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Spark Romance with Flowers Even After So Many Years of Being in Relationship!


My memory of meeting the love of my life for the first time is completely a fantasy affair. Instead of recalling how I felt when I ran to him, I recall how dumb I was calling the man of my dream “a real handsome” as my way to spool him.

Three years after the first rose I received from his side, we ladies still- might be only I- need the same romantic gesture I think. My fiancé, as he is now after a long date, plan weekly date nights when we are home from travelling and send flowers online(, leave notes or even write cards to show our concern for each other. Going down to the memory lane to all exotic dates & sightseeing we went on in the past, we remember together the happy hours we spent together.

Women love flowers. From my point of view the gesture of getting those takes up 80 percent of the sentiments and 20 percent complements with how stunning and fragrant the roses are.

Perfect scenario: Our men dive in to whatever hectic chore we happen to be in whether folding laundry life, replacing diapers or work life, to stun us with a bouquet of blooms that instantly cheers up the ambiance of the room into saturated colors of red, yellow and peaches, blues and whites.

Flowers make us swoon and we steal the show with a dipped kiss in the sunset shine. I simply mean if it takes or costs you a little, guys, pain your lady’s world with love once in a while.


Flowers are always great, but are always better if paired with a box of chocolates or a soft toy. Since my fiancé used to give me bouquets often, he never picks the same bouquet for every event. He chooses something special every time he gets me flowers. The little seasoning of gifts onto the flowers makes it really an awesome gift that I grab with open arms!

On that note, GiftaLove would be the ultimate destination for romantic flowers. You can even get Same Day Flowers Delivery In Delhi, Mumbai, or other parts of India if your fiancé or lady love happens to be at a far off location.

You can visit the site, browse categories and find flowers of your choices with a little seasoning in terms of addons to sparkle the beauty of the flowers a bit.


4 Unique Ideas for Birthday Gifts to Surprise Someone Special

Birthday is the most special day of celebration. So when it’s time to celebrate your dear one’s birthday then it can never be imagined without a Birthday gift. It may also get quite confusing for many of us in selecting the best suitable Birthday gift for him/her. So this blog features some amazing and impressive ideas for Birthday Gifts Online( that is sure to help you out.


For everyone, his/her birthday is one of the most awaited days of celebration. It doesn’t matter if you are a kid, a teenager; an adult or an elderly person, the craze for birthday is same among others. However the concept of birthday celebration is for congratulating the one for another year of being alive. And now the concept of birthday celebration has turned out into a special event.

It is the day when friends, relatives, colleagues and other near and dear ones greet the person on his/her birthday with warm birthday wishes and also gifts something special, thoughtful, purposeful or expressive to make the one feel special, loved and cared.

So it is the birthday gift that makes the celebration of birthdays more special. But for being the most special part of a birthday celebration, the gift needs to be special, unique and thoughtful too. So for this a good selection of gifts is always required. Now at such state people often fall into lots of dilemma about what to choose. Thus below are some amazing ideas on Birthday gifts that are sure to help all confused minds in selecting the best kind of birthday gift for their loved ones.

Personalized Crystal Photo Table Top: For all those who are willing to gift something impressive and special to their loved one on his/her birthday then a personalized crystal photo table top is one of the best gifts to surprise them. Just get a nice picture of his/her laser engraved on it. It is sure to amaze and impress your dear one the most.


A Designer Pen Drive: If you are in a mood of gifting a purposeful birthday gift to your dear one then a designer pen drive is just the best gifting option that you can choose to buy. It can be cartoon character, something that we eat, any useful device or anything else shaped pen drive. In fact this is one such gift that is sure to impress your dear ones a lot.


Headphones: Another useful birthday gift for your dear one is a headphone. So if you’re dear one is a music lover and keeps ion listening to music than it can be nothing better to gift him or her with a headphone. Just pick headphone from a reliable brand. It is sure to cheer up your dear one with joy.


Spa Kit: This is one such gifting option that is sure to make the receiver feel very much special and cared. This is also one of the perfect purposeful birthday gifts for your dear one that he/she can use to relax and also enhance his/her looks in the best way.

There can be many other gift options that you can choose to gift your dear one on his/her birthday. However to buy any such gifts online you can log on to Giftalove that is now offering an exclusive and wide range of birthday gifts and also Birthday Flowers to buy online.

Top 4 Dhanteras Gift Ideas to Buy and Send Online to Your Loved Ones!


you finding it difficult in deciding what to buy on this Dhanteras? Well it may be a very common matter of confusion among the people now day as Dhanteras is just few days ahead. So for your help, this blog includes amazing ideas for Dhanteras gifts online. So read the blog to know more on Dhanteras gifts that you can buy online.

Diwali The Festival Of Lights is basically 5 days celebration. And the first day to welcome the festival of Diwali is renamed as Dhanteras. It is celebrated just one day before the joyous festival of Diwali. Basically the festival of Dhanteras is celebrated to welcome the festival of Diwali and it have special significance for the bossiness class people because of customary purchase of metal based objects to bring the charm of success and happiness.


So when it is the festival of Dhanteras, people buy metal based goodies to bring the charm of prosperity, good wealth and happiness into their house. Along with Lakshmi Puja is also done by the people on the day of Dhanteras festival. In fact people gift their dear ones with various Dhanteras gifts to spread more happiness and joy among the near and dear ones.

So before Diwali gifts it’s time to surprise your loved ones Dhanteras Gifts. Now you must be finding it bit confusing to come up with the idea of what to gift your dear ones on this Dhanteras. So here are some ideas to make the festival more joyous. Have a look:

Table Clock with Silver Ganesh: If you are looking up for corporate Dhanteras gifts then it is just the best gifting option to choose. In fact this would be the best Dhanteras gift for your loved ones that they can use to add more elegance into the décor of their house.


Set of Silver Bowl: Anything made of silver, gold or other such precious metal always turn out to be a special gift. In fact a set of silver bowl set with spoon is sure to cheer up your loved ones with joy on this Dhanteras. So just select the best and suitable designed silver bowl set for your loved ones.


Electric Appliances: On Dhanteras gifting an electric appliance is also very much relevant and impressive idea. All you need is look up for the suitable appliance that you can gift to your loved ones. However the choices can be made for mixer grinder, iron, electric kettle, hand grinder, Mixer juicer and other such appliances. In fact your dear are sure to feel very much happy on receiving something so purposeful.

electric catle

Silver Coins: One of the most preferred Dhanteras gift hamper can be the silver coins. In fact it is one of the most prosperous gift hamper for the people to receive something so precious and auspicious silver coins are embossed with Lakshmi and Ganesh figures.


Apart from these there can be many other Dhanteras gift options that one can choose to gift and greet their dear ones for the festival celebration. However you can buy these online. For this you can log on to and buy best suitable Dhanteras gifts online.

Make your Own Diwali Gift Hampers at Home!

As the most awaited celebration, Diwali is here, the whole ambiance is amicably willed with revelry, fun and festivity. What’s about you? Are you done with your Diwali gift ideas or still looking? Still there is one week to pick some amazing souvenirs for loved ones or make your own Diwali Gift Hampers. If you want to save money in this unstable economic world to sustain your budget without going overboard with your shopping spirit, consider following ideas.


It’s quite simple to make your own gift hampers for Diwali. Here we go with the ideas…….

Planning is the mother of something very creative

To begin with the first step, think of who do you want to give this diwali hamper to. If it’s a family member, friend or a close one, give something that he/she would love to have. If your gift hamper is meant for corporate, give something that is quirky like candles, diyas or handmade chocolates. The Unique Diwali Gift( hampers should have everything included from decorations to gourmet gifts.


Diwali essentials- diya, candles and crackers: Take a big gift basket and fill it with diwali essentials. Keep decorative oil lamps, scented candles and designer diyas in it. If your recipient belongs to teenage group or grownup kids group, include a bunch of firecrackers too.

Chocolates, sweets and cookies: Deepavali is the wonderful time to gift sweets, chocolates, cookies, cakes and cupcakes. As the festival is a day to much on delicious treats too, it would be great to gift something that includes eatables. Counting on your receiver’s choice, pink any gourmet gift like this and get ready to infuse your hamper with.


Juices, cold drinks, wines, sherbats and jams: For non-alcoholics in your gifting list, pick juices cold drinks, sherbats and even jams that we all use widely on special occasions. Fill your hamper with these items to make a truly appreciable hamper.

Dry fruits: Make packs of assorted dryfruits like almonds, cashews, raisins, pistachios, and more and flood your hamper with. Dryfruits make healthy treat and are favored by many during special occasions. The longer shelf life of dryfruits also makes it a wannable item for many.aidwhmdryf

Silver gift items: Silver gifts like coins with images of Lord Ganesha or Goddess Lakshmi on it too makes peachy souvenirs for Deepavali. You can keep these items too in your hamper. Presenting jewelry is also a wonderful idea to wish your close ones on this auspicious day.


Electronic gadgets and items: you can also include into your hamper useful electronic gadgets like cameras, ipods, MP3, MP4, even mobile phone cases and more. After getting done with your hamper, leave a personal note. Decorate the hamper with attractive ribbons and give the final touch.

Make a cost-effective Diwali gift hamper at home and give your loved ones a pleasing surprise!!!

Cake: A Delightful and Most Special Birthday Gift for Loved Ones!

Is it your dear ones birthday for whom you are thinking of gifting something special and delightful? Well then what can be better than surprising him/her with a Birthday Cake? No matter if he/she lives far away from you at a different part of the country as now you can Buy Birthday Cakes online., a renowned online gifting website is now offering a wide an innovative range of Birthday cakes online. Read further to know what they have to offer.


Birthday is always one of the most exciting days of celebration among the people of every age group. You may feel that children are much crazy about their birthday but this not the truth as adults also hold the same level of excitement. No matter what their age is, birthday date is always the most awaiting day of celebration for everyone. The warm and heartily birthday wishes of near and dear ones and birthday gifts( makes the day most exciting and makes feel very special.

But a birthday celebration is never complete without a birthday cake. In fact with the thought of birthday it is the thought of a beautiful birthday cake with lighted candles is what everybody visualizes in mind at first. In fact cutting a birthday cake after blowing candles in front of near and dear singing birthday jingles makes feel more special, loved and happy.

So when it’s someone special whose birthday celebration is nearby, surprise him/her with a delicious and beautiful online Birthday Cake this time., a renowned online gifting site is now offering a wide range of cakes online.


Coffee Cake 1 Kg: If you are bored of gifting the same flavors of cakes then this time you can bring a coffee cake this time. It is a delicious coffee flavored cake that is now offering to its customers. In fact your dear one would appreciate your idea of bringing a delightful coffee cake fused amazing creamy delight.

Guitar Shape Cake: If it’s a small one for whom who are you are willing to gift a cake as a birthday gift, then this guitar shape cake is just the best thing to make him cheer up with joy of getting such an attractive birthday to cut. It’s a chocolate or vanilla flavored guitar shaped cake of 3.5 kg that is beautifully decorated in a rocking guitar shape and design.


1kg Heart Shape Strawberry Eggless Cake: If it’s your darling wife or your loving girlfriend for whom you are willing to gift something special than this heart shape strawberry cake is just the best gift that you can gift her. In fact this would be the best way to make her feel special and loved in the best way on her birthday.


Lemon Cheese Cake: For the ones looking up for a different flavored cake from the common chocolate, vanilla and strawberry cakes then this time its lemon cheese cake that you can opt for. It is a beautifully decorated with lemon cheese cake that is sure your loved one a lot on his/her birthday.

Lemon cheese cake

Other than these, there is Chocolate Truffle Royale, Mango Cake 1kg., 1kg Photo Cake Eggless and more that you can buy online from and gift your dear ones on his/her birthday. In fact you can also buy and Send Birthday Gifts online.

6 Amazing Gift Ideas for Anniversary to Surprise Your Spouse

Anniversary gifts

In dilemma for the selection of the best Anniversary Gifts Online to surprise your spouse? Well it is quite likely thing. Thus this blog is basically for the ones who are finding it very difficult to select the right, impressive and thoughtful Anniversary gift for their loving husband or wife. Just read on to know more on amazing ideas for Anniversary gifts to buy online.

Anniversary celebration is the most special one for every married couple. It is so because it is the day when they have stepped together into this new phase of life and also because anniversary comes with all the memories of the unforgettable Wedding day. In short anniversary is one of the most awaited and special day of celebration for both husband and wife.


So when its anniversary day, the gifts that you are going to gift your spouse should also be something special, unique and attractive. But if you are getting confused over the selection of what to gift your darling wife or husband then below mentioned gifting ideas are sure to help you the best way. Have a look!

For Wife

A Personalized Pendent: Women always love receiving something romantic and thoughtful thus this gifting option is apt for it. All you need is to get a picture of her and your pasted on it. Not only because it’s a jewelery that your wife would love it but also because of being something romantic and thoughtful.

A Designer Saree: If you are looking up for something purposeful then a designer saree is just the right gifting option for it. All you need is to select the kind of saree that your wife prefers wearing. So make a choice for a trendy designer saree that your wife would love to wear and flaunt among others.


A Personalized Photo Frame: These days’ multi photo frames in one are very much popular. So you can also choose an elegant and classy photo frame and get it personalized with many memorable picture of you are and wife together. Being a thoughtful anniversary gift, your wife is sure to fall in love with this gift.

For Husband

Classy Pair of Cufflinks: If your husband is into a job of corporate industry then a classy pair of cufflinks is sure to impress him lot. All you need is to make a selection for the best kind of cufflinks that your husband would not only wear but also flaunt it among others.

Personalized Cushion: For your loving hubby, a personalized cushion is also an excellent Anniversary gift for Husband to bring a smile on his face. Just get a memorable picture of both you and him printed over it and make him feel very special and loved.


A Grooming Kit: Another way of showcasing the feeling of care and love to your darling husband is by gifting her grooming kit. Here you need to consider choosing a grooming kit from a reliable brand name for cosmetics. Getting something so useful is sure to make your hubby feel very much cared.

For other such gifting options, you can log on to and buy the best suitable gift to surprise your spouse on this Anniversary date.

Flowers That Are Perfect Gifts to Make Someone Feel Special!


Looking for another gift to greet your dear one on a special occasion but confused with the idea of what to choose? Well then why not look up for Flowers online. Not only you can buy and Send Flowers To Hyderabad, Mumbai and other such places but can also offer a joyous surprise to your loved one residing far away from you.

A sight of flower is sure to please your mind and soul. This is the reason that flowers have always been termed as the gift of god or nature to us. This is the reason that flowers has turned up as an excellent gifting option now days. However gifting flowers is not at all a new concept. From past many years flowers are being used as a perfect gifting option. Moreover flowers are perfect gifting options for almost every occasion and celebration.

You need not to worry that whether it is a birthday party, a festival celebration, an anniversary party, wedding reception, engagement party or any other occasion of celebration, you can think of gifting flowers at any occasion and celebration. All you need is a good selection of flower to gift your dear one.

Thus to help you in the right selection of Flowers, here are few basic ideas on some popular gifting flowers. Such as:

Carnation: It is one such pretty flower variety that is sure to attract your sight. Moreover the soothing colors of these make it one of the most beautiful flowers to gift someone special and dear. Be it pink, pale, orange, white, yellow or any other colored carnation that you choose, it is just perfect flower to gift at any occasion.


Gerbera: For a birthday, Mother’s day, festival celebration and other such occasion of celebration happiness, a bunch of gerbera flowers is just the perfect one. In fact gerbera flowers is also perfect gift if you are going to meet someone ill as its bright colors are sure to make him/her feel more lively. All you need is to select the best color for the one you are gifting it to.

Roses: Now it is one of the most romantic flowers that you all must know. But besides choosing red roses, there are options like white, yellow, pink, orange, pastel and others that perfect to gift anyone for any occasion. In fact a bunch of roses is sure to make the receiver feel very special.

Tulips: If it’s someone who is very special to you or it’s a special corporate meet, a bunch of white tulips is just an excellent option for it. However there is also a wide choice in the variety of colors that you can select from the tulip flowers variety. It can be yellow, orange, red, purple, white and more to choose and gift someone special.

Many other flowers are also perfect for gifting such as lily, anthurium, orchids and more. However, to buy flowers online, you can log on to Giftalove that is a renowned gifting websites engaged in offering a wide range of beautiful flowers bouquets or bunches online. So hurry!