Colored Roses & Their Meanings Revealed…

Roses are perfect symbol of love and thus a perfect gift for someone we love! But red roses are not only to be named as the gift of love because God has gifted rose in many beautiful colors. Like roses are said to speak the language of love silently, every color of rose also has something to express silently! Read to know what all these roses have to say…

Red Rose: Love & Beauty

What a red rose symbolizes have never been a secret! As everyone knows a red rose is the perfect symbol of love and beauty. This made red roses a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, anniversary or any occasion to when love needs to be expressed without words. Also red roses convey respect, courage and the undying spirit of love. Thus red roses are referred as lover’s Rose!!

red rosePink Rose: Love, Gratitude & Femininity

Words like femininity, gentleness, elegance, gratitude and grace are perfect to express a pink rose. Also the deep pink shades have to connote meanings like admiration, appreciation and happiness. Thus when it is to gift something to a women, just choose gifting pink roses.

pink roseOrange Rose: Desire & Excitement

The bright and vibrant tone of orange roses evokes enthusiasm, passion and desire. Thus gifting orange roses are perfect way to express and symbolize an excitement and desire towards the relationship with your dear one.

orange rosePurple Rose: Majesty, Enchantment & Love

The color purple holds a traditional association with royalty. Thus a purple rose signifies majesty, love, desire and enchantment. Also purple roses are perfect thing to convey the message or symbolize love at first sight. Thus a great Valentine gift!

purple rosesYellow Rose: Friendship & Happiness

The sight of bright yellow roses have made their association with sun. Thus yellow roses are perfect for cheering up people. Also yellow rose connote friendship, affection, happiness and warmth. Hence the excellent flower for friends.

yellow rose

White Rose: Purity and Innocence

For white roses, words like purity, innocence, charm and sympathy are the perfect association. Also white roses are perfect symbol of new beginning that makes it an ideal flower for wedding. Moreover, a white flower is the perfect gift to express loyalty and innocence.

white rose


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