Deliver the Right Message with Rose Bouquets/ Mixed Floral Bouquets!!

What has made every year 7th February so special? Yes your guess is Right! It’s celebrated as Rose day. As this day is approaching so fast, you might be planning how to celebrate this day in an unconventional way.

Though on this day, valentine roses become the obvious choice as Rose day gifts( but you can mix and match an ordinary looking rose bunch into an exciting flower combo.

valentine_rosesWhen you search flowers on online floral stores, it is quite natural to get confused while choosing a flower bouquet. These days’ online florists display countless digital images from alluring red roses (in traditional patterns) to extraordinary rose bouquets. Therefore the most common confusion is whether to pick mixed flower bouquets or basic rose bouquets.

This blog will help you to decide which would be a perfect Rose day gift for your dear ones.

Rose Bouquets

Valentine roses will always be admired and cherished by anyone if you choose to send them. Red roses are the classic symbol of dedicated love, sincerity & loyalty. Pink roses symbolize celebration and happiness in life. Yellow rose is for deep bond of friendship. Hence, there is a specific color of rose for every special relationship you cherish. You can get a clue of what a unique shade of rose conveys to the recipient. So you have to select a shade that appears the most suitable colour of rose.

Roses are also the flowers which die out quickly but nice thing about roses is they stand unique on their own. A single rose can speak your message loud & clear. To make it more interesting, you can send extra gifts along with a simple bunch of rose.

For instance:

1. Red Rose bouquet with dark forest cake for your valentine,

2. Yellow Rose bouquet with Belgium Dark chocolates for your close friend,

3. White rose with Swiss white chocolates for the one you respect & admire most.

Mixed Bouquets

Roses are great to receive by when an elaborate bouquet of mixed flowers are received, recipients are blown away with its charm. A multi colour bouquet shows that you have really put some thought into this gift. You haven’t just ordered the cheapest roses you could get. You made an effort of finding an extraordinary bouquet that would convey the right gesture you wanted to deliver.

Another benefit of sending mixed bouquets is the option to play around with different shades of colour. Instead of picking one color of rose, you can pick a complete colour scheme or a same color in various shades. These combos would standout really very well and grab the attention.

A mixed bouquet doesn’t have to comprise of 6-7 different flowers tied together. Some bouquets seem spectacular with just two combinations, but other flower arrangements simply composed of two or three flowers that really look graceful in the vase together.

For instance:

1. A bouquet of Red Rose s & White Orchids looks absolutely mesmerizing.

2. A bouquet of fully bloomed Pink Lily surrounded with yellow rose buds can look spell bound without anything else to add in.

3. A bouquet of Bright Sunflowers, Pink Gerbera and purple roses would look vibrant & cheerful.

Whether you pick a rose simple bouquet or a mixed flower bouquets along with roses depends upon the kind of the bond you share with the recipient. After all you want to deliver the right kind of message on this Rose day.

You can visit for buying most refreshing & mesmerizing flower bouquets which comes in unique pattern & combos.


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