5 Sugary & Spicy Flavored Holi 2016 Recipes!!

No Indian festival is celebrated without gorging on sweets. These are integral part of Indian festivals. Holi celebration is synonymous to gourmet sweet gujiyas, fried malpuyas, masala kachoris and a lot more. Eat your heart content and relish on tasty sweet delights. Also share the joy of colorful festival by sending Holi gift hampers to loved ones.

Holi gift hampers

Check out these yummy sweet and spicy recipes for Holi 2016 celebration:

1.    Gujiyas

Gujiya is the most popular and star sweet of Holi. It is originated from Rajasthan state. This sugary delight is a sweet dumpling made of maida and filled with rich dry fruits & khoya stuffing. Check out three different types of tasty Gujiya recipes.

–    Baked Gujiya

The outer layer is made with blended whole wheat and semolina (suji) in lieu of refined flour (maida). It is stuffed with dried fruits, nuts and baked perfectly, dipped in honey. This recipe involves minimum use of oil and ghee. It is a healthy version of traditional Gujiya.

–    Chocolate Gujiya

Chocolate Gujiya is rich in taste and have mouth watering cocoa flavor. The stuffing of this gujiya is made of mawa and chocolate chips. It is garnished with hot chocolate sauce.

–    Coconut Gujiya

This is traditional Gujiya is made of refined flour. They are stuffed with fried khoya, cashew nuts and grated coconut flakes. These are fried in desi ghee and dipped in thick sugar syrup.

2.    Fried Malpua

Malpua is a traditional North Indian sweet. It is basically a sweet pancake, fried in pure ghee and dipped in sugar syrup. You can also make variation in the traditional Malpua recipe by adding paneer, cocoa powder, choco chips, Kesar and almond flakes. Kesar or saffron has amazing aroma and enriched fragrance.

3.    Bhaang ki Thandai

Bhaang is a famous intoxicating traditional drink of India. It is associated with many legends and mythological stories. This drink is considered to be favorite drink of Lord Shiva. Thandai is prepared with special crushed dry fruits, milk, saffron strands and sugar. Give extra kick to this traditional drink by adding bhang powder.

4.     Gol Gappe / Paani Puri

This yummy recipe at home would beat the street food on this Holi festival. Gourmet and spicy gol gappe is made out of maida for making fluffy puris. Gol gappe water is made of jal jeera, pudina leaves and aam chur. Yummy Gol gappas are filled with boiled and mashed potatoes and cholas and dipped in paani puri water.

5.    Dahi Bhalla

Enjoy crispy, crunchy paapris and soft, spongy bhallas on this Holi with your friends and families. Bhalla are made of urad ki daal and friend in oil in form of round shapes. Then Bhallas are dipped in spicy dahi flavoured with anar daana.

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