How to Choose Flowers as Per the Occasion?

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Hey friends, are you planning to buy flowers online? Then log in and see the bouquet of exotic flowers meant for all festivals. Though, our planet is blessed with diverse range of flowers but it is also very important to choose flowers as per the occasion.

Yes friends, for example: we can’t give garland of marigold on his or her birthday, can we? So like this every occasion can be graced up with various and beautiful flowers. Today, I’ll you about some flowers and how they can be used for various eves to decorate or gift your loved one.
Have a look!

Rose: This is a kind of flower that even a small child is in love with. Yes, we are blessed with roses in multi colors like white, red, yellow, pink, orange and blue. Except the blue one, we generally come across roses of other pretty colors. Guys, you can give big bunch of red roses on birthday, marriage, anniversary etc to greet the concerned person.

Tulips: This is a type of exotic flower which is hugely appreciated on any festival. Other than pretty roses, tulips are also immensely demanded as a part of floral decoration in Indian weddings. It also can be given to your loved ones to convey hearty and warm wishes on any particular occasion.

Carnations: This is another beautiful and attractive flower available in different tempting colors like white, yellow, orange, pink etc. Gifting particular color or multi-colored carnations bunched into a well-embellished bouquet makes a awesome gift to please any dear one.

Tuberose: There will be shortage of words to describe the beauty and fascinating aroma of tuberose. Many of you may not recognize it with this name then let me mention the Hindi name of this flower which is rajnigandha. Yes, now you got it. This flower is awesome to gift as well as to receive on the auspicious occasion of wedding. Especially Bengali wedding is incomplete without having floral decoration with tuberose.

Orchids: Those love orchids will definitely find it amazing to receive it as a gift. Blue or purple orchids looks amazing bunched into a finely beautified bouquet. It is into fashion as well as looks beautiful. So gift it.

Hence friends, did you see that how many species of flowers we are blessed with. There are many others but it is impossible to list down all in one blog. But for sure, one thing can be said that flower is the best thing to give anyone and wish on nay festival.


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