Get Ready to Enjoy the Glitz and Charm of Durga Puja Celebration

NAVGIFTS3482Durga Puja or Navratri is a great festival that is celebrated with immense joy in all parts of the country, especially in parts of West Bengal in order to honor Maa Durga. It is a ten day celebration; however, the main festivity begins from the sixth day till the ninth day and the tenth day is visarjan (immersion of Goddess into the water). This year, the Goddess would visit earth from 25th September to 4th October 2014.

As per Hindu mythology, Maa Durga has emerged out of combined energy of all Gods as an embodiment of divine feminine power in order to kill demon Mahishasura. This powerful form of goddess is greatly honored in the state of Kolkata and her return on earth is celebrated with great fervor and grandeur.

Though celebrated in all parts of the country, special attractions lies in the state of Kolkata. This time if you are in Kolkata, the grand celebration should not be missed. Preparations start a week before and women are ready preparing Durga Puja Sweets for the festival. During the festive time, the whole city gears up with joy and you can see eagerness and excitement as everyone gets ready to welcome Goddess home.

Decorations, Pandals and Food- A Major Part of the Festivity

The dazzling pandals decorated during the time of Durga Puja and each of the pandals accentuates a theme. Durga Puja Decoration is a main part of the celebration without which the occasion cannot be completed. You can see crowd everywhere, however, during day time there is less crowd. Evening is gorgeous as the brightly lit pandals in hue of colors becomes eye-catchy for everyone. These days, many of the pandals are decorated keeping in mind certain theme for the purpose to spread social awareness among all.


Food is yet another feature of the festivity. During this time, Kolkata becomes a well known foodie paradise. Everywhere you can find incredible variety of mouth watering and delicious Bengali cuisine. Right from sweet dishes to snacks, this is all what Kolkata is famous for.

The grand event of Durga Puja highlights the wonderful culture and traditions of Bengalis. The packed streets with thousands of people and gorgeously decorated idols of Maa Durga catches the eyes of everyone coming from various parts of the country to this Bengali city.

So, this Durga Puja, visit Kolkata to take part in the grand celebration and to honor the victory of good over evil.


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