Why Diwali Silver Gifts are Auspicious Since Time Immemorial?

Since time immemorial, the one metal that has widely been associated with the festival of Diwali is perhaps silver. Silver items have been the ultimate choices as Diwali gifts since long time back. It is said that silver wards off evil spirits (as you would have seen in many Hollywood movies that silver can kill Vampires), hence it is said to be an auspicious metal. Even, at this point, people exchange silver items as Diwali gifts with same spirit and fervor.

Here is an explanation about excellent Silver Gifts For Diwali. Take a look….


Silver Puja Thali for Diwali: Embellished and engraved with beautiful patterns, a silver thali for diwali despite being a stunning gift, serves the purpose of worship too. A thali contains all the essentials for Lakshmi Ganesh puja like silver katori, silver kalash, silver coin, roli, chawal, kumkum, diya, sweets, and more. Being a perfect spiritual gift, a puja thali made of silver metal is something that will go best with festive mood too. Worry not about the patterns and designs, as you will get limitless varieties. From over-shaped to leaf-shaped and round silver thali, there are many designs available online.

Silver Lakshmi Ganesh Idols: Bring home or send online the marvelous pair of Lakshmi Ganesh idols in silver and add to the Diwali celebrations! The divine figures Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi look best sitting on a silver stand, bringing grace to your home temple.


It is utterly auspicious to choose a gift of silver idol of Ganesha and Laxmi because silver is the lucky charm of Hindus and lord ganesha by removing all the obstacles brings peace and prosperity and the goddess laxmi the deity of wealth showers her blessings. So, invest in silver and give a delightful gift to your friends and family on Diwali.

Silver Coins: Did I forget to mention silver coins? During the festival of Diwali silver coins hold greater significance. It is said to be auspicious to buy silver coins on Dhanteras- the first day of diwali. A silver coin is traditionally kept in puja thali on this day because it is believed to bring prosperity and wealth. Apart from that people also gift each other a silver coin to signify their care. If your budget allows you can too choose coins made of silver as Diwali Gifts For Your Family and friends.DWL-14-024

The auspiciousness of silver makes it a famous yet acclaimed material to be used as gift on Diwali.


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