A Guy’s Guide to Buy Flowers for Important women in his Life

say-it-with-flowersPlanning to make Same day Flowers Delivery in Delhi for a lady who’s close to your heart? Want to send flowers online on a special occasion to make your presence be felt?
Buying flowers online is absolutely a good thing. And buying flowers for a special lady close to your heart is a great thing. But it’s not a cup of coffee.

There are so many flowers, colors and arrangements to choose from. It’s daunting to know where to begin. The task may seem even more bamboozling if you’re buying more than one floral arrangement for your wife, and one for your mother, sister and daughter.
You may ask for her favorite color, but the surprise would be missing this way. Even you could just pick a bouquet yourself. Either way, every woman will be glad about this gesture, but for that extra WOW factor, here is a guy’s guide to buy flowers for his girlfriend, wife, a female friend, mother, daughter or colleague.
Mull Over your Relationship Status:

Think of your relationship status, her style, personality and her taste. Does he likes age-old traditions or is she more of a fun-loving swashbuckler, who loves surprises? Is she a romantic lady drooling over classical roses? Is she eco-friendly and loves everything about nature? Then may be a potted plant is a good gift.

If you two are in long-term relationship:

Nothing speaks of love, passion and romance like red exotic roses. Red roses are alluring, classic and sexy. Bouquets made of red roses are intense, romantic and speak of your love loudly.
If you have endowed her with red roses in last couple of years and you would like something different, there are so many ways to go.
Stay with roses, but choose a new color, for instance orange. Or you could stay with the color red & pick other flowers. Red tulips are gorgeous & urbane choice. The velvety black nucleus of the tulips is said to resemble a lover’s heart, eclipsed by the heat of passion.
Another choice, of course, is the mix matched flower arrangement. Mixing roses and tulips together give your bouquet a special meaning.
Pink alstroemeria expresses devotion while pink stargazer lilies stand for prosperity. Also peonies, one amongst the popular flowers feature a high romance quotient & are said to be a sign of good luck and happy marriage life.
If you both are not a couple, but you have a soft corner for her:

So, you’re not going to say those three magical words yet, your safest choice would be a mixed bouquet. Include a few red roses in your bouquet but avoid overdoing it. Orange roses stand for desire, and a combination or orange, peach & white roses would definitely be wonderful.
You can even make a different pick such as orchids that make a lovely present, exotic and unexpected. She’d know that you think of her.
For a Female Friend or Colleague:

Akin to red that symbolizes romance, yellow stands for warmth and friendship. Yellow tulips or roses make striking bouquets and convey a message of friendship, joy and happiness. Sunflowers too are great to consider.
Daisies along with freesia indicate friendship and innocence as well and make an ultimate gift. Many women find the fresh charm of daisies irresistible. Be specific while writing card.
Not just for female friends but these guidelines work even for first date. Once you have gotten her agreement to go out, a simple bouquet is beautiful gesture.

For Female Relatives:

Looking for flowers to brighten up mom’s day on Mother’s Day or just to let her know you miss her? The perfect choice would be the pink carnations. Carnations stand for maternal love and they make great gifts for mom.
Additionally, pink roses or other pink blooms representing appreciation and gratitude can also be considered for female relatives.
Once you follow these tips, buying flowers won’t be hard at all.


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