9 Special & Exquisite Flavorsome Cakes!!

The word cake is synonymous to rich and creamy taste of sweet confectionary. During ancient times, cake was a small piece of bread & honey spread over it.  There was the dawn of contemporary cakes in the 19th century, thanks to the arrival of specialized cake oven. It has thermostat to maintain the temperature of baking medium. That is the reason why today’s cake is made of thick batter or dough of all purpose flour, eggs, sugar, baking soda & various types of flavorings.  Usually modern day cakes fall into these range.

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Chiffon Cake1.    Chiffon Cake

These delicious cakes are known for their light & fluffy taste. The secret of this light and fluffiness is that the egg whites are separately beaten from the yolks. Vegetable oil instead of butter is used in the dough.

2.    Checkerboard Cake

This is a special kind of butter cake that uses a batter having dual colour & flavor. It is prepared in a way to get the appearance like checkerboard of chess game. Interesting combinations are used such as butterscotch with chocolates or lavender & strawberry in square patterns. When the baked layers get combined and sliced, a checkerboard pattern appears.

Cheesecake3.    Cheesecake

A cheesecake is actually not a cake. It is a custard pie. Cheesecake is traditionally made from thickened cheese, cottage cheese and a variety of other cheese can be used in the crust. It can be topped with different layers of frosting. The recipe may vary from light & airy or heavy & rich. Unlike other cakes cheesecakes but have crispy base.

4.    Chocolate Chambord Cake

Chocolate and raspberry is a match made in heaven. Chambord is known as a brand of raspberry liqueur. This cake is deliciously infused with a dark chocolate sponge with raspberry liqueur. The toppings of bittersweet chocolate ganache icing are used in this cake.

Chocolate Fudge Cake5.    Chocolate Fudge Cake

The basic difference between a chocolate cake and a chocolate fudge cake is the quantity of chocolate used in the recipe. A fudge cake has doubled the amount of chocolate as compare to the usual chocolate cake.

6.    Chocolate Satin Cake

This is a delectable, rich and elegant cake. This version of chocolate cake comes with a moist, dark chocolate layer cake filled and frosted with rich chocolate. The sides are coated with cookie crumbs and the ganache is used to create a scroll pattern throughout the rim.

Coconut Cake7.    Coconut Cake

A classic coconut cake has white or yellow layers (unlike German Chocolate cake which has coconut too). Some people also use butter cream or marshmallow frosting. The cake is covered with freshly grated coconut white. As per the order, there can be variations such as pineapple filling and coconut milk in the smooth batter.

8.    Cassata

Cassata is a traditional version of Sicilian dessert, made from a light-textured sponge cake stuffed with rum-ricotta filling, laced with candied orange peel. It is often served at Easter. The version in this photo has been Americanized to dense chocolate cake, filled with sweetened ricotta cheese and chocolate chips, and iced with fudge frosting.

9.    Charlotte

A charlotte is a molded dessert that can be served cold, frozen & hot. The batter is poured into a mold lined with buttered bread, ladyfinger and frosted with whipped cream.  Frozen charlottes are prepared with frozen mousse. Charlottes can be made with every variety of fruit, chocolate and in holiday flavors like maple and pumpkin.

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