5 Exciting Ways to Present a Special Gift Surprise!!

vdapkdg01Have you brought a special gift for your loved ones? Now you are thinking how to make it a happening gift by presenting it in a special way. Here are five wonderful ways to turn gift-receiving experience simply amazing for the dear one.

1.    The Unexpected Delivery Of Gift

If your loved one is staying in Germany, then online delivery of gifts is the best option. You can surprise the recipient by not letting them know you are sending a gift surprise. Send gifts to Germany (www.giftalove.com/international/send-gifts-to-germany-549.html) for all occasions & festivals like Birthday, Anniversary, and Valentine’s Day. Online stores have vast network of delivery all over international places. They would deliver your gift on time and desired destination. The unexpected delivery of gift can be done directly at the receiver’s home or at their work place. It would be a pleasant surprise for them to receive an unexpected gift. Send online gifts at Giftalove.com.

2.    Fake-Out Packaging

The trick here is to present the actual gift in disguise of a fake gift. It means sowing the seeds of disappointment first, then turning it into an exciting experience. Start with a least expecting gift surprise. For instance you can present a stylish wrist watch inside a coffee mug box. So that the recipient would first get the perception for a mug as gift, but when they would open the packaging they would be shocked to discover an expensive watch inside it. Similarly you can try out a number of disguising tactics to hide the surprise gift within a false gift.

3.    Multiple Times Gifts Packing

This funny technique would take a little more extra effort but surely double up the excitement of receiving gift. Rather than giving a single wrapped gift you can pack the gifts multiple times. First with an envelope, then with newspaper, glossy plastic sheet and then place it in a gift box & tie with a bow. The idea is to first annoy your friend like a crazy and then they would be overjoyed to open the actual gift.

4.    The Unexpected Discovery

Instead of giving a gift straight away, you can let the recipient to discover on their own. You can place the gift around the corner of the room or inside a drawer. Other places to keep gift are inside the medicine box, kitchen cabinet and inside the wardrobe. Make sure your loved one would find the gift on time. Don’t place the gift on an isolated place and keep them inaccessible to kids & pets (otherwise it may get torn).

5.    Their Special Place

Just think of the familiar spots that carry same for you and your loving partner. These memory packed locations can really set theme of giving the gift. For instance, take her to the place where you people met for the first time. On a beach locale, where you proposed her and she said yes. These special locales would always carry a special significance for her. Thus, why do not you present her the gift on such special place? It would be a heart touching experience for her. She would admire you over the fact that you remembered this special place.

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