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3 Breathtaking Floral Arrangements Inspired By Art and Architecture!

The Valentine’s Week has given whole new ideas to the floral industry, in terms of flower arrangements for Valentine’s Day. With the all new ideas and stuff this year the Valentine market is all set to jolt you with their exclusive floral arrangements. Whether you go for online shopping or to market it hardly matters because either on online platform or in market you can find some amazing floral arrangements that can surely adore your partner in surprise. Visit on the gifting portal of Giftalove for online flower delivery in India or worldwide.

flower arrangement

Now the question arises, what inspires florists to design such amazing combination or arrangement? What is the source of their inspiration and from where they take reference from? Well the answer is they get inspired by ancient architecture or designs that adore generations from ages. They are also the sources of their energy and inspiration, and also provide a stylish reference for the designing part. The combination of descent flower arrangements and types are also inspired by ancient art and culture. Here you can find some ideas of unique floral arrangements at glance.

A Cube of Red Roses and Their Arrangements:
This Valentine’s Day you can look for some unique combinations of Cubes of Red Roses. If you’re looking for a wonderful decorative cube you have three or four options in this category. You can look for a cube of four Red Rose, nine Red Roses or even sixteen Red Roses. And in accordance with number of flowers you have to choose a perfect box citing the number of roses you have. In a stylish box like vase you can put a combination of 9 Red Roses that look more beautiful than that of four or sixteen roses. To surprise your partner to the most; look for these arrangements as they are always a perfect gesture to be exchanged between lovers.

A Wonderful Orchid Arrangement:
If you’re planning to gift your partner with something unique as far as floral arrangement is concerned, you can always look a Vanda-Orchid arrangement. They are stylish, wonderful, and even elegant. They look perfect in combinations and as a bouquet they are a perfect gesture of love to your loved ones. You can also decorate this floral arrangement of Orchids with either of pink color antique Carnation or even with elegant Sea-Holly Flowers.

Vanguard Artisan Arrangement:
Look for Vanguard Artisan Arrangement of flowers that will take recipients’ breath away. It is certainly one of the most adored floral arrangements in modern times and can be a marvelous gesture for your nearest and dearest. A beautiful bouquet of different flowers likes Orchids, tulips, Calla or even Carnations can certainly impress anyone with their innocent beauty. A combination inspired by artistic culture and practices is certainly a treat for recipient and it has a power to adore anyone with their timeless artistry. As that name Vanguard Artisan Arrangement suggests an ethereal floral arrangement that has a power to attract anyone with their pristine beauty and sanctity. Go for this option as it can be a unique never seen gesture for anyone.

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Valentine Gifts Hamper – A Gift Full Of Little-Little Joys!

Come cherish the eternal of bond of love shared between two loving hearts with impressive Valentine Gift Hampers. Since love is best expressed with a gift that comes with a surprise, thus get Valentine Gifts Hamper Delivery in USA to surprise the special one. For more gift ideas visit at

Be Creative this Valentine’s Day with Your Valentine Gifts!

valentine gifts

You can say I love you to your valentine in many romantic and meaning full ways. Action speak louder than words and you can do something creative to show how you really feel for your beloved wife. You can become a hero without uttering a single word, by just creatively expressing your emotions.

Here are some creative valentine gifts for wife that you can make yourself:

Design a Love Calendar

You can make a personalized calendar using your twelve most romantic photographs, one for each month. Every other month, each photograph would remind you of the good times spent together. Selecting some of the best photographs for the calendar would keep your wife reminded of the things you did for her even when you people have a fight.

Make a “Things I Love About You” Booklet

You can write all the good things about your spouse, one in each page of the booklet like ‘You motivated me to join the gym and now I have the fittest body’, ‘You make the best pasta’ and many more. Get spiral binding of all the notes together to complete the booklet. You can write as many as you can and gift wrap it beautifully before you present it. It is one of the best valentine gifts for wife( This would be one of the ideal valentine gifts from wife.

I Love You in Different Languages

It is very natural to say “I love you” in English. But have you ever thought how it would be in different languages? Yes, you can show this to your spouse that language is not the barrier to express your love for her. You can learn it in different languages like Finnish, Russian, French and many more. Take help from the Omniglot, a language site which shows “I love you” spelled in more than 200 languages.

Express it on Social Media

You can publicly express your love for your wife in social media. This is a less subtle way to convey things, but it would definitely be liked by your wife. Wives like to be praised in front of public and posting on social media is more or less like shouting from the mountaintops. Nowadays people use social media to show special gestures to their wives. This generates a huge confidence in wives for their relationship.

A Musical Way to Express Your Love

You can write a short poem or a romantic song for her. Some people have the inherent talent and you can try to learn guitar, saxophone or some other instrument especially to impress your spouse. Even if you don’t like singing or not very good at it; you can play her favourite songs and recite some poetry for her.

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5 Cute Cushions to Give as Valentine Week Gifts!!

Valentine week is around the corner. Being a dedicated lover, you are searching for romantic Valentine Week gifts. One can find that the market place is flooded with heart shape products, red colour stuffs and flower bouquets. You have already given her traditional romantic gifts like bunch of roses, heart shape chocolate box, soft toys and lovely greeting cards.

valentine week giftsThis time think different and give her something unique and lasting valentine gift. How about plush cushion! Comfortable cushions are adorable as well as purposeful gifts. Here are some amazing romantic cushion choices for your loving partner:

1.     Valentine Hug Me Cushion
Let your beloved girlfriend be surprised with this impressive valentine hug me cushion. Valentine’s week gives you a perfect opportunity to win her heart. Convey your heartily emotions with this adorable HD printed cushion. This cushion has text “Hug Me” printed in bold letters on the cushion. This would give her right signals that you imagine her romantically.

2.    Love You Cushion
This valentine, be loud and clear. Express your heartfelt feelings and emotions by sending Love You Cushion. Make your girlfriend feel top of the world by telling her how much she means to you. This cushion has a graphics image of a couple on the black base with a romantic text – I will never let you go.

3.    Kiss me cushion
Cherish each and every moment spent with your spouse by giving them this romantic cushion. This lovely cushion is made from premium quality of fabric and cotton. This would be a lasting valentine gift for them. This digitally printed cushion would help you to convey your passionate emotions towards them. A wonderful tag is also given with the cushion.

4.    Pink Love Cushion
Other than red colour, pink is also considered as Valentine week colour. Women also love pink coloured stuffs. Thus on this valentine, get this special cushion for the special lady in your life. This is a nice romantic gift for your wife r girlfriend who is fond of pink colour.

5.    Love Is You Cushion
Personalised gifts make nice valentine gifts. They hold a special significance and lasting sentimental value. Select a lovely text along with a high quality image to the gift seller. They would get this cushion ready to deliver within a few days.

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5 Exciting Ways to Present a Special Gift Surprise!!

vdapkdg01Have you brought a special gift for your loved ones? Now you are thinking how to make it a happening gift by presenting it in a special way. Here are five wonderful ways to turn gift-receiving experience simply amazing for the dear one.

1.    The Unexpected Delivery Of Gift

If your loved one is staying in Germany, then online delivery of gifts is the best option. You can surprise the recipient by not letting them know you are sending a gift surprise. Send gifts to Germany ( for all occasions & festivals like Birthday, Anniversary, and Valentine’s Day. Online stores have vast network of delivery all over international places. They would deliver your gift on time and desired destination. The unexpected delivery of gift can be done directly at the receiver’s home or at their work place. It would be a pleasant surprise for them to receive an unexpected gift. Send online gifts at

2.    Fake-Out Packaging

The trick here is to present the actual gift in disguise of a fake gift. It means sowing the seeds of disappointment first, then turning it into an exciting experience. Start with a least expecting gift surprise. For instance you can present a stylish wrist watch inside a coffee mug box. So that the recipient would first get the perception for a mug as gift, but when they would open the packaging they would be shocked to discover an expensive watch inside it. Similarly you can try out a number of disguising tactics to hide the surprise gift within a false gift.

3.    Multiple Times Gifts Packing

This funny technique would take a little more extra effort but surely double up the excitement of receiving gift. Rather than giving a single wrapped gift you can pack the gifts multiple times. First with an envelope, then with newspaper, glossy plastic sheet and then place it in a gift box & tie with a bow. The idea is to first annoy your friend like a crazy and then they would be overjoyed to open the actual gift.

4.    The Unexpected Discovery

Instead of giving a gift straight away, you can let the recipient to discover on their own. You can place the gift around the corner of the room or inside a drawer. Other places to keep gift are inside the medicine box, kitchen cabinet and inside the wardrobe. Make sure your loved one would find the gift on time. Don’t place the gift on an isolated place and keep them inaccessible to kids & pets (otherwise it may get torn).

5.    Their Special Place

Just think of the familiar spots that carry same for you and your loving partner. These memory packed locations can really set theme of giving the gift. For instance, take her to the place where you people met for the first time. On a beach locale, where you proposed her and she said yes. These special locales would always carry a special significance for her. Thus, why do not you present her the gift on such special place? It would be a heart touching experience for her. She would admire you over the fact that you remembered this special place.

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14 Ways to Mesmerise your Valentine with A Dozen of Roses!!

Love is in the air as Valentine’s Day is approaching fast. One of the most popular valentine gift ideas is to present roses to loved ones. Roses for Valentine’s Day are the best flower to show your deep love and passion towards your loving partner. Just like colour of roses, the quantity also matters and carries a special message. A dozen of red roses symbolises true & committed love.


Here are some unique & romantic ways to give a dozen to red roses to your partner.

1.    Write a love letter to your partner and give 100 of kisses along with dozen of roses.
2.    Get 11 red roses and one white rose to signify that your love is as pure like white rose and as intense like red roses.
3.    Place 12 roses at different corners of the home with a love note. They would have 12 happy reasons while finding each rose with a romantic message on the valentine eve.
4.    Place a single rose on the centre table of the living room and they would be surprised to know that the huge bouquet of 11 roses is waiting in the bedroom.
5.    You can scatter all the red rose petals on the satin covered bed. Light up a dozen of aromatic candles and turn on some soft music.
6.     Make a trail of roses starting from the front door to the dining room where you have arranged a romantic candle light dinner. Leave another trail of roses from dining table to bed room.
7.    Arrange 12 roses around a cute teddy bear in form of heart shape and Say I Love you to your sweetheart.
8.     Get a photo album and compile all the pictures of both of you. Tie a beautiful ribbon around the album & a dozen of roses.
9.    Write down 12 reasons “why do I love you” on different placards. Give each placard with a rose.
10.    Get a wooden box and fill it with red rose petals and place a beautiful proposal ring at the centre. She would get the signal that you desire to be in a committed relationship with her.
11.    Get a beautiful basket and fill it with heart shape little chocolates & rose potpourri. She would love to take out delectable chocolates from the basket each time.
12.    Keep a red rose on the car seat of your partner. They would be delighted to find a lovely rose before leaving for the work. Send rest of the roses at their office and make them feel special.
13.    Write a love letter and put it inside a beautiful glass bottle. Place the bottle in the bath tub filled with water and floating red rose petals. Let your partner find out your love letter in a most romantic way.
14.    Get 10 numbers of red roses and 2 yellow roses to signify that you are not only in love with them but also consider them as your best friend.

So these are 14 amazing ways to give a dozen of red roses to your partner. Log on to and buy red rose bouquets for your valentine. This online flower store is providing premium roses in various colours. Also check out valentine gifts, greetings cards, cakes, chocolate hampers and teddy bear.

8 Fashionable Accessories that makes Great Valentine Gifts for Girlfriend!!

valentine gifts for girlfriend

Are you confused what to present your girlfriend on this valentine? Women like to carry fancy accessories along with their attire. This time you can consider buying fashionable accessory for your ladylove.

Here are amazing ideas for valentine gifts for girlfriend:

1.       Cool Sunglasses
Classic pair of sexy sunglasses ranks on the top, when it comes to women accessories. A cool pair of sunglasses can make her look hot and arise the temperature. You are in love with her big and beautiful eyes. Sunglasses would protect her eyes from harmful UV rays. You can get gladiator style glasses or oversized pair of glasses in black.

2.       Scarf
A beautiful scarf is a must have accessory in her wardrobe. She can carry the scarf with her tees and your kurti. She can also cover her hair on a bad hair day and even use the scarf for covering her face from sun exposure. A long scarf can be used in a number of ways. Choose a trendy scarf for her in leopard print, red & black checks and floral prints.

3.       Ballet Flats
A pair of flat shoes is much more comfortable all the time than heels. Ballet flats are trendy shoes to complete any look. She can team up with a pair of jeans, skirts, one piece or shorts. It goes well with most of the attire. These shoes can be put on in formal and informal occasions. Black is the obvious choice, red ballet flats look eye popping and attractive. Brown is another nice colour.

4.       Bags
Women have special fascination for fancy handbags. They need to carry a lot of stuffs with them when out of home. There are many types of handbags of various sizes. She can carry her house keys, cell phone, makeup, wallet, personal sanitary products and MP3 player.

5.       Earrings
Girls like to wear earrings to accentuate their beauty of face. Beautiful pair of earrings makes nice women accessories. It hardly matters if your girlfriend has pierced ears or not. You can get earrings with push system. Explore beautiful range of ear tops, danglers and hanging rings for her. Long and hoop earrings are in fashion these days. She can carry it with a noodle strap dress, casual tee & jeans.

6.       Statement Necklaces
If she is not fond of large earrings, then you can buy a large pendent. Chunky ornaments in various shapes are in fashion these days. Oversized necklaces also look smart and trendy. She can team up with traditional salwar suit or even with trendy skirt & top. You can also personalize this necklace by engraving her name or a cute text like “Love You”.

7.       Watch
A fancy wristwatch always makes a nice style statement. It is functional and fashionable as well. Every woman should owe a timeless piece of watch to adorn her beautiful wrist. Choose from chronograph, analogue or sporty range of watches according to her personality.

8.       Rings
Add some oomph factor on her slim & beautiful fingers. A big and bold ring would attract anyone’s attention. Large & showy cocktails rings are in the fashion nowadays. If she is shy in nature then get small & cute diamond/sterling silver rings for her.

These are eight women fancy accessories that make wonderful valentine gifts. Log on to Giftalove and buy online Valentine gifts in India. Explore large collection of gifts for girlfriend, boyfriend, wife and husband.