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Seven Splendid Valentine Gifts for your Sweetheart!!!

This Valentine’s Day you are looking for unique gifts surprises for your sweetheart. You want to reach that extra mile in the relationship, right? You want to give the most romantic & special gift and move a little forward in this relationship. The problem is that you don’t know what to buy & where to get (most importantly) that wonderful V-day gift. If your sweetheart is in Mumbai, you can send valentine gifts to Mumbai & deliver your love in form of a nice V-day gift.

You need some quick ideas and plan for it fast.

You are reading the right blog & would certainly help you on deciding what to buy for your sweetie!

1. Valentine Gift Basket

You can send your love with a delightful valentine gift basket filled with delicious treats and food items that can be indulged onto for the V-day celebration. The beautiful Valentine basket can be decorated with red flowers and lovely little cupids/hearts and place a bottle of sparkling cider, chocolate truffle cake, heart shaped candles, gourmet snacks and a love note attached with it.

valentines-gift-basket-2. Breakfast Basket

The breakfast basket is another great valentine love gift. This appetizing breakfast basket can be filled with toothsome breakfast favorites. It consists of classic buttermilk pancakes, stuffed sandwiches, strop waffles, fresh fruit juices, cinnamon nut coffee, Belgium chocolates, strawberry rolled wafer cookies, and fresh fruits.

Breakfast Basket3. Personalized Signature Frame

The personalized signature frame is a great alternative to traditional scrapbook. It is a wonderful gift on the Valentine’s Day that can be displayed for years to come. All you need is an image of two of you. Get your & her signatures carved into the sturdy, good quality alloy surface. The signature frames are sold with solid wooden frame, a surface glass, additional cardboard matting, black hard backing and hanging hardware. Your sweetheart would definitely like to display this innovative autographed photo frame at their office desk or table top.

Personalized Signature Frame4. Personalized Picture Frame

This elegant Valentine’s themed photo frame provides the ideal place to highlight a favorite image of both of you. The design is trendy yet classic and is a fitting tribute to your love and the joy of the special day. Personalize with first name of the recipient, or couple’s name and mention when that picture was taken.

personalized photo frame5. Personalized Toasting Glass

This personalized toasting glass set can complement any lovely celebration. These glasses comes with hand printed elegant font, these attractive toasting glasses can be used over and over again in many occasions or displayed as a memento for years to come.

personalized-toasting-glass6. Personalized Box

The your sweetheart can keep her jewellery safe and sound in an attractive silver-toned box, just big enough for your beloved’s jewelry, knick knacks, love letter written by you, or any other items that are near and dear to her heart. Lid cover can have an image of a place of her favorite snapshot and enough space for engraving names and date of the image.

Personalized box7. Spa Gift Basket

You can gift a spa gift basket to your sweetheart and help her to relax for her big valentine evening. It can come in a floral covered basket accented with cute little hearts. She will discover pampering products like body lotion, essential body oils, revitalizing bath gel and bath fizzes, aromatherapy long candle, long bristle brush, super soft hand and face towel, as well as a rose petals. She will also find a pair of ultra cushy slippers. This basket can be reused for storing cosmetics & grooming kit . Send your ladylove this pampering gift to sooth her all stress away.

spa-gift-basketSo hurry up & buy an amazing valentine Gift hamper for your sweet partner. Log on to You will get ample choices to send valentine gifts & flowers online. Customers can send floral hampers along with extra delights like cakes, chocolates, fresh fruits, dry fruits & cute teddies and many more.


Colored Roses & Their Meanings Revealed…

Roses are perfect symbol of love and thus a perfect gift for someone we love! But red roses are not only to be named as the gift of love because God has gifted rose in many beautiful colors. Like roses are said to speak the language of love silently, every color of rose also has something to express silently! Read to know what all these roses have to say…

Red Rose: Love & Beauty

What a red rose symbolizes have never been a secret! As everyone knows a red rose is the perfect symbol of love and beauty. This made red roses a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, anniversary or any occasion to when love needs to be expressed without words. Also red roses convey respect, courage and the undying spirit of love. Thus red roses are referred as lover’s Rose!!

red rosePink Rose: Love, Gratitude & Femininity

Words like femininity, gentleness, elegance, gratitude and grace are perfect to express a pink rose. Also the deep pink shades have to connote meanings like admiration, appreciation and happiness. Thus when it is to gift something to a women, just choose gifting pink roses.

pink roseOrange Rose: Desire & Excitement

The bright and vibrant tone of orange roses evokes enthusiasm, passion and desire. Thus gifting orange roses are perfect way to express and symbolize an excitement and desire towards the relationship with your dear one.

orange rosePurple Rose: Majesty, Enchantment & Love

The color purple holds a traditional association with royalty. Thus a purple rose signifies majesty, love, desire and enchantment. Also purple roses are perfect thing to convey the message or symbolize love at first sight. Thus a great Valentine gift!

purple rosesYellow Rose: Friendship & Happiness

The sight of bright yellow roses have made their association with sun. Thus yellow roses are perfect for cheering up people. Also yellow rose connote friendship, affection, happiness and warmth. Hence the excellent flower for friends.

yellow rose

White Rose: Purity and Innocence

For white roses, words like purity, innocence, charm and sympathy are the perfect association. Also white roses are perfect symbol of new beginning that makes it an ideal flower for wedding. Moreover, a white flower is the perfect gift to express loyalty and innocence.

white rose

Top Ten Promise Day Gifts!!!

A Promise Day gift is always special & lovely to receive. It need not be an expensive one but it must be a thoughtful gift. Promise Day gifts should be able to reflect warmth, love, sincerity and affection for someone special.

Therefore Promise Day gift has to be straight from the heart. There are a wide range of products offered in the market that can be gifted on Promise Day. From flowers to greetings cards, books, pendants, perfumes etc.

However the gift will be best only if it goes with the taste of the receiver. This upcoming Valentine week brings Promise Day on 11th of Feb. It is another day to watch your sweetheart glow in happiness on receiving a special promise day gift.

Here are a few gift ideas for Promise Day gifts.

1) Personalized Promise Day bands – A beautiful band made especially with your beloved’s name written on it can make a great Promise Day gift. Instead of name, you can also get printed text something like “I Promise to be with You Forever” or I Promise to Love You Forever”. It’s unique and customized yet simple. This sort of gifts would reflect how much you value and treasure their presence in your life.

dfhfg2) Flowers – A bunch of flower is a wonderful gift for occasions like Promise Day. Yellow tulip are an ideal promise day gift symbolizing loyalty & truthfulness Oriental Lilies, Orchids, Purple Roses and Birds of Paradise are some of the other flowers that can be gifted to a special one on Promise day.


3) Greeting cards – Beautiful Promise Day cards makes a great way to wish your beloved on Promise Day. They are personalized, inexpensive yet precious and can be preserved for long. The best part of Promise day card is the ability to include personal messages & lovely quotes. You can write about the moments you shared, and the promises of tomorrow.

gbn gh

4) A Digital Photo Album – A digital photo album would help to store all the special moments you & your beloved have spent together. A digital photo album comes with a great amount of inbuilt memory. You & your loved one can keep on storing extra images throughout the year. Thus a digital photo album would be an excellent gift on Promise Day.

zdxfbhgfjnh5) Scented candles – Scented candles also make nice Promise Day gifts too. These will ignite your relationship with loved one with the aroma of togetherness.

candles.jpzxcfbnxfgg6) Couple Teddy Bear – A lovely pair of teddy bear holding hands together will convey the right message on Promise Day. Moreover, a plush loving couple bear is a kind of gift which will show the essence of whole valentine week.

Couple-Teddy-Bear-for promise day7) Pendant – Gold or diamond pendant can be a precious Promise Day gift for your ladylove. Women are always fond of jewelry. A pendant is certainly going to impress her like any other gift. It’s a classic way to show your commitment towards her. A gold or diamond pendant can pinch your pocket but its sheer elegance is worth the price.

heart pendent8) Wallets – If you’re looking for Promise day gift for your then a leather wallet would be a nice choice for him. Wallets come in different colors, shapes and sizes. They are purposeful gifts & favorite among the entire male folks.

wallet for promose day

9) Canvass Artwork – A wonderful canvas painting or artifact can create a big impact. It’s another kind of gift which can be easily personalized by capturing a beautiful moment of love on it. You just need to pick a nice image & get imprinted on it.

pomise day canvas10) Books –They say that “Books are a man’s best friend”. If your boyfriend/girlfriend is a bookworm, there’s nothing better than a book of his favorite author as a Promise day gift. An avid book reader will surely jump with joy at such a gift.

book for promise dayYou can log on to for buying Unique Promise Day Gifts and lovely online valentine day gifts.