Celebrate Durga Puja with the Endless Flavors of Mouth Watering Sweets

gifts1543The time of the year is again! The gentle breeze, the omnipresent vision of the kash, the slender chill in the air and the fragrance of shiuli flowers shows the arrival of Goddess Durga. Durga puja is a special occasion in India that is most loved and perhaps missed by all. This five day long festival makes everyone crazy and spreads happiness and unity all around. Also referred by Navratri in the northern states of India, this occasion springs the emotion of joy everywhere, be in any of India. All individuals irrespective of their caste, creed or religion celebrate the event with pleasure and joyfulness their heart.

Durga Puja is the time and yet a reminder that happiness and joy finds its own way. Every citizen looks stunning wearing new clothes. This is the time when every woman looks spectacular after a vermillion bath on Dashami. Mouth watering dishes and sweets go hand in hand with the celebration. During puja time, there are endless flavors to talk about. The aroma of delectable Durga Puja Sweets tempts everyone. The festivity is just incomplete without Bengali sweets. The payesh, the malpoa, the taste of mishit doi and sandesh savors everyone. Narkel ladoo is yet another sweet that is made of milk, coconut and sugar. These ladoos are significant sweets during durga puja or Navratri. One secret of sweets goes here. On the very last day when it is the time to bid farewell to goddess, i.e. when she return to her husband, Lord Shiva, every married woman feed her with sandesh and it is also believed that a wish whispered into the ears of Maa Durga is sure to come true.GAIR1480

Also celebrated as Navratri in northern part of India, it is the celebration which is just incomplete without gifts. The trend of gifting among friends and relatives holds great significance during the festival. Some of the ideal Navratri Gifts include.

Flowers: An aroma of fresh flowers adds positive aura and healthy vibration into the house. If you live miles away from your dear ones, order flowers online and send to your relatives, friends and family members. There are several varieties available including bunches, baskets and bouquets.

Dry Fruits: Wrapped up in exclusive boxes, dry fruits are classic items are gift. They are some of the traditional gift items during the time of Navratri. Not to forget, they also bring up a healthy glow on your skin.

Earrings _Durga

Fashion Jewelry: Durga puja is the time when all ladies adorn themselves with fashionable jewelries. So, it’s the time when you can gift her precious jewelry to wear. On the auspicious day, bring up the sparkle with earrings, pendants, neckpieces, nose pins and many others. You can go for gold, silver or diamond as well.

So, become a part of the merriment and celebrate the occasion with great pomp and show.


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