5 Healthy Options as Gifts For Upcoming Diwali Celebration

kjkhjThe festive season has started in India and it’s time for some grand feasting, celebration and merriment. Diwali Celebration despite lighting the rows of candles and diyas also means gorging on lip-smacking treats, delicacies and eateries all across the five days of the festival. Though it sounds amazing, but it also goes leaving people in deep thinking regarding the extra weight they put on. Therefore, you tend to cut back your tendencies to gorge on more that can lead to giving a miss to your favorite sweets and delicacies.

Well, there is nothing which could prove to be impossible. Here is a quick guide to a deliciously healthy diet during Deepawali so that you don’t have to miss out the delightful yet delectable foods and sweets. Take a look:

Dryfruits and nuts: No doubt, nuts and dry fruits are the secret of natural beauty and healthy skin. They cater to the taste buds with a touch of deliciousness and feature essential vitamins as well as minerals needed for a healthy body. Cashews, almonds, hazelnuts, chestnuts, raisins, walnuts, and pistas are the most excellent drufruits that serve as the best Diwali gifts(diwali.giftalove.com). You can also get them in Diwali Gift Hampers and exclusive yet special dry fruit packs accessible online. They are attractively packed and are decked with the refreshing aroma of the dry fruits.


Exotic Herbs: While cooking the delicious treats, it’s important to keep in mind the quality of herbs as well as spices you are going to include in the dish or the treat. Exotic & organic herbs without added preservatives or colours and are ideal pick for those who are health conscious. Fresh yet healthy salad dressings with the help of olive oil, organic spices, mustard and herbs will add to the deliciousness of a healthy feast in your festivity.

Fruit Baskets: Fruits are healthy treats that you can give to your near and dear ones on special occasions like Diwali. The rich minerals and vitamins of fruits not just help you keep away from ailments but also add to the lush of your skin. You can get fruit basket and give it a form of gift perfect for the occasion of Diwali.

Homemade Snacks: Delicacies prepared at home are the most excellent and it’s a true mindset that mom’s food is the best. It’s made with care and affection and doesn’t affect your health. Some of the home made delicacies that you can relish as well as send to your loved ones as a token of your love include Mathri, Namak Para, Laddoo, Rasgulla, and more.


Sweets: Well,, it’s the most irresistible part of any celebration in India. Without gorging on sweets, it is said that the celebration is incomplete. Go for sweets made of quality ingredients that are besides being delicious are healthy.

So, keep the tradition of gifting with healthy gifting this festive season and add to the festivity of your near and dear ones!


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