Be Creative this Valentine’s Day with Your Valentine Gifts!

valentine gifts

You can say I love you to your valentine in many romantic and meaning full ways. Action speak louder than words and you can do something creative to show how you really feel for your beloved wife. You can become a hero without uttering a single word, by just creatively expressing your emotions.

Here are some creative valentine gifts for wife that you can make yourself:

Design a Love Calendar

You can make a personalized calendar using your twelve most romantic photographs, one for each month. Every other month, each photograph would remind you of the good times spent together. Selecting some of the best photographs for the calendar would keep your wife reminded of the things you did for her even when you people have a fight.

Make a “Things I Love About You” Booklet

You can write all the good things about your spouse, one in each page of the booklet like ‘You motivated me to join the gym and now I have the fittest body’, ‘You make the best pasta’ and many more. Get spiral binding of all the notes together to complete the booklet. You can write as many as you can and gift wrap it beautifully before you present it. It is one of the best valentine gifts for wife( This would be one of the ideal valentine gifts from wife.

I Love You in Different Languages

It is very natural to say “I love you” in English. But have you ever thought how it would be in different languages? Yes, you can show this to your spouse that language is not the barrier to express your love for her. You can learn it in different languages like Finnish, Russian, French and many more. Take help from the Omniglot, a language site which shows “I love you” spelled in more than 200 languages.

Express it on Social Media

You can publicly express your love for your wife in social media. This is a less subtle way to convey things, but it would definitely be liked by your wife. Wives like to be praised in front of public and posting on social media is more or less like shouting from the mountaintops. Nowadays people use social media to show special gestures to their wives. This generates a huge confidence in wives for their relationship.

A Musical Way to Express Your Love

You can write a short poem or a romantic song for her. Some people have the inherent talent and you can try to learn guitar, saxophone or some other instrument especially to impress your spouse. Even if you don’t like singing or not very good at it; you can play her favourite songs and recite some poetry for her.

In case, being creative is not on your mind this valentine, choose a lovely gift to pamper your beloved. Visit for the right choice. The website helps customers in making surprise deliveries to numerous countries. Giftalove has started delivery in UAE for the valentine season. You can now easily select and send valentine gifts to UAE. You can get personalized t-shirts, pillow covers, mugs, cakes, candles and much more at economical rates.


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