6 Beautiful Types of Diwali Candles –Deliverable to USA!!

candles-for-diwaliDiwali is primarily the festival of lights. This year is falling on 11th of November 2015. On this day, each Indian houses light up their houses with beautiful diyas and diwali candles. Online stores offer beautiful types of candles in various patterns. This year if you are planning to send diwali gifts to USA to your friend, then send Diwali candle set to them. They are wonderful Diwali gifts.
Here are special types of Diwali candles that can make ideal Diwali gifts.

1. Colourful candles

Candles set having multi coloured waxes are in trend this festive season. A multicolored candle set comprising to waxes inred, yellow, green, blue and white etc. can really appear stunning and aesthetically pleasant on Diwali night. You can also send additional goodies like traditional sweets along with candles for your friend in USA.

2. Terracotta candles

Yes you heard it right! Waxes sticking inside the terracotta lamps look traditional & classy. They have royal in appearance due to beautiful craft work on it. They look like traditional diyas and top of that they don’t need oil and ghee for lighting. These candles come in different number of sets. Buy set of 6, 12 or 20 or 50 via online portals. These ethnic looking terracotta candles are be delivered to USA.

3. Electric Candles

Electric candles are another impressive Diwali gifts. When switched online electric candles looks like electric fountains. They come in different neon lights and really look stunning. Get electric candles in blue, red, golden or green variations from online Diwali stores. You can also send crispy dry fruits along with electric candles to your friend in USA.

4. Gel Candles

Gel candles in jelly texture looks cute and beautiful. These candles are made of different kind of waxes. They look contemporary and don’t leave behind messy wax marks unlike common wax candles.

5. Decorative Glittering candles
This is another brilliant variant for glittering candles. These wax candles are coated with golden or silver coloured sparkles all over around. Buy & send sparking glittering candles on this Diwali to your friend. It is a nice Diwali gift 2015. Also send additive gifts like delicious chocolates and soanpapdi hamper for your friend.

6. Aromatic candles

Aromatic candles are becoming quite popular nowadays. These candles are made of essential oils and thereby release enchanting aroma and enriched fragrance. Some popular aromatic candles come in flavours of Jasmine, Lavender, Roses, Rosemary and Chamomile. You can also send other Diwali decorative items along with aromatic candles.

So these are six types of Diwali candles. Leading gifts e-stores offers various types of online candles in different colours and shapes. Log on to diwali.giftalove.com and send Diwali gifts to India, USA, UK and Canada.


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