14 Ways to Mesmerise your Valentine with A Dozen of Roses!!

Love is in the air as Valentine’s Day is approaching fast. One of the most popular valentine gift ideas is to present roses to loved ones. Roses for Valentine’s Day are the best flower to show your deep love and passion towards your loving partner. Just like colour of roses, the quantity also matters and carries a special message. A dozen of red roses symbolises true & committed love.


Here are some unique & romantic ways to give a dozen to red roses to your partner.

1.    Write a love letter to your partner and give 100 of kisses along with dozen of roses.
2.    Get 11 red roses and one white rose to signify that your love is as pure like white rose and as intense like red roses.
3.    Place 12 roses at different corners of the home with a love note. They would have 12 happy reasons while finding each rose with a romantic message on the valentine eve.
4.    Place a single rose on the centre table of the living room and they would be surprised to know that the huge bouquet of 11 roses is waiting in the bedroom.
5.    You can scatter all the red rose petals on the satin covered bed. Light up a dozen of aromatic candles and turn on some soft music.
6.     Make a trail of roses starting from the front door to the dining room where you have arranged a romantic candle light dinner. Leave another trail of roses from dining table to bed room.
7.    Arrange 12 roses around a cute teddy bear in form of heart shape and Say I Love you to your sweetheart.
8.     Get a photo album and compile all the pictures of both of you. Tie a beautiful ribbon around the album & a dozen of roses.
9.    Write down 12 reasons “why do I love you” on different placards. Give each placard with a rose.
10.    Get a wooden box and fill it with red rose petals and place a beautiful proposal ring at the centre. She would get the signal that you desire to be in a committed relationship with her.
11.    Get a beautiful basket and fill it with heart shape little chocolates & rose potpourri. She would love to take out delectable chocolates from the basket each time.
12.    Keep a red rose on the car seat of your partner. They would be delighted to find a lovely rose before leaving for the work. Send rest of the roses at their office and make them feel special.
13.    Write a love letter and put it inside a beautiful glass bottle. Place the bottle in the bath tub filled with water and floating red rose petals. Let your partner find out your love letter in a most romantic way.
14.    Get 10 numbers of red roses and 2 yellow roses to signify that you are not only in love with them but also consider them as your best friend.

So these are 14 amazing ways to give a dozen of red roses to your partner. Log on to Giftalove.com and buy red rose bouquets for your valentine. This online flower store is providing premium roses in various colours. Also check out valentine gifts, greetings cards, cakes, chocolate hampers and teddy bear.


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