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Rakhi Gifts – Bringing Sheer Joy and Pleasure to the Indefinable Brother-Sister Bond

There is no other relationship that can be so cheerful, exciting, meaningful, naughty and adorable at the same time as that of a brother and sister is. Siblinghood is celebrated on the special day of Raksha Bandhan, also called Rakhi. This is the day when the sister, both younger and elder, ties Rakhi on the wrist of her brother, and the brother makes a promise to protect his sister against all odds.

Rakhi is an important part of Indian culture. It is a festival which marks the unparallel relationship and bond between siblings and highlights the pure essence of this bonding. Like other Indian celebrations, this is one festival that fosters love and togetherness of siblings. On this special day, both brothers as well as their sisters exchange gifts and lots of love.

RAKHI14114But what do you do on the eve of Rakhi, when your brother is far away? Most sisters can be sad and more so, if the brother stays at a distance that is not easy or quick to travel. However, it is now possible to Buy rakhi online and send rakhi gifts to USA in a jiffy. This makes it easy for siblings to have a chance of making the day special for each other.

With the internet to assist you, online rakhi purchase options have increased manifold. You can now send anything you like, to your brother, on rakhi. With chosen gifts and various options for rakhis from GiftaLove, your job becomes easier and least complicated.

Different Types of Rakhis Available Online

So, what have you thought about this rakhi? Do you want to buy rakhi online? In that case, options are plenty. There are some special rakhi collections available in 2015. You can send rakhi as well as rakhi gifts to USA directly through the website. Options for rakhis include Auspicious Rakhi, Designer Rakhi, Bracelet Rakhi, Rudraksha Rakhi and many more.

Auspicious rakhis are the ones that emit a lot of positivity and vibrations in to the life of your brother. By sending this rakhi and rakhi gifts to USA, you can bring some good luck to your brother’s life. Because Raksha Bandhan is such a pious and revered festival in India, the bond should be cherished with love and good luck. Made with threads having religious significance, these rakhis feature the images of God with nice spiritual symbols.

GAIR1464There are designer rakhis – the ones that come with different designs, colours and choice of threads. Often pleasing to the eyes, these rakhis are the mark of tremendous transitions. Created with decorative items and elaborate artwork, these rakhis are simply outstanding. It can become an ever-memorable souvenir too. You can also find the use of flowers, cartoons, caricatures and various other shapes in your chosen designer rakhi.

Finally, the bracelet rakhi is something that has been designed with respect to the structure of a bracelet. It often looks more like jewelry than a rakhi and is special in many ways. For simple reasons, choose and buy rakhi online, and if you are considering bracelet rakhis, check out the amazing collection at GiftaLove. These rakhis are a perfect blend of traditional aspects and modern designs, which makes it awesome. To buy rakhis and send rakhi gifts, visit


9 Special & Exquisite Flavorsome Cakes!!

The word cake is synonymous to rich and creamy taste of sweet confectionary. During ancient times, cake was a small piece of bread & honey spread over it.  There was the dawn of contemporary cakes in the 19th century, thanks to the arrival of specialized cake oven. It has thermostat to maintain the temperature of baking medium. That is the reason why today’s cake is made of thick batter or dough of all purpose flour, eggs, sugar, baking soda & various types of flavorings.  Usually modern day cakes fall into these range.

Before the emergence of e-commerce company nobody has ever imagined to Buy cakes online. Online gifting stores offer Cake delivery in Gurgaon cyber city, Noida, Faridabad and various places in Delhi.

Thus next time you can send online cake on birthday of your dear ones via online mode.  Besides prompt delivery service, they also offer a variety of flavorsome cakes. check out these unique & special cakes flavours offered in online stores.

Chiffon Cake1.    Chiffon Cake

These delicious cakes are known for their light & fluffy taste. The secret of this light and fluffiness is that the egg whites are separately beaten from the yolks. Vegetable oil instead of butter is used in the dough.

2.    Checkerboard Cake

This is a special kind of butter cake that uses a batter having dual colour & flavor. It is prepared in a way to get the appearance like checkerboard of chess game. Interesting combinations are used such as butterscotch with chocolates or lavender & strawberry in square patterns. When the baked layers get combined and sliced, a checkerboard pattern appears.

Cheesecake3.    Cheesecake

A cheesecake is actually not a cake. It is a custard pie. Cheesecake is traditionally made from thickened cheese, cottage cheese and a variety of other cheese can be used in the crust. It can be topped with different layers of frosting. The recipe may vary from light & airy or heavy & rich. Unlike other cakes cheesecakes but have crispy base.

4.    Chocolate Chambord Cake

Chocolate and raspberry is a match made in heaven. Chambord is known as a brand of raspberry liqueur. This cake is deliciously infused with a dark chocolate sponge with raspberry liqueur. The toppings of bittersweet chocolate ganache icing are used in this cake.

Chocolate Fudge Cake5.    Chocolate Fudge Cake

The basic difference between a chocolate cake and a chocolate fudge cake is the quantity of chocolate used in the recipe. A fudge cake has doubled the amount of chocolate as compare to the usual chocolate cake.

6.    Chocolate Satin Cake

This is a delectable, rich and elegant cake. This version of chocolate cake comes with a moist, dark chocolate layer cake filled and frosted with rich chocolate. The sides are coated with cookie crumbs and the ganache is used to create a scroll pattern throughout the rim.

Coconut Cake7.    Coconut Cake

A classic coconut cake has white or yellow layers (unlike German Chocolate cake which has coconut too). Some people also use butter cream or marshmallow frosting. The cake is covered with freshly grated coconut white. As per the order, there can be variations such as pineapple filling and coconut milk in the smooth batter.

8.    Cassata

Cassata is a traditional version of Sicilian dessert, made from a light-textured sponge cake stuffed with rum-ricotta filling, laced with candied orange peel. It is often served at Easter. The version in this photo has been Americanized to dense chocolate cake, filled with sweetened ricotta cheese and chocolate chips, and iced with fudge frosting.

9.    Charlotte

A charlotte is a molded dessert that can be served cold, frozen & hot. The batter is poured into a mold lined with buttered bread, ladyfinger and frosted with whipped cream.  Frozen charlottes are prepared with frozen mousse. Charlottes can be made with every variety of fruit, chocolate and in holiday flavors like maple and pumpkin.

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Explore 7 Hidden Meanings of Roses!!

Are you thinking how to send flowers to your loved one’s place in Pune? If yes, then explore free delivery schemes offered by online floral shops. Thanks to the emerging sector of ecommerce industry. It enables computer savvy individuals to opt for Flowers delivery in Pune via online mode. Leading online florists offer smart delivery services. Buy online flowers and send it to Delhi, NCR, Kolkata, Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad.

When it comes to choosing blossoms, charming roses simply tops the chart. Do you know that each colour of Rose flowers denote a different meaning? If not, then continue to read & find out the meanings of different roses.

1. Red Roses

Red roses are iconic symbol of love & deep romance. They help to express emotions like long lasting & selfless love. Red roses perfectly convey deep feelings of attraction and desire. Red Roses also stands for loyalty, infatuation and dedication. The iconic velvety red rose is preferred on occasion like Valentine’s Day, Wedding Ceremony & Marriage Anniversary.

Red Roses2. Pink Roses

A lot of variations in the tone of pink rose are found in nature. Traditionally pink roses stand for soft emotions such as joy, appreciation and gratitude. Fully bloomed light pink rose portrays sweetness and innocent attraction. Dark pink rose shows beginning of new love & fondness. Pink roses also depict grace and elegance. That’s why it is often used in decoration of marriage hall & church.

Pink Roses3. White Roses

White rose classically stands for purity, honesty and innocence. White is a neutral shade that is usually associated with new beginning of cordial terms. White flowers are also presented on death ceremony to convey sympathy and condolence.

White Roses4. Lavender Roses

Lavender rose looks marvelous & out of the love. It immediately grabs the attention. Thus they are represented to convey “love at first sight”. Darker shades of lavender roses (close to purple) convey a sense of grandeur and magnificence. Lavender roses are given to express fondness & infatuation.

Lavender Roses5. Yellow Roses

Yellow roses are popularly exchanged among friends. Yellow roses are also known to bring sunny feelings of warmth, happiness and welcoming emotions. They symbolize friendly relationship and care. Unlike red roses, yellow rose does not carry an underlined message of love & romance. It is presented for conveying friendly emotions.

Yellow Roses6. Orange Roses

An orange rose depicts a fiery blaze of passion. These fiery blooms depict passion, fervor and energy. Orange roses can be used to express intense desire, prejudice and pride. They also express a sense of romantic inclination. These flowers give tough competition to red roses.

Orange Roses7. Blue Roses

Blue roses do not naturally exist in nature. They are hybrid roses, genetically modified to impart deep blue shade. Thus they stand for the mysterious feelings & unfulfilled desires. Blue roses thereby connote the desire for the unattainable & unfulfilled desires.

Blue RosesSo these are seven various colours of roses expressing various meanings. Log on to Giftalove for buying refreshing flowers in amazing price range. People can buy roses of various, exotic orchids, gerberas, sunflower, tulip & carnations etc.

5 Best Anniversary Gifts for Your Husband!!

Celebrating marriage anniversary with your husband is always a special time. You must be looking for anniversary gifts that would be to be memorable and just apt for him. You know him so well. You already got an idea whether this or that gift when opened will prove to be a hit or a miss. Even if your husband has everything or just goes out & buys what he needs, a unique gift from your side will always be special.

Here are a few ideas for Anniversary gifts for husband that would bring a joyous smile & excitement for your hubby.

ANN14-CH0061.    Romantic Anniversary Gifts

Gifts like Heart shape bouquet made of 100 roses along with a cute teddy bear in the centre. You can also attach a romantic note with the bouquet. If your hubby is allergic to roses then you can select other kind of flower species like Lilies, Carnations, Daisies, Lilacs, Tulip, Orchids & many more. For an unconventional designer bouquet, select around 4-5 varieties of flowers arranged in shapes like crescent, water fall, cylindrical or butter fly.

Either get romantic flowers in the morning itself or directly make them deliver at his office. He will be absolutely surprised and delighted as well.

2.    Anniversary Serenades

If you want to shower anniversary gifts to your better half, then serenades would be a wonderful gift. You can place order for serenades from online gift shops. They offer 3 days, 5 days & even 7 days of anniversary serenades. For instance 3 days of anniversary serenades comes with bouquet of exotic orchids & rose on day 1, Flower basket of colourful gerberas on the second day along with chocolates and then on the ultimate day it’s an extravagant bouquet of flower along with unique greeting card. You can also customize these serenades as per your wish.

3.    Gourmet Anniversary Gifts

For your foodie hubby, a huge anniversary cake with delicious toppings would be a perfect anniversary gift. You just need to select a right flavor of cake & win his heart via his stomach. Also check out what reputed online shops has to offer in the category of anniversary cakes. They are known to offer vast array of special and designer anniversary in various flavors like Black forest cake, Cheese cake, German Chocolate cake, Strawberry cake, Five star cake, Fresh fruit cake, Dry cake and many more.
Assorted bouquet of Chocolates or delectable cookies is another great option. Let me savor & relish the aroma of Belgium dark chocolates & Danish cookies. These are kind of gift that he would enjoy upto several days even after the anniversary day celebration.

4.    Healthy Anniversary Gifts

If your husband is on a diet regime and make conscious effort for maintaining good health then, get him a huge basket of fresh fruits. Fresh fruits are natural and healthy. Online store also offer delivery of fresh fruit hampers right at the doorstep of the recipient. Your hubby would appreciate this gift & feel encouraged as well to continue to follow his diet plan.

Another healthy gift choice is pack of dry fruit hamper. An assorted dry fruit gift consisting of goodness of almond, walnuts, apricot, raisins & many more would be a lip smacking gift for your dearest husband.

5.    Personalized Gifts

Ordinary store brought items like ceramic mugs, clock, canvas, key chains, mobile cover & many more interesting templates can be customized easily. All you have to do is select a nice picture of your hubby and get it imprinted on a purposeful template.

These are top best five anniversary gifts for your loving husband. Log on to & find attractive range of anniversary gift for husband, wife and parents.  People can also search for 1st, 5th, 10th, 25th, & 50th anniversary gifts.

Send Attractive Flowers to Your Loved Ones in Pune!!

Flowers beautifully denote the artistic creativity of God. They are the most stunning and fragrant gifts we can ever receive. When we get a chance to smell the fragrant odor of flowers, it feels like on seventh heaven. Their marvelous colour combinations simply look enticing and capture our attention. Flowers look mesmerizing and can grace any occasion be it Birthday, Marriage anniversary, Wedding day, Father’s day, Daughter day or Christmas.

Is someone special is staying in Pune? Forgot to get cake, gifts or greeting cards on a special occasion? You’re left with no time! Don’t panic & go online. Send flowers to Pune( & deliver a huge smile on your dear one’s face. Online florists offer vast range of flower bouquets in exclusive combos. You can choose to send roses, carnations, orchids, gerberas, lilacs, lilies, sunflowers & many more.

send_flowers_to_puneOnline flower store helps people to share joyous moment of happiness despite the long geographical distance. Online floral marts have ties ups with city specific gardeners and horticulturists. Thus, they ensure timely delivery of fresh cut flowers at desired destination. They also offer express flower delivery services that mean you can send lovely flowers on the same day of order.

Special occasions like birthday & wedding anniversary arrive only once in a year. People like to deliver midnight surprise to dear ones. Flowers help us to express even unspoken words of love, care and compassion.

With our hectic schedules and busy life, we tend to forget planning in advance for a special gift surprise. Online flowers delivery can prevent you feel embarrassed or guilty on the last minute. Online floral gifts are available at reasonable price range.

At times you fight with your beloved spouse and make them feel angry & disappointed. Flowers delivery surprise can help you to bridge that gap between your relationships. How about sending roses along with a love note? You can also add special goodies like chocolates, cakes, cookies, greeting cards, dry fruits & personalized gifts(

Online flower delivery offers easy payment options. They have secured payment gateways that ensure customers can perform online transactions using their credit cards.

online_flowersPeople can send flowers to various Indian cities like Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Mumbai etc. They can also send flowers in international places like USA, UK, UAE, Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Conventional flower shops offer limited range of flower bouquets due to space constraints, whereas online stores offer huge collection of designer bouquets. People can filter their search & look for specific floral product as per their requirement. For instance they can search flowers by numbers, combinations, festival and by relations as well.

Log on to for buying online flowers at affordable price. This is one of the well known online gifting portals in India & abroad as well. People can search for amazing flower bouquets, delicious chocolate box, dry fruit hampers, fresh fruits, Indian sweets & plush teddy bear etc.

It also offer delectable cakes in various flavors such as Vanilla cake, pineapple cake, strawberry cake, cheese cake, black forest cake & many more.

Check Out – 8 Best Anniversary Gift Ideas!!

Marriage anniversary is indeed a very special day for couples. They mark this day as completion of another lovely year in their matrimonial relationship. Special occasions are celebrated with extraordinary gifts and make the day memorable for life long. Undoubtedly, there are numerous gift options available as online anniversary gifts for couples. Online stores offer unique anniversary gifts that glam up the occasion in a wonderful way.

Check out these awesome gifts idea

#1. Flowers

Flowers can effortlessly convey a lot of feelings & emotions. Anniversary day is a perfect day to express your heart felt feeling to your beloved spouse. Flowers are delicate & have sweet fragrances. Flowers are also synonymous to love, care & affection. Red roses are iconic symbols of passionate love. Besides, roses you can select bright gerberas, pink tulips, eternal lilacs, exotic orchids & sunny sunflowers. A designer bouquet in heart shape would be an excellent choice.

Flowers#2. Cakes

Wedding Anniversary celebration is tasteless without cutting gourmet cakes. That is why delectable cake is another great gift option. Enjoy the special day with special anniversary cakes. Online gifting portals offer a lot of flavorsome cakes in varied shapes, size and flavors. You can buy cake as per the favourite flavor of your spouse such as vanilla, chocolate, cheese cake, strawberry, pineapple, black forest, butter scotch & red velvet cake etc.

Cakes#3. Chocolates

Chocolates are all purpose gifts and who does not like delectable chocolates. Chocolate assortments with exquisite range of Belgium dark chocolates & Swiss white milky delights can surely ignite the aroma of love in your matrimonial relationship. Online stores offer chocolates in various interesting shapes. For instance you can buy chocolates in shapes of roses, heart, bunny, teddy bear & star etc.

Chocolates#4. Accessories

Online market is flooded with designer men & women accessories. Wallets, belts, ties, studded cufflinks, and brooch are some of the amazing accessories which can be gifted to your husband. Women simply love to receive trendy hand bag, colourful stole/scarves, bracelets, sunglasses and perfumes on the lovely occasion of anniversary.

Accessories#5. Apparels

This is another excellent gift to give your spouse on the day of anniversary. Trendy formal, traditional ethnic wear or designer informal shirts, fancy t-shirts or smart fitted trousers can be gifted to husband. On the other hand, stunning sari, elegant salwaar suit or any other western outfit can be given to wife as anniversary gifts. Your spouse will be delighted to receive stylish apparels wrapped in gift box.

Apparels#6. Grooming Products

Online stores offer a lot of attractive grooming gift hampers for both men & women. After all, Anniversary is the day to look & feel special. Thus present some wonderful beauty accentuating items like cosmetics for your wife or shaving kit for your hubby. You can also pick combo gift hamper consisting of both men & women cosmetic items.

Grooming Products#7. Personalized Gifts

Personalized gifts are another wonderful & thought full gift options. You just need to select a suitable template like T-shirt, canvas, photo frame, key chain, mobile cover, laptop bag, cushion, blanket and pillow cover etc. Pick a beautiful image of the couple & get it imprinted on the template. Personalized gifts create lifelong beautiful memories.

Personalized Gifts#8. Spiritual gifts and Lucky plants

For your spiritual inclined partner, spiritual gift would be a great option. Online store offers religious gifts like idols of Hindu God and Goddess like Lord Ganesha, Shiva, Krishna, Lakshmi & Durga etc. They are available in beautiful metallic, wooden and stone sculptors. Lucky plants such as money plants and bonsai bamboo are popularly brought at home for attracting good fortune, peace & harmony. You can also gift your friend lucky plants on his/her anniversary.

Lucky plantsSo these are some of the anniversary gift options that can be given on 1st anniversary (, 5th anniversary, 10th anniversary, 25th as well as 50th anniversary celebration. Log on to Giftalove for buying anniversary gift items like designer cakes, flower bouquets, personalized gifts, chocolates, jewlry, grooming set, cosmetic hampers & many more.

Six Awesome Mother’s Day Gift Ideas!!

Are you confused what to buy for your mom on this Mother’s day? Mother’s day is just one day away & the doting daughter within you is looking for a special gift for your mom. Since the time span is too short, online gifts delivery may help you to find a wonderful gift and deliver it at your mom’s place on time.

Don’t worry you have come in the right destination, keep reading this blog for getting ideas of Mothers day gifts from daughter.

1.    Fresh Flower

Flowers are considered as all purpose gifts. Buy Mother’s day flowers from reputed florists & get it delivered at your mom’s place. You can select beautiful roses, exotic orchids, colourful gerberas, lovely lilacs, wonderful carnations & sunny sunflowers for your sweet mom.

Fresh Flower2.    Spa Hamper

A lovely spa evening for your mom as a Mother’s day gift is another great idea. This kind of gift will help her to rejuvenate her senses, relax her muscles & bring back youthful glow on her face & skin. Get ravishing Spa hamper for your mom from online stores. Online store offers “Do it yourself Spa Hampers” that includes skin softening gels, bubble bath, body lotions, mini pedicure & manicure kit etc. They also come with incense candles with aromatic scents that can take your mom into her own world of imagination.

Spa Hamper3.    Cosmetics Hamper

Being a woman you & your mom share similar kind of passion & fondness. Every woman wants to look beautiful and attractive, including your mom. So why not get her online cosmetic hamper on this Mother’s day. Online store offers top quality of cosmetics from branded companies. All are arranged in the designer gift hampers. A cosmetic hamper consist of several products like lip sticks, lip balm, scrub, moisturizers, lotions, hair care & skin care products.

4.    Mother’s Day Cake

If your mom has penchant for sweet delights, then surprise her with a wonderful designer cake. Online stores offer vast range of delectable cakes in various flavors, size, quality and shapes. You can order chocolate cakes, strawberry cakes, black current cakes, cheese cakes, butter scotch cakes, black forest cake & many more. Also write a personalized text on this cake for your mom.

Mother’s Day Cake5.    Kitchen Tools

Your mom is the person who taught you how to cook. And being her daughter you truly understand that performing regular kitchen work requires helping hands. Get her a purposeful gift on this Mother’s day. You can buy kitchen appliances & devices like vegetable slicer, coffee maker, toaster, sand witch maker, food processor, all in one (grinder, mixer & juicer), microwave, set of multiple knives, cake oven & man more.

Spiritual Gifts6.    Spiritual Gifts

Gifts which are religious & spiritualistic in nature can be good option for your spiritual mom. Get a divine Idol of Lord Ganesha, Lord Vishnu, Goddess Lakshmi, Enlightened Buddha & many more. You can also give her Fen Shui gifts like Lucky bamboo plants, 7 stick wind chimes, crystal turtle and etc. Lucky plants like bonsai, money plant, jasmine & basil plant are known to attract good luck, fortune, wealth, peace & happiness in the surroundings.

These are some of the wonderful gift ideas you can consider while choosing a suitable gift for your mom. Log on to Giftalove for buying stunning range of Mother’s day gifts. It is one of the reputed online gifting portals in India & abroad. It provides fast delivery schemes for all occasions and festivals. People can order for express flower delivery, next day flowers, midnight delivery and international delivery services.