Make your Own Diwali Gift Hampers at Home!

As the most awaited celebration, Diwali is here, the whole ambiance is amicably willed with revelry, fun and festivity. What’s about you? Are you done with your Diwali gift ideas or still looking? Still there is one week to pick some amazing souvenirs for loved ones or make your own Diwali Gift Hampers. If you want to save money in this unstable economic world to sustain your budget without going overboard with your shopping spirit, consider following ideas.


It’s quite simple to make your own gift hampers for Diwali. Here we go with the ideas…….

Planning is the mother of something very creative

To begin with the first step, think of who do you want to give this diwali hamper to. If it’s a family member, friend or a close one, give something that he/she would love to have. If your gift hamper is meant for corporate, give something that is quirky like candles, diyas or handmade chocolates. The Unique Diwali Gift( hampers should have everything included from decorations to gourmet gifts.


Diwali essentials- diya, candles and crackers: Take a big gift basket and fill it with diwali essentials. Keep decorative oil lamps, scented candles and designer diyas in it. If your recipient belongs to teenage group or grownup kids group, include a bunch of firecrackers too.

Chocolates, sweets and cookies: Deepavali is the wonderful time to gift sweets, chocolates, cookies, cakes and cupcakes. As the festival is a day to much on delicious treats too, it would be great to gift something that includes eatables. Counting on your receiver’s choice, pink any gourmet gift like this and get ready to infuse your hamper with.


Juices, cold drinks, wines, sherbats and jams: For non-alcoholics in your gifting list, pick juices cold drinks, sherbats and even jams that we all use widely on special occasions. Fill your hamper with these items to make a truly appreciable hamper.

Dry fruits: Make packs of assorted dryfruits like almonds, cashews, raisins, pistachios, and more and flood your hamper with. Dryfruits make healthy treat and are favored by many during special occasions. The longer shelf life of dryfruits also makes it a wannable item for many.aidwhmdryf

Silver gift items: Silver gifts like coins with images of Lord Ganesha or Goddess Lakshmi on it too makes peachy souvenirs for Deepavali. You can keep these items too in your hamper. Presenting jewelry is also a wonderful idea to wish your close ones on this auspicious day.


Electronic gadgets and items: you can also include into your hamper useful electronic gadgets like cameras, ipods, MP3, MP4, even mobile phone cases and more. After getting done with your hamper, leave a personal note. Decorate the hamper with attractive ribbons and give the final touch.

Make a cost-effective Diwali gift hamper at home and give your loved ones a pleasing surprise!!!


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