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6 Romantic Red Roses for Valentine’s Day!!

Red roses for valentine day are the ultimate romantic gift. Roses are perennial shrub plants. There are over 100 of species & different shades. They also make the most preferred floral choice when it comes to gifting purpose. They are also known as romantic flowers thereby widely used in valentine day flower arrangements.

GAIV1537Different colours of roses show special meaning & significance. Red rose stands for beauty & youthful love. Yellow roses signify friendship and affection.  The number of roses also has special significance. A single red rose symbolizes love while a dozen depicts gratitude, 25 red roses signify congratulation and 50 red roses signify unconditional love.

1.    Darcey Rose

It is a very popular variety of rose. It appears one of the best and healthiest rose amongst the lot. The beautiful bloom opens to reveals all the petals inside the bud. Darcey is the brightest red rose coloured flower. It has a light fruity scent. This flower is the best choice for Valentine’s Day, weddings and anniversaries.

2.    Chrysler Imperial Rose

This type of rose is one of the magnificent and ravishing roses found in nature. It consists of large red buds that bloom into deep, velvety and enlarged petals. This rose species has thick stem, thorn free stem with dark green leaves. This flower is sure to capture the recipient’s heart and eyes. This dark green hybrid flower of rose is fragrant & has strong smell. This rose species blooms from late spring to fall. This is a long stemmed rose blossom that would help you to create a lasting impression on someone special.

3.    Adrenalin Rose

Adrenalin rose is an ideal example of stunning and beautiful rose flower. It is a lovely red rose flower with elongated and thorn less stem. It’s dark green foliage look simply beautiful and adds up extra beauty. This rose species can be used for decoration purpose.

4.    Amalia Rose

This rose species plant produces dark red bloom and short stem. The cute bud opens into classic cup shaped petals. Amalia Roses are found with golden stamen in small clusters. The foliage is greyish green in colour with medium size leaves. This rose has charming scent and natural fragrance. This rose would look terrific on valentine bouquet, candle light dinner table as a center piece, flower bouquets & arrangement.

5.    Eternity Red Rose

Eternity red rose appear marvellous and bold red rose bloom. This is exquisitely placed in royal bouquet arrangements. It comes with lush green foliages and attractive accents. It has firebrick red shades of petals. The flower blossom takes place every year from summer to spring. Its fragrance is very sweet and much similar to regular red roses. The flower bouquets having eternity red rose is going capture attention of receiver. This red rose goes very well with white & pink roses and wedding floral decoration.

6.     Samourai Rose

It is a large red rose with velvety soft touch petals. It has semi matte green leaves surrounded with deep colour of green leaves. It is oval buds are large in shape & known as double petals roses. Samourai Rose is a thorn less and appropriate for making fresh flower bouquets. It has a very mild scent. The rose is naturally disease & pest resistance.

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Basket of Mixed Flowers:
For the one who has thrown a party for any sort of cheerful celebration, what else can be much better gifting option then a basket of colorful mixed flowers? In fact it can be nothing better to greet your dear ones with such a lovely gift. Thus here on the portal there is variety of options for the same.

Bunch of Red Roses:
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Purple Orchid’s Bouquet:
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Pink Carnation Flowers Bunch:
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Yellow Lilies in a Bunch:
Another very lucrative flower option is a bunch of yellow lilies. Lily is one of the most beautiful ornamental flowers that is been used for gifting in bunch, basket and bouquet from long ago. Here customers have a vast choice for bright yellow lilies that are also one of the perfect gifting options.

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This Valentine’s Day Express Your Love in A Traditional Way with a Bunch of Red Roses

Love,it is believed has no language. Having said that, it does not necessarily mean it’s dumb or deaf. The language of love is universal and cuts across all barriers of time, country or religion. On 14th February every year, the world celebrates the religion of love all over the world.

valentine flowers

14thFebruary or Valentine’s day as it is popularly known, is a day reserved for people who still believes that it is love that makes the world go around.  Every year various companies come up with different kinds of gift ideas for our beloved. However till date a bunch of 12 red roses has remained the most preferred and popular method of expressing love among couples.

Even though red roses are preferred, you can definitely get creative with your choice and gift your loved one rose bouquet of differently colour roses. If you are a looking to buy a midnight surprise gift for your girlfriend you can safely place your bet on bunch of pink or red roses along with a box of chocolates or teddy bear.  If you are a girl, do not feel worried.  Boys love flowers, as much as girls do. You can buy red roses in a heart shape design and opt for online flower delivery from

Valentine day is not only meant for couples who are married or dating.  It can also be celebrated with your best friend or someone from the family with whom you might share a very close bond. Instead of a heart shaped flowers arrangement for your valentine, you can settle for some demure gifts like greetings cards, designer bags, books and other such stuff.

According to a survey, interesting facts have surfaced regarding valentine day, where it has been found that online flower delivery on Valentine’s Day eve, still remains the most popular method among people for showing their love. On the occasion of Valentine’s Day it has been observed that men tend to have a big heart. In most cases they are willing to spend double than what women are willing to spend. Interestingly, they do not expect much from their significant other as return gift. So, if you happen to be a member of the fairer sex, then expect some big time papering from your husband or boyfriend.

When looking for gifts for your husband or boyfriend, always opt for utility items like watches, car chargers and shaving kits. Men, unlike woman do not prefer heart shape flowers arrangements for valentine day, since flowers tend to wilt away easily and do not serve any purpose.

6+ Lovely Romantic Valentine Gift Ideas You Must Know!

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valentine_giftLove is a beautiful feeling that is felt by heart. So for this feeling of love, Valentine’s Day comes as an opportunity to get revived and a meaning. For years back people have been celebrating Valentine’s Day that is the day of love for the people in love and still among the lovers, Valentine’s Day is a day of great importance.

For some it is a day of confessing love whereas for some it is the day of reviving the feeling of love all again and for many it is a day to start a beautiful relationship of love. And to turn this romantic day of love more loving and exciting, Valentine gifts do wonders. It is the token of love that a lover gifts his/her beloved.

Thus for every lover in the search of best Romantic Valentine Gifts, here are some amazing suggestions:

Heart Shape Photo frame:

For your sweetheart with whom you have been into sweet relationship of love for years what else can be better framing a beautiful and memorable click of togetherness in a heart shape Photo Frame. She would definitely love this memorable token of love.

Box of Heart Shape Chocolates:

To give a start to a new relationship, a heart shape box of heart shape chocolates is simply the most perfect gifting option to choose for gifting. Not only you can gift it to confess your love to your sweetheart and can also enjoy many romantic moments together while sharing chocolates together.

A Love Bracelet:

For the guy you love or for the lady love yours, a love bracelet is not just a cute little gesture to express your commitment but also a beautiful gift to make her feel special every time he/she see it on the wrist.

Message Bottle Set:

If you are planning to confess your love to someone special then this is the time choose gifting and surprising your sweetheart with a glass Message Bottle set. It is a gift that is inclusive of few glass bottles each containing a message of love.

Cosmetic Hamper:

For your sweetheart whom you love and care then its best to cheer her up with a cosmetic hampers. Not only it’s a useful gift but also a perfect to gift to express your sense of care to your sweetheart whom you love the most. In fact she would love such a useful gift that can help her look beautiful in front of you and all time.

Pack of 6 ‘I Love You’ Cup Cakes:

Other then chocolates if you are searching for sweet Valentine gift then gifting a pack of chocolaty pack of 6 I Love You cupcakes would not just make him/her feel wow but also make him/her appreciate this romantic gift idea of gifting cupcakes over chocolates.

Personalized Pillow:

For your Mr. Right or lady love another very much perfect gifting option is this Personalized Pillow. Any gift that is personalized becomes a bit special. Thus on the special day of Valentine, a Personalized Pillow featuring a picture of your beloved clicked with you will be a perfect token of love for him/her from you.

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9 Romantic Valentine’s Day Flowers other than Roses!!

Are you planning to give beautiful blossoms to your love interest on this Valentine’s?  Here are some beautiful suggestions for Valentine’s Day flowers to deliver:

valentines day flowersRoses always dominate when it comes to Valentine Day Flower Bouquets. They beautifully deliver the message of romantic love and fondness towards the receiver. There are many other charming blossoms for Valentine’s Day to express your passionate feelings for someone special.

1.     Orchids

Exotic orchid bouquets really make impressive floral bouquet for Valentine. This refreshing fragrance captures the essence of loving heart and appears very appealing. Graceful and elegant, orchids are the symbol of beauty and charm. It would be a nice Valentine gift for your sweet wife.

2.    Garden Roses

These beautiful and colourful garden roses are an ideal Valentine’s Day gift for your close friend, mom, and your bubbly girlfriend.

3.     Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera daisies bring joy & happiness with its mesmerising beauty. It would mystify your beloved girlfriend on this Valentine’s Day. Daisies look big and beautiful. Reputed online stores offer colourful gerberas and beautiful daisies in attractive bouquets & floral vase.

4.    Irises

Irises come in a number of colours but the most common colour found in nature is deep blue. Irises stand for appreciation & courage. It makes a unique gift for your special Valentine.

5.    Stargazer Lilies

The Stargazer lily is another elegant and striking flower found in nature. Its heavenly fragrance & dramatic appearance would mesmerize your Valentine like anything else.

6.    Carnations

Carnations have lovely appeal and come with long stem. They are also considered as popular valentine flowers among lovers. They come in various colours like baby pink, magenta, red, violet, white, maroon and blue.

7.    Tulips

Tulips signify a declaration of love. So if you are thinking to propose your best friend on this valentine, then opt for tulip. She would get the right hint to become romantically involved with you. Make a bold statement by giving beautiful tulips.

8.    Sunflowers

Sunflowers are iconic symbols of loyalty and sunny appearance. They look cheerful and joyful always to the recipient. A big & bold bouquet of blossoms would help you to make a remarkable statement of love on this Valentine.

9.    Liliac

These flowers undoubtedly look aesthetically appealing and out of the world. They have four petals & are purple/white colour beauties. They are found growing in bunch. Florists say Liliac stands for “Do you still love me”?

These are nine beautiful Valentine’s Day flowers. Remember that fresh blossoms can show a lot of unspoken emotions. You can give flowers to say I Love You, I Miss You; I am Sorry as well as for express your fondness towards the receiver.

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