9 Beautiful Flowers for Friendship Day!!

Every year friendship day is celebrated on the 1st Sunday of August month. Friendship day 2015 is falling on 2nd August 2015. Are you confused what to gift your close friend on this special day & make them feel special. How about flowers for Friendship day ? Flowers certainly make beautiful surprise. They can be given to convey various emotions and sentiments. Beautiful flowers also express lovely bond of friendship & affection in a most wonderful way.

Check out below what each flowers denotes:

Yellow Roses1. Yellow Roses

Different colour of Roses signifies distinct meanings and yellow shades of roses are considered as friendship flowers. They are popularly given on Friendship day among friends & friendly acquaintances. Yellow roses are exchanged as a sign of great friendship. They appear bright & reflect sunshine feelings around.

2. Chrysanthemum

The word is Greek in origin “Chrys“ means golden and “anthemion,” means flowers. Beautiful chrysanthemums also symbolize friendship, affection & warm feelings. It also portrays honesty, truth, positivity & happiness.

Daisy3. Daisy

Innocent charm, purity, loyal love and cheerfulness are the traits associated with daisies. When combined with yellow gerberas, they look simply charming. If you want to tell your friend how charming & sweet he/she is, then daisy is the right choice for you.

Calla Lilies4. Calla Lilies

These are the exotic lilies that are actually not lilies but commonly known as so. They are usually found in white colour but also exist in other colours like yellow, pink, purple and orange. It symbolizes purity, majesty & elegance.

Carnation5. Carnation

Carnation is a popular choice as Friendship day flowers due to its long-lasting fragrance. Red carnation is associated with friendly love, pink stands for I Miss You, while white portrays pure heart and innocence. Send carnations along with delectable chocolate & turn this friendship day into a memorable day for your faithful friend.

Gladioli6. Gladioli

Gladioli are long stem blooms, which exists in multiple colours in nature. It is traditionally used in floral decoration to achieve elegance and classy flower patterns in special occasions like marriage functions etc. It is known to represent strength of friendship, noble character, virtuous, sincerity and generous.

Daffodils7. Daffodils

Daffodils symbolize new beginnings or fresh starts in the relationship. So if you want to patch up with one of your friend who is really angry on you, get daffodils for him. He will get the right signals and reconcile with you on Friendship day.

Tulips8. Tulips

Tulips comes in various colours such as pick, red, orange and yellow etc. Yellow tulip symbolizes cheerfulness, elegance, forgiveness, royalty as well as perfect bond of friendship.

Iris9. Iris

Iris is another wonderful blossom that denotes the emotions of cherished friendship. It also signifies faith, courage, wisdom, hope, valor & promise of lifetime friendship. When combined with white orchids, iris appears breathtakingly beautiful.

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