wide smile on his face. They are skilfully made by designers and are quiet unique.

Uncommon yet attractive Handcrafted Rakhi for your precious brother
For your brother in USA you can also greet him happy Raksha Bandhan with unique handcrafted Rakhi. The uniqueness of this Rakhi is derived from the way it is crafted. They are beautifully and dexterously created out by hand. You can show him how much you care for him through this inviting Rakhi.

Shinning Silver Rakhi for your brother
Another good choice will be sending Rakhi that is painted in beautiful and shimmering silver. This Rakhi always stands out from the rest for its grand and superior appearance. Your brother will get the feeling of royalty wearing them so, silver Rakhi will be a nice pick for him for this coming event.

In addition to this if you are blessed with brothers then you can also send beautiful and colourful Rakhi sets on this fete. Depending on the numbers of brothers you have you can select the set that will be suitable for them. You can send set of 5 Rakhi, set of 3 Rakhi or 2 set of stylish designer Rakhi and many others. For your little brother you can also select Kids Rakhi such as superhero Rakhi, chchota bhem Rakhi, etc.

Do visit and make your celebration count by sending suitable and appropriate Rakhi that is available on this site and for your brother stationed in USA.


Wish your Brother Happy Raksha Bandhan by Sending Charming Rakhi

Rakhi is coming soon, are you excited? I’m sure you are and you must be anxiously waiting for this festival with plans. If you happen to have brother who lives in Philippines, let me tell you, this festival is the best chance to express your love and care for him. Many of our brothers are very supportive and caring. So, on this upcoming Rakhi you must convey your warm greetings to him by sending the most beautiful and most meaningful Rakhi to Philippines.

rakhi to philippiens

Well as you prepare for this Raksha Bandhan one thing you should not forget is, the ritual of this festival that is tying of Rakhi. Not a matter of concern even if your brother is away from home because at you will be able to buy and send the best type of Rakhi for your beloved brother in Philippines. On this portal you have ample collections of Rakhi which your brother would love to wear.

Before taking any steps further, you should go through these ideal suggestions which may find favour in your eyes as you plan to buy and send Rakhi to your brother in Philippines:

Rare and gorgeous Handcrafted Rakhi for your brother
Handcrafted Rakhi is very peculiar in its design and pattern. Its styles are rare to find because it is not a creation of machine but a hand-made one. This Rakhi is very special from the point of creation because it is skillfully and carefully crafted out. So, on this Rakhi you might want to express your heart to your loving brother through a handcrafted Rakhi.

Attractive Bracelet Rakhi for your loving brother
For your dear brother who is stylish and fashion oriented you may want to share your love and respect through attractive and modern bracelet Rakhi. I’m sure this Rakhi will keep him cheerful. Bracelet Rakhi is not only good looking but is also one of the most trending Rakhis these days.

Classy Designer Rakhi for your brother
For a brother who always wants to appear classy and dandy, you should send him this Rakhi which is made by designers. This Rakhi is very unique and at the same time it is very alluring. You can get in varied designs, styles and patterns. I’m sure your brother will be more than happy to wear this lovely designer Rakhi on this occasion.

Impressive Golden Rakhi for your dear brother
Golden Rakhi is quiet popular among the buyers because it is very appealing and the Rakhi looks extremely expensive when it is worn. Many people love gold and Rakhi painted with a precious yellow metal will melt the heart of your brother on this Rakhi.

Adorn your brother with Auspicious Rakhi
On this auspicious occasion wearing auspicious Rakhi will complete the day. This Rakhi is very good looking and elegant. The beauty of this Rakhi is such that it looks good on everyone’s wrist. So, if you are thinking of sending Rakhi to your affectionate brother you may also consider this Rakhi.

Fancy Rakhi for your Fanciful brother
This Rakhi will be good for a brother who loves colourful items. This Rakhi is very attractive in its appearance. They are available in different designs and are created with different materials. If you want to go for a type of Rakhi that is lovely and memorable, fancy Rakhi will be the perfect choice.

Simple yet meaningful Traditional Rakhi for your sweet brother
If you want to send a type of Rakhi that has a deep meaning then traditional Rakhi will serve the purpose well. This Rakhi can revive the old memories and your brother would really appreciate receiving and wearing a thoughtful Rakhi on this promising day.

In addition to Rakhi, you can also send Rakhi Gift Hampers such as Rakhi with sweets and dry fruits, mixed hamper, Rakhi with chocolates, etc for your brother stationed in Philippines. Log on to and discover the beauty of this festival with more gifts and choice on the given site.

7 Outstanding Rakhis your Brother would Love to Wear and Glee

Everyone is planning a grand celebration for this forthcoming Rakhi. We want to make our brother feel special, valued and loved on this day. Rakhi festival is coloured by exchanging gifts and love for brothers. On this auspicious occasion you must be thinking of sending the best Rakhi to your brother who stays in Hyderabad.

Rakhi sets

If you are planning to Send Rakhi to Hyderabad( ) for your brother and you are running out of ideas on how to make it happen. Worry not, at you can get number of good ideas regarding the types of Rakhi that will be suitable and soothing for your brother. Below are the top 7 Rakhi you can give to your brother on this Raksha Bandhan:

1.  Bracelet Rakhi
Rakhi created in the form of bracelet is one of the most trending Rakhis nowadays. It is very durable as well as very fashionable. This Rakhi can be made with different materials and in number of styles. So if you have a brother who is fond of wearing bracelets then sending them one across will be a good idea to show how much he means to you.

2.  Fancy Rakhi
It is well known for its attractiveness. This type of Rakhi is very popular especially among the younger ones. It is created and designed in different styles with different materials. If you have a brother who is in love with fanciful items then sending this Rakhi will certainly give him immense joy.

3. Rudraksha Rakhi
This is one type of Rakhi that can instil a sense of spirituality. It is made from rudraksha which is a type of bead that have spiritual significance in Hindu mythology. Since olden days people used to present garland made of rudraksha for health, wealth, good fortune, etc. This Rakhi also stands for goodwill and love. Rakhi made of rudraksha will be a nice option for this forthcoming Raksha Bandhan.

4.  Diamond Rakhi
Rakhi painted with sparkling diamonds add extravagant to the appearance of an ordinary Rakhi. It is a type of Rakhi that is crafted out by plating diamond giving the wearer a true sense of royalty and a feeling of superiority. Sending this Rakhi will be a pleasant surprise for your brother.

5.  Auspicious Rakhi
Sending auspicious Rakhi to your brother on this auspicious day will be a wonderful idea. It is a type of Rakhi featuring image of gods and symbols therefore it is revered by many people. So, on this Rakhi you can re-create the spirituality and divinity that is there in the festival.

6.  Kundan Rakhi
One of the types of Rakhi that is slowly gaining its popularity is Kundan Rakhi. This material is widely used in jewellery making process. It is flexible and the tenderness it gives is simply astounding. This Rakhi is available in different colours at affordable price. You should add this Rakhi in your list as well.

7.  Traditional Rakhi
If you want to express your love and care to your dear brother in a somehow traditional way then you can always go for this type. It always brings to life the rich culture and tradition of India. So, sending this Rakhi will bring happiness to your brother.

Apart from the above mentioned Rakhis, you can also explore various other types by visiting This online portal offers number of good Rakhi and Rakhi Gifts collection.

5 Best Rakhi Ideas to Win your Brother’s Heart in Hyderabad

We all love to celebrate special occasion and this time around as we longingly wait for Raksha Bandhan you must be devising some exciting plans to make the festival extra special. Raksha Bandhan is not just any other festival it is a very special carnival which marks the importance of sibling hood. On this day brother and sister make each other special by colouring their day with wishes and gifts.

send rakhi to hyderabad

If you have brother in Hyderabad and you want to Send Rakhi to Hyderabad, you can do so in a very special and exciting way. At you are provided with ample of choice, you can find and select Rakhi that are designed and created in different materials, print and styles. All you need to do is pick the Rakhi of your choice and send them by utilising Online Rakhi Delivery mechanism.

Designer Rakhi:
One of the most attractive as well as trending Rakhi is Designer Rakhi. It is created in different designs, style and print. If your brother is someone who love attractive things then you should send Designer Rakhi. It is not only attractive but is unique and special in its own way. Shop Now at

Fancy Rakhi:
Fancy Rakhi is another type of Rakhi that is very popularly used. Fancy Rakhi is very colourful and they are really engaging too. It goes well on whoever wears them. The pleasing effect it gives to one’s eye is something that you can hardly find in any other type of Rakhi. So your pick for this Rakhi should probably be Fancy Rakhi. It is painted in different colours with various materials in different shape and size. Shop Now at

Bracelet Rakhi:
Bracelet Rakhi is a type of Rakhi you won’t want to miss out because bracelet are wore by almost every man, young and old and it hardly go out of fashion. Bracelet Rakhi is durable and can be used even after Raksha Bandhan and this Rakhi can really spark the feeling of oneness among siblings in different ways. So if you have a brother who loves wearing bracelets, sending one will be a good move to make him glee. Get bracelet rakhi at

Traditional Rakhi:
Another wonderful way to make your brother jubilant on this auspicious occasion will be to remind him of the lovely memories through a traditional Rakhi.  Take him back to those days when you and your brother used to be a partner in crime doing all the crazy and stupid things together. Sending this traditional Rakhi to him on this Raksha Bandhan will bring lots and lots of reminiscing moment.

Golden Rakhi:
Paint your brother’s heart with joy by presenting him a Golden Rakhi this year. If you have a brother loves wearing gold or silver then Rakhi paint with a dazzling gold will be a wonderful way to steal his heart away. Get stunning golden rakhi at

There are other types of Rakhi like Handcrafted Rakhi, Auspicious Rakhi, Zardosi Rakhi, Pearl Rakhi and plenty others. You can always select and buy for your affectionate brother any kind of Rakhi by visiting They act as an online directory with prompt delivery mechanism offering a wide range of Online Rakhi and Rakhi Gifts.

Why are Kids Excited for Rakhi Celebration?

Rakhi is a festival which celebrates the most sacred and eternal bond of love between the siblings and the loved ones. The festival is observed in almost every part of India with great zest and zeal and rejoiced even by the ones who are miles away. Raksha Bandhan connotes the unconditional bonding of care and it is that perfect occasion to pamper your adorable kid sisters and brothers with equally cute and adorable Rakhi and Rakhi hampers no matter where they are.


If you have kid siblings the celebration of Rakhi has to be theme based and in accordance with the kid’s preference. Today there are vast collection of different types of Rakhi threads of different designs and materials and are available at variety price range to bring smile to every face. The Rakhis made specially to delight the kids come in a number of funny, cute, adorable cartoon designs to lure the excitement of the kids.

With the festival of Rakhi around the corner, your younger siblings will be eagerly waiting to plunge in the fun of this festival, but if you cannot be with them because they are far away in Canada, you can bring back the cheerful smile on their face by sending online Rakhi gifts and kids Rakhi to Canada through, an online gifting portal to assist every brother and sister all over the world to send Rakhi to Canada and other corners of the world.

Since tying a Rakhi and exchanging Rakhi Gifts are significant part of this auspicious festival,, in its separate Kid Rakhi section site of the portal offers you exceptional variety and quality in a wide range of Rakhi which will definitely make your kid sibling jump with joy. Rakhis with popular cartoon characters like Ben10, Spiderman, Chhota Bheem, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Disney themed Rakhi, Bal Ganesha, Doraemon, Angry bird are available in different shapes and designs and are bound to fascinate the kid’s imagination and keep him/her thrilled during the festivity.

Along with cool Rakhi for your kid brother or sister, you can make their festive mood full of excitement and joy by surprising them with sweet, cute online Rakhi gifts available in abundance at Impress your kid brother with lovely, adorable soft toys like Puppy cat, Fluffy teddy bear, cute Pikachu, Choco Bunny, Lord Ganesha, innocent Chimp, Naughty Tom Cat, Sweet honey Combo and many more options to choose from.

Also for your darling kid sister there are Teddy with Golden heart, Sweet teddy with heart, Golden Gleam teddy, Cutie Pie teddy, Cuddly pair teddy, Love you Sis Teddy Combo and many more to melt her heart with. Gifting options like Rakhi Combos with flowers, sweets, chocolates and other personalized gifts are also available to cheer them up. At, send Rakhi to Canada within specified time frame no matter where your sibling resides in Canada. With free shipping and unbelievable rates send kids Rakhi to Canada and usher in the festivities of Rakhi.

Send Lumba Rakhi Depicting your Love for Bhabhi!

Guess what? Raksha Bandhan is the one festival that not just exemplifies the fight-love-compromise relationship between brothers and sisters but also sheds light on childhood memories. There is another name added in the celebration of Raksha Bandhan, and that’s our sweet bhabhi.

lumba rakhi

If your brother is married, you would definitely like to send a lumba rakhi along with an auspicious thread for your brother.

Lumba Rakhi is a special type of rakhi meant especially for sister-in-law and other lady relatives. Having a hanging piece often called to as ‘latkans’ is what the center-of-attraction of this thread for bhabhi. Adorned with beads, zari, sandalwood, and many other decorative pieces, a lumba rakhi has become more luxurious over the period.

Although there are many varieties, but since a long time lumba rakhis have been favourite among ladies owing their womanly look. From a simple lumba rakhi to that of heavily adorned, the range varies as per one’s need and budget.

Lumba Rakhis are a Must for Sister-in-Law
Depicting the sweet-sour relationship, lumba rakhi stands for the love shared by nanad and bhabhi. Even you can adorn your best female friend’s hand with this rakhi on this auspicious occasion to showcase your relationship!
Often this thread is tied either on the bangle or the bracelet put on by the ladies or tied around the wrist. However, if you are not fortunate enough to be with your sister-in-law this Raksha Bandhan, worry not.

Distance on special occasion undoubtedly is painful, but you can always find a way to stay closer to your loved ones. Send rakhi online in case distance is a big problem for you.
Online rakhi delivery isn’t a new concept. Today almost every sister out there is counting heavily on this service to retain the essence of Raksha Bandhan despite being distant to her brother.

How to send rakhi online?
As we know just a month away is Rakhi festival, start searching in advance. Take the help of World Wide Web so as to find an online store capable of sending your rakhis to your loved ones within the given timeframe.

Would you like to shop rakhi from one site and send it online from other? Of course not! It will cost you both money and time, hence, it would be of greater help if you end up with one site that offers the both.

Whichever site you use, do not hurry. Don t make your online rakhi selection a hassle, but make it hassle-free.

Order rakhi online in advance so as to get it reached on time. The festive season is full of rush, so waiting for the last minute isn’t a good idea when it comes to the heart’s connection. Beware of scammers swarming the web as they may cheat on your money.
Check a site’s reputation beforehand and then order online. Go through customer feedback, reviews, etc.

So, make the celebration of Raksha Bandhan more joyous with online rakhi delivery!