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Deliver the Right Message with Rose Bouquets/ Mixed Floral Bouquets!!

What has made every year 7th February so special? Yes your guess is Right! It’s celebrated as Rose day. As this day is approaching so fast, you might be planning how to celebrate this day in an unconventional way.

Though on this day, valentine roses become the obvious choice as Rose day gifts( but you can mix and match an ordinary looking rose bunch into an exciting flower combo.

valentine_rosesWhen you search flowers on online floral stores, it is quite natural to get confused while choosing a flower bouquet. These days’ online florists display countless digital images from alluring red roses (in traditional patterns) to extraordinary rose bouquets. Therefore the most common confusion is whether to pick mixed flower bouquets or basic rose bouquets.

This blog will help you to decide which would be a perfect Rose day gift for your dear ones.

Rose Bouquets

Valentine roses will always be admired and cherished by anyone if you choose to send them. Red roses are the classic symbol of dedicated love, sincerity & loyalty. Pink roses symbolize celebration and happiness in life. Yellow rose is for deep bond of friendship. Hence, there is a specific color of rose for every special relationship you cherish. You can get a clue of what a unique shade of rose conveys to the recipient. So you have to select a shade that appears the most suitable colour of rose.

Roses are also the flowers which die out quickly but nice thing about roses is they stand unique on their own. A single rose can speak your message loud & clear. To make it more interesting, you can send extra gifts along with a simple bunch of rose.

For instance:

1. Red Rose bouquet with dark forest cake for your valentine,

2. Yellow Rose bouquet with Belgium Dark chocolates for your close friend,

3. White rose with Swiss white chocolates for the one you respect & admire most.

Mixed Bouquets

Roses are great to receive by when an elaborate bouquet of mixed flowers are received, recipients are blown away with its charm. A multi colour bouquet shows that you have really put some thought into this gift. You haven’t just ordered the cheapest roses you could get. You made an effort of finding an extraordinary bouquet that would convey the right gesture you wanted to deliver.

Another benefit of sending mixed bouquets is the option to play around with different shades of colour. Instead of picking one color of rose, you can pick a complete colour scheme or a same color in various shades. These combos would standout really very well and grab the attention.

A mixed bouquet doesn’t have to comprise of 6-7 different flowers tied together. Some bouquets seem spectacular with just two combinations, but other flower arrangements simply composed of two or three flowers that really look graceful in the vase together.

For instance:

1. A bouquet of Red Rose s & White Orchids looks absolutely mesmerizing.

2. A bouquet of fully bloomed Pink Lily surrounded with yellow rose buds can look spell bound without anything else to add in.

3. A bouquet of Bright Sunflowers, Pink Gerbera and purple roses would look vibrant & cheerful.

Whether you pick a rose simple bouquet or a mixed flower bouquets along with roses depends upon the kind of the bond you share with the recipient. After all you want to deliver the right kind of message on this Rose day.

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7 Most Popular Valentine Gift Ideas!!!

Mid February is fast approaching. Dedicated lovers all around the world are earnestly planning to make this day memorable in a best possible way. So you’re also one of them and earnestly preparing for valentine day .These days countless variety of online valentine day gifts are been offered just a few clicks away. Valentine gifts can also be easily delivered in international cities like UK, USA, and Australia etc.

If you are still bewildered what to choose as a perfect Valentine’s gift for your sweetheart, then the following Valentine’s gifts ideas might help you & end your dilemma. Lovely Valentine Gift for Girlfriend:-

1. Personalized Gifts

Women are easy to be surprised & satisfied with small gifts. You can choose a pair of fascinating mobile phone straps and hang them in respective mobile phones. This will show off that you guys are a couple happily in love with each other & don’t hesitate to declare it to the whole world. Your ladylove would be proud of you.

valentine_gifts_boyfriendgirlfriend2. Jewelries

Dazzling jewelries are women’s’ close friend. Earrings, rings, bracelets, pendant, ring & necklaces are women’s favorite jewelry. If you are planning to propose her on this special day, get her a beautiful ring. Or you can look for a nice pair of earrings, even if the earrings are simple & ordinary looking; she would love to wear them because they were chosen by you.

3. Handbags

Another purposeful gift for your ladylove would be a pretty handbag. If you’re not sure about choosing a right kind of hand bag, take her to handbags stores and let her choose her favorite handbag, you just need to pay the bill.

4. Valentine Flowers

Last but not the least flowers would also make an ideal valentine surprise for her. Romantic flowers like red roses & orchids. Every woman likes flowers unless she is allergic to it. You can impress her by giving a charming floral bouquet in unique arrangement. Lovely Valentine Gifts for Boyfriend:-

5. Romantic gesture of Love
Men might look like insensitive creatures, but actually they are not. In fact, they would be delighted to get a pleasant surprise in this valentine. For example you can write a love note or a tiny valentine greeting card, and red rose strand. Put these things into a small red box. He will surely treasure your gesture of love.

6. Funky key chains

You can also select a pair of metallic key chains with animals or cartoon characters/star and moon/ little boy and little girl. Put this into a cute red or pink box and wrap it beautifully. Write a romantic message with a kiss trace.

7. Extravagant Gifts

If you are looking for an expensive gift for your man, you can gift him a branded watch, an iPod, digital camera or iPhone. Both of you will enjoy music and click photographs together.
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3 Quick Tips for Buying Lovely Valentine Flowers at Affordable Range!!

Valentine season is approaching. This is the time of the year to arrange some funds for buying valentine gifts. As all the lovely valentine flowers & gifts come with sky rocketing price tags. As each day passes by it is becoming harder and harder to get expressive floret bouquets at reasonable price.

If the price of valentine flowers pinching your pocket then read below the following tips to get lovely valentine flowers at discount rates without breaking your budget.

1. Explore all options in advance

First of all you need to explore all of the options. The ideal valentine day flowers aren’t found in local flowers shops. They are specially made for the lovely occasion. Checking out online floral mart would ensure that you’ll get an extraordinary valentine flower at affordable price. Avoid placing order on the eleventh hour. Buy flowers online before the peak season of sale. Online florists also facilitate valentine flower delivery in Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Kolkata, Chennai & other metropolis directly to the door step of the recipient. For instance if your loved one is staying in Mumbai, you can send valentine flowers to Mumbai via online flowers shop.

valentine_flowers_delivery2. Non Rose Flower Bouquets

It appears that lovebirds only know one thing i.e. red roses. Well there is no doubt! Those red roses are traditionally romantic flowers. But their price goes up exponentially during valentine week. So you could think of suitable alternative of red roses unless you are ready to pay the premium price. You can select flowers like Gerbera, Tulip, Lily & Amaryllis which also comes in shades of red. You can give your sweetheart non rose flowers bouquets in unique arrangements. This would also create the magic & her friends will be talking about.

3. Turning ordinary flowers into extraordinary ones

Second tip is to spice up flower delivery along with a beautiful vask or container. Take out little time & be innovative to arrange those ordinary looking flowers strands in a beautiful flower vask which would be used for years. The flowers will dry out but a gorgeous flower vase will become a cherished memory to the recipient.

The type of vases I am talking about is not the regular glass or porcelain. These can be a painted wooden box with a phrase or box to tell your beloved what you feel about her. This wooden base can be used as storage box for jewelry, cosmetics or nail files.

A treasure chest box is another example of a perfect flower base. This will look very stylish & purposeful base. The recipient can easily convert it into a use full storage solution.

These are three easy tips by which you can avoid dispensing out extra money for those extravagant bouquets. Be prudent & wise in this valentine rushing sale period.

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A Handy Guide to Buy Flowers Online

What is the best way to express heartfelt feelings? Simply give someone flowers and keep silence. Flowers express feelings more than anything in this world. No matter what the occasion is and what the reason all about, flowers can extend greetings in the most beautiful way. However, you need to send right Flowers Online as each bloom has a specific meaning that says what you exactly feel.


Buying flowers online in no way is same as buying flowers from a local florist. You cannot touch or feel the blooms you are going to buy, and there will be no one to help you decide which bloom to choose. But, that doesn’t mean going online for flower purchasing is a wrong idea. Consider the below given tips to make online flower purchase easy.

Consider Seasonal Flowers: If you don’t want to cross your budget and save money, don’t stick to cheap flowers as it’s not the solution. Buy seasonal flowers instead without compromising the quality and save money on your online flower purchase! Seasonal flowers aren’t shipped from other locations or outside India, hence savings are sure.

Match to Recipient’s Personality: When picking flowers online don’t choose the most expensive or the cheaper, rather choose flowers that match your recipient’s style and taste. Getting flowers that match one’s personality is guaranteed to bring a pleasant smile on his/her face. Matching the blooms to the style of the home is yet another way to personalise your gift.

Find out special Meaning of Flowers: Flowers carry different meanings & symbols. Knowing the meaning of flowers is a brilliant idea as you can make it meaningful for the recipient. They will appreciate this gesture even more if they are fanatic about flowers.

Order in Advance: If you are sending flowers online to a loved one’s home, office or outside India, order in advance. There are many times when ordering takes at least a few days to process and more if you have to send it outside. During celebration or festive rush it becomes tricky to send flowers on time. Hence, order in advance to save both money and effort. There are Flowers Online( though helping you send flowers online at last minute, but you will have to shell a little more out for this.


Check out Category Listing: Do you want a specific type of flower? It would be easier if you check out the category listing when searching flowers online. A number of sites feature different types of flowers arranged in different category and occasion. Check to see if your desired flower is added into it.

Check Customer Service Availability: If you have made up your mind to buy flowers online, it’s a better idea to give priority to sites with customer service. You can ask experts for the type of flowers you’ve been looking for. There may come a time when information listed on site isn’t enough itself, so talking to a customer care executive means getting more informed.

Shop Around for Best Deal: If you want to cut back your cost, shop around. The best thing about online flower shopping is that you can compare costs and visit as many florists as you can online. Shopping around helps you find florists with attractive deals.

Read the Description and Fine Prints: Buying flowers online is different from buying flowers locally. So, it makes sense to read fine prints carefully before ordering. It’s best to understand an online florist’s terms and conditions plus return policy and refund. Most florists running online provide information on their site to help customers get informed well.

So, consider the above tips and make your online flower shopping easy and safe!

Archies Birthday Gifts: Unique & Special

Who doesn’t like to receive unique & out of the world gifts and that too on Birthdays. Birthday gifts are one of the best ways to express our love and compassion for near and dear ones.

Well, it is not always a cakewalk to select birthday presents. Yes, there are many conventional ones available in the market but one can explore and try out something unique & unconventional. At the same time gifting a loved one should not pinch your pocket.

Men say selecting gifts for women is quite a difficult task but I would like to defer from this statement. There are options aplenty available in various range of women stuffs.

Designer Clothes & Accessories

Different kinds of apparels, jewelries, countless variety of women accessories, perfumes, designer bags, trendy watches, and electronics stuffs are some options available. You can buy them either via online or offline mode.



If diamonds are the best friend of a woman then cosmetics are very good companions of women. Today even men don’t shy away trying out various skin & hair conditioning products. Who doesn’t want to look beautiful & smart instantly? One can go for buying a well known brand of cosmetics.


There are thousands kinds of cosmetics available in the market for both men & women. But for sure women are the privilege class who has wider range of cosmetics available in the market.

Spas and Message Coupons

Everyone loves to get pampered, next time you can try out gifting a spa voucher, chocolate facial/body message, herbal spa, sauna bath or a complete beauty package for a couple of hours.
Metro men have also started and really enjoy visiting spas & message parlours. Your loved ones not only feel special but also feel rejuvenated. Your friend/family member will actually thank you for helping them looking fresh.

spa hamper

Gifting Pets

Presence of pets at your dwelling place brings positive flow of energy & lively atmosphere. You can give an interesting surprise by gifting beautiful & colourful fish & turtle aquariums .Pets like cute puppies & kitten can be purchased & gifted to your friend if space is not the issue at his/her place.

Before gifting pets one must always finds out first weather your friend or his/her family is allergic to pets hairs & pees. Otherwise it will spoil the fun of surprise.

Indoor Ornamental Plants and lucky plants

If your friend is fond of indoor plants you can gift him beautiful & vibrant looking ornamental plants. Plants at dwelling places ward off negative forces & elevate the aura of the home atmosphere. Indoor Plants( come in different & eye soothing colours, which are often appreciated by guests at home.

natural pplant

Some categories of plants are actually believed attracting good fortunes & luck. They should be kept at strategic places at home as per Vastru-shastra. Lucky plants are another good & unique option of Birthday gifts. Collection of Archies Birthday Gifts has unique lucky charms in form of plant.

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Best 5 Anniversary Gifts You Must Choose to Buy Online and Surprise Your Sweetheart

Running short of ideas for anniversary gifts to surprise your beloved? Well it is always a matter of confusion when it comes to choose the perfect gift for your loving spouse. Thus, to get amazing ideas on Anniversary gifts, read the blog further.

It’s your wedding anniversary and you are feeling very much excited about it! Well it is quite obvious to feel the same. But what are you feeling bit tensed too? Is it is because of not getting the right idea of what to buy for your beloved wife or loving hubby and it’s just few days left for the anniversary? Well if it is with you then this is the hurry to hurry to save yourself from falling into the situation of last minute hurry and choosing anything randomly that is available at gift stores.

Rather it is the best time to switch your way to buy Anniversary gifts online and surprise your sweetheart. Buying gifts is not only helpful in offering the home delivery facility, saving time and offering convenience. Besides Online Anniversary Gifts range offers you with vast variety of gift options to choose from then that of the limited stocks available at gift stores.

So here is a brief on what you can buy online as Anniversary gift for your sweetheart.

Jewelery: It is quite known fact that nothing can make your wife happier then a piece of jewelery and this is true for most wives. And luckily online gift stores offer a wide and classy range of unique jewelery options to buy online. Be it a ring, necklace, pendent, bracelet, bangle or any other jewelery that you choose to buy for your loving wife, it is sure to turn her happy.


Leather Bag: Well the way to bring a smile on your husband’s face is by gifting him something useful as men usually prefer getting and gifting purposeful gifts. So this time buy him a trendy leather bag on this anniversary. Also you can place handwritten love messages for him in different pockets of the bag to make it a romantic gift for him.

trendy Ofice BAgs

Personalized Cushion: One of the best ways of surprising your spouse with joy is by gifting him/her a personalized cushion. Just get a beautiful cushion printed with a nice picture of you both. Now don’t gift it to him/her in a packing box. Rather secretly place it somewhere she/he usually sits. It is sure to make your sweetheart cheer up with joy.


Big Bunch of Roses & Chocolates: When it’s your wedding anniversary, nothing can be more romantic for your wife to receive a surprise gift that is a bunch of Roses and chocolates. For every woman the best way to impress her is with a bunch of flowers. So you too can buy bunch of flowers online as well as chocolates and offer her a cheerful anniversary surprise. rose_Bunch

Personalized Photo Frame: Another very preferred and perfect way of making your sweetheart fall in love with you again is by gifting a Personalized Photo Frame( to him/her. It is just the perfect thing to line up all your memorable time spent together by placing the best pictures on multiple frames in the photo frame.


For buy anniversary gifts online those are mentioned above or explore more, log on to Giftalove that is offering amazing range of Anniversary gifts for both wife and husband at attractive prices.