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Why Diwali Silver Gifts are Auspicious Since Time Immemorial?

Since time immemorial, the one metal that has widely been associated with the festival of Diwali is perhaps silver. Silver items have been the ultimate choices as Diwali gifts since long time back. It is said that silver wards off evil spirits (as you would have seen in many Hollywood movies that silver can kill Vampires), hence it is said to be an auspicious metal. Even, at this point, people exchange silver items as Diwali gifts with same spirit and fervor.

Here is an explanation about excellent Silver Gifts For Diwali. Take a look….


Silver Puja Thali for Diwali: Embellished and engraved with beautiful patterns, a silver thali for diwali despite being a stunning gift, serves the purpose of worship too. A thali contains all the essentials for Lakshmi Ganesh puja like silver katori, silver kalash, silver coin, roli, chawal, kumkum, diya, sweets, and more. Being a perfect spiritual…

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Make your Own Diwali Gift Hampers at Home!

Its Easy and Safe to Make your Own Diwali Gift Hampers at Home!

As the most awaited celebration, Diwali is here, the whole ambiance is amicably willed with revelry, fun and festivity. What’s about you? Are you done with your Diwali gift ideas or still looking? Still there is one week to pick some amazing souvenirs for loved ones or make your own Diwali Gift Hampers. If you want to save money in this unstable economic world to sustain your budget without going overboard with your shopping spirit, consider following ideas.


It’s quite simple to make your own gift hampers for Diwali. Here we go with the ideas…….

Planning is the mother of something very creative

To begin with the first step, think of who do you want to give this diwali hamper to. If it’s a family member, friend or a close one, give something that he/she would love to have. If your gift hamper is meant for corporate, give something…

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Top 10 Diwali Sugary & Spicy Recipe – You Can’t Miss!!

diwali-gifts-hamperDiwali is the popular and auspicious festival in India. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm and anticipation every year.  People like to light their house with Diwali candles, diyas and lamps. Diwali is also a festive time to gorge on delicious sweets and snacks. Here are some lists of sweets & snacks for this Diwali. This festive season, send Diwali gifts to UK along with traditional sweets and salty snacks for your dear ones in UK.

1.    Gulkand Peda

Gulkand Peda is a delicious Indian sweet which is popularly eaten and shared during the festive times. The ingredients are almonds, pista, sugar, gulkand (rose extract), khoya (milk solids) and cardamom. It is absolutely tempting and mouth watering.

2.    Mixture

This is a very popular Indian snack. As its name suggests, it is a mixture a number of lip smacking snacks like puffed rice, fried nuts, fried grams & moong lentils, fried cashew, raisins and other dry fruits.

3.     Sandesh

Sandesh is made from cottage cheese or paneer. It is sweetened and flavored with saffron and pistachios. Chilled Sandesh tastes simply amazing and relishing. Traditional Bengali Sandesh are also made of jaggery.

4.    Murukku South Indian Snack

Murukku is widely prepared and consumed in south Indian households. These crunchy snacks are also gaining popularity in other parts of India. These crispy salty cookies are made and popularly along with sweet delicacies during Diwali time.

5.    Bhajji

The delicious fried slices of vegetables like potato, pumpkin and onion dipped in a masala-bean mixture taste crispy and savoury. Bhajji is a perfect Diwali snack for family.

6.    Moong Dal Halwa

The delicious desert of Moong dal halwa is prepared mostly in North Indian households during Diwali. It is made of Moong lentils, sugar and pure ghee. It is a light yellow colour traditional delicacies.

7.    Bonda

Bonda is a popular and traditional South India spicy snack. Its sweet version is also available and mostly consumed in Kerala. It is a warm, spicy, oval shape salty snack is fried in groundnut oil.

8.    Samosa

Samosas is quite popular in North India. It is yummy and spicy snacks. Samosa is filling and energizing. These are deeply fried and triangular patties with vegetable filling. Tasty samosa are popularly eaten during tea time. They also make excellent snacks during festival time like Diwali.

9.    Kalakand

Kalakand is a popular Northern Indian sweet dessert. It is made from Paneer (cottage cheese) and solidified milk. It is eaten by all very fondly during all special festival and occasions. There are many other variants of kalakand like Chocolate kalakand, pista kalakand and saffron kalakand.

10.     Masala Peanuts

Masala peanuts are a crunchy and mouth watering South Indian snack. Spicy and fried peanuts have good shelf life.

So these are some popular Diwali recipe. If you don’t have time to prepare Diwali dishes at home, then log on to and buy top quality of sweets, dry fruits and chocolates at best price range. Also send Diwali Gifts to India, UK, USA and other international places without any hassles.

Perfect Five Diwali Gifts Ideas to Gift & Greet Employees!

Getting that perfect idea for Diwali Gifts for employees is not an easy task on every Diwali celebration but you did not need to worry as Giftalove that is one of the renowned online gifting websites of India has come up with its extensive collection of online Diwali Gifts for employees in India. All you need is to explore the gifts range of the portal.

The time when Diwali is nearby, one thought that confuses a lot is the idea for Diwali Gifts. In India, Diwali is the name for the festival of lights that is celebrated every year with great zeal and excitement. The festival is a day symbolizing the triumph of Good over Bad and is one of the best days of celebration for the entire nation. And gifting is one of the most important rituals of the festival of Diwali.

DWGAL205_Thus for the ones who are finding it difficult to search the best Diwali gifts for employees, here are some quirky ideas for the same:

Dry Fruits Potli with Sweets:

For the employees, Dry fruits Potli with Sweets is a perfect delightful Diwali gift options to choose and buy online. It is that perfect gifting option that is sure to bring that cheerful smile of happiness on your employees. After all it’s a delightful Diwali gift combo.

Silver Bowl Set with Spoon:

If you desire to gift something valuable and useful to your employees, then just think no more and gift your employees a silver bowl set with spoon that they will love to get greeted on Diwali. It’s one of the most impressive and valuable Diwali gift options.

Traditional Diyas with Delightful Sweets:

For the traditional Indian festival, the combo of traditional decorative Diyas with Traditional Indian sweets is one of the most perfect Diwali gift option to surprise your employees on Diwali. Apart from lighting home, the combo is sure to fill many fun filled moments in the fest over sweets.

Home Décor Gifts:

Ranging from designer candles to colorful Diwali Lanterns, artistic wall hangings, decorative lamps, artistic Laxmi Ganesh idols and much more is there to choose and present employees or clients as Corporate Diwali gifts.

Basket of Chocolates with Crackers:

A Chocolate Burst Combo that is a basket of delightful Chocolates with Crackers is simply the best Diwali gifting options to add more happiness and fun into the festival of lights for your employees. It’s in fact one of the most relevant and preferred Diwali gift option to choose for surprising employees with.

Thus time on Diwali, just think no more to make your visit to that is inclusive of many such lucrative Diwali gift options to make choice for. Also the portal is a perfect platform to send online Diwali gifts worldwide and across the country as well.

4 Awesome Karwa Chauth Sargi Gifts for Your Bahu!!

Karwa Chauth the auspicious festival of Hindu married women in India. It is around the corner. This year it will be celebrating on 30th of October 2015. Thus it is the perfect time to start preparing for the Karwa Chauth festival. The important feature of this occasion is buying Sargi for Karwa Chauth day. Married women get up early in the morning before the sunrise. They eat Sargi to sustain the day long fast. Sargi is given by a mother in law to her daughter in law and blesses her to have a happy & long life with her husband.

karwa-chauth-sargiAfter moon rise wife opens her fast by performing special pooja for her hubby. In return, husband brings Karwa Chauth Gifts for wife .

So on this pious occasion you must be thinking to give additional Karwa Chauth gifts hamper along with sargi to your beloved daughter in law. Here are some amazing Karwa Chauth gift choices for your Bahu.

1. Idols of Shree Ganesha

Lord Ganesha is revered by every Hindu family. Shree Ganpati is known to fill life with joy and prosperity and removes all hurdles in life. Thus you can give beautiful sculpture of God Ganesha to your bahu. Shower her life with divine blessings of Lord Ganesha on this festive season. Get online idols of Ganesha at best price on e-stores. You can get amazing statues of Shree Ganesha in various materials like Wooden, Stone, metallic and ceramic and transparent glass.

2. Beauty Kit

If you are planning to gift something purposeful, then a beauty hamper is a nice Karwa Chauth gift. Being married women, your daughter in law would love to look beautiful and gorgeous on the Karwa Chauth night. Buy and send online cosmetic hamper comprises of all the beauty enhancing items. A nice cosmetic hamper comes with body lotions, bathing gel, scrubs, lipsticks, mascara, eye liner and hair care products. This kind of Karwa Chauth gift along with sargi would make a great option.

3. Diamond jewellery

Well this Karwa Chauth if you wish to give something precious and exquisite to your lovely daughter in law then go for a diamond jewel piece. She would definitely get excited and happy to receive such a wonderful present. You can get diamond solitaire ring, necklace, bangles, bracelet or stunning pair of diamond earrings.

4. Personalized Gold Pendent

If you are looking to gift something personalized to your bahu, then a gold pendant with her initials inscribed on it would be a nice gift. Gold is considered to be very auspicious for every occasion. Get a beautiful designer pendant or locket. Put her and your son’s image inside the pendant. This would be a lasting and memorable personalized Karwa Chauth gift.

So these are some awesome Karwa Chauth gifts that can be gifted along with sargi thali to your daughter in law. Log on to and buy special gift hampers. This online store has great network of delivery chain in India as well as overseas.

6 Beautiful Types of Diwali Candles –Deliverable to USA!!

candles-for-diwaliDiwali is primarily the festival of lights. This year is falling on 11th of November 2015. On this day, each Indian houses light up their houses with beautiful diyas and diwali candles. Online stores offer beautiful types of candles in various patterns. This year if you are planning to send diwali gifts to USA to your friend, then send Diwali candle set to them. They are wonderful Diwali gifts.
Here are special types of Diwali candles that can make ideal Diwali gifts.

1. Colourful candles

Candles set having multi coloured waxes are in trend this festive season. A multicolored candle set comprising to waxes inred, yellow, green, blue and white etc. can really appear stunning and aesthetically pleasant on Diwali night. You can also send additional goodies like traditional sweets along with candles for your friend in USA.

2. Terracotta candles

Yes you heard it right! Waxes sticking inside the terracotta lamps look traditional & classy. They have royal in appearance due to beautiful craft work on it. They look like traditional diyas and top of that they don’t need oil and ghee for lighting. These candles come in different number of sets. Buy set of 6, 12 or 20 or 50 via online portals. These ethnic looking terracotta candles are be delivered to USA.

3. Electric Candles

Electric candles are another impressive Diwali gifts. When switched online electric candles looks like electric fountains. They come in different neon lights and really look stunning. Get electric candles in blue, red, golden or green variations from online Diwali stores. You can also send crispy dry fruits along with electric candles to your friend in USA.

4. Gel Candles

Gel candles in jelly texture looks cute and beautiful. These candles are made of different kind of waxes. They look contemporary and don’t leave behind messy wax marks unlike common wax candles.

5. Decorative Glittering candles
This is another brilliant variant for glittering candles. These wax candles are coated with golden or silver coloured sparkles all over around. Buy & send sparking glittering candles on this Diwali to your friend. It is a nice Diwali gift 2015. Also send additive gifts like delicious chocolates and soanpapdi hamper for your friend.

6. Aromatic candles

Aromatic candles are becoming quite popular nowadays. These candles are made of essential oils and thereby release enchanting aroma and enriched fragrance. Some popular aromatic candles come in flavours of Jasmine, Lavender, Roses, Rosemary and Chamomile. You can also send other Diwali decorative items along with aromatic candles.

So these are six types of Diwali candles. Leading gifts e-stores offers various types of online candles in different colours and shapes. Log on to and send Diwali gifts to India, USA, UK and Canada.

Best 5 Karwa Chauth Gift Ideas to Cheer Up Your Lady Love!

Karwa Chauth Gifts for WifeBeing a husband if the approaching date of Karwa Chauth is making you worried then this blog is sure to relax you right here. We know the matter of confusion that happens with every married in terms of choosing the best Karwa Chauth gifts for Wife. Thus here in the blog we are suggesting many amazing and affectionate gift options to choose gifting your lady love.

Karwa Chauth is here again for all the lovely married ladies to celebrate and express their love to their loving husband in a unique traditional way. Thus husbands get ready to thank your lady love for showing her immense love and care for you with a Karwa Chauth gift.

Well if the idea of Karwa Chauth gift for Wife is making you confused then don’t be this time as you are now at the right place to leave your confusions away and make your beloved wife feel special and loved with a cheerful and an affectionate Karwa Chauth gift. Scroll below to get amazing ideas on Karwa Chauth gifts for Wife, right below here:

Designer Saree:

To impress your lady love on the day of Karwa Chauth, just think no more in gifting a designer Saree to her. No wonder how many she has in her wardrobe, a new one as a Karwa Chauth gift from her loving husband is sure to make her cheer up in joy.

Personalized Canvas:

In order to impress your beloved wife with something special plan to gift a Personalized cushion to her. First get a cushion printed with an adorable picture of you with your wife and pack it nicely. She is sure to love this gift a lot.

Traditional Jewellery:

For your dearest wife, when it is to choose something to bring that instant dazzling smile o her face then it can be nothing much better then choosing a Traditional Jewellery set for her. Just consider the kind of jewellery your beloved loves to wear.

Trendy Clutch Full of Chocolates:

Clutch is one such fashion accessory that your lady love would also love to style her looks with. Thus this Karwa Chauth just get a new designer clutch for her, And to make this clutch an amazing surprise to her, get it filed entirely with chocolates. She would fall in love with you again for such a lovely surprise.

Make Up Kit:

On Karwa Chauth every married women desires to look most beautiful! Thus to help her look her best on the special day, you can gift a Make-Up Kit to her this Karwa Chauth and show your concern of care and love.

Hope these ideas helped you? Well I know it did! But for more such lucrative Karwa Chauth Gifts online, you can log on to that is offering the customers with a wide array of Karwa Chauth gifts, Sargi for Karwa Chauth ( as well as gifts, flowers and cakes for occasions round the year.