Top 10 Diwali Sugary & Spicy Recipe – You Can’t Miss!!

diwali-gifts-hamperDiwali is the popular and auspicious festival in India. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm and anticipation every year.  People like to light their house with Diwali candles, diyas and lamps. Diwali is also a festive time to gorge on delicious sweets and snacks. Here are some lists of sweets & snacks for this Diwali. This festive season, send Diwali gifts to UK along with traditional sweets and salty snacks for your dear ones in UK.

1.    Gulkand Peda

Gulkand Peda is a delicious Indian sweet which is popularly eaten and shared during the festive times. The ingredients are almonds, pista, sugar, gulkand (rose extract), khoya (milk solids) and cardamom. It is absolutely tempting and mouth watering.

2.    Mixture

This is a very popular Indian snack. As its name suggests, it is a mixture a number of lip smacking snacks like puffed rice, fried nuts, fried grams & moong lentils, fried cashew, raisins and other dry fruits.

3.     Sandesh

Sandesh is made from cottage cheese or paneer. It is sweetened and flavored with saffron and pistachios. Chilled Sandesh tastes simply amazing and relishing. Traditional Bengali Sandesh are also made of jaggery.

4.    Murukku South Indian Snack

Murukku is widely prepared and consumed in south Indian households. These crunchy snacks are also gaining popularity in other parts of India. These crispy salty cookies are made and popularly along with sweet delicacies during Diwali time.

5.    Bhajji

The delicious fried slices of vegetables like potato, pumpkin and onion dipped in a masala-bean mixture taste crispy and savoury. Bhajji is a perfect Diwali snack for family.

6.    Moong Dal Halwa

The delicious desert of Moong dal halwa is prepared mostly in North Indian households during Diwali. It is made of Moong lentils, sugar and pure ghee. It is a light yellow colour traditional delicacies.

7.    Bonda

Bonda is a popular and traditional South India spicy snack. Its sweet version is also available and mostly consumed in Kerala. It is a warm, spicy, oval shape salty snack is fried in groundnut oil.

8.    Samosa

Samosas is quite popular in North India. It is yummy and spicy snacks. Samosa is filling and energizing. These are deeply fried and triangular patties with vegetable filling. Tasty samosa are popularly eaten during tea time. They also make excellent snacks during festival time like Diwali.

9.    Kalakand

Kalakand is a popular Northern Indian sweet dessert. It is made from Paneer (cottage cheese) and solidified milk. It is eaten by all very fondly during all special festival and occasions. There are many other variants of kalakand like Chocolate kalakand, pista kalakand and saffron kalakand.

10.     Masala Peanuts

Masala peanuts are a crunchy and mouth watering South Indian snack. Spicy and fried peanuts have good shelf life.

So these are some popular Diwali recipe. If you don’t have time to prepare Diwali dishes at home, then log on to and buy top quality of sweets, dry fruits and chocolates at best price range. Also send Diwali Gifts to India, UK, USA and other international places without any hassles.


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