Archies Birthday Gifts: Unique & Special

Who doesn’t like to receive unique & out of the world gifts and that too on Birthdays. Birthday gifts are one of the best ways to express our love and compassion for near and dear ones.

Well, it is not always a cakewalk to select birthday presents. Yes, there are many conventional ones available in the market but one can explore and try out something unique & unconventional. At the same time gifting a loved one should not pinch your pocket.

Men say selecting gifts for women is quite a difficult task but I would like to defer from this statement. There are options aplenty available in various range of women stuffs.

Designer Clothes & Accessories

Different kinds of apparels, jewelries, countless variety of women accessories, perfumes, designer bags, trendy watches, and electronics stuffs are some options available. You can buy them either via online or offline mode.



If diamonds are the best friend of a woman then cosmetics are very good companions of women. Today even men don’t shy away trying out various skin & hair conditioning products. Who doesn’t want to look beautiful & smart instantly? One can go for buying a well known brand of cosmetics.


There are thousands kinds of cosmetics available in the market for both men & women. But for sure women are the privilege class who has wider range of cosmetics available in the market.

Spas and Message Coupons

Everyone loves to get pampered, next time you can try out gifting a spa voucher, chocolate facial/body message, herbal spa, sauna bath or a complete beauty package for a couple of hours.
Metro men have also started and really enjoy visiting spas & message parlours. Your loved ones not only feel special but also feel rejuvenated. Your friend/family member will actually thank you for helping them looking fresh.

spa hamper

Gifting Pets

Presence of pets at your dwelling place brings positive flow of energy & lively atmosphere. You can give an interesting surprise by gifting beautiful & colourful fish & turtle aquariums .Pets like cute puppies & kitten can be purchased & gifted to your friend if space is not the issue at his/her place.

Before gifting pets one must always finds out first weather your friend or his/her family is allergic to pets hairs & pees. Otherwise it will spoil the fun of surprise.

Indoor Ornamental Plants and lucky plants

If your friend is fond of indoor plants you can gift him beautiful & vibrant looking ornamental plants. Plants at dwelling places ward off negative forces & elevate the aura of the home atmosphere. Indoor Plants( come in different & eye soothing colours, which are often appreciated by guests at home.

natural pplant

Some categories of plants are actually believed attracting good fortunes & luck. They should be kept at strategic places at home as per Vastru-shastra. Lucky plants are another good & unique option of Birthday gifts. Collection of Archies Birthday Gifts has unique lucky charms in form of plant.

For sending online Birthday gifts to your special one, log on to Giftalove.


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