Top 5 Flowers with Meanings for Upcoming Mother’s Day

Top 5 Flowers for Birthdays & Anniversaries

Are you going to choose Flowers for mothers day as a souvenir to your mum? Have no idea as what your mum would appreciate? Well, just knowing her personality can help you make a perfect choice? Have a look at some of the flower meanings given below to help you make a decision which bloom would be the best match for your mother this Mother’s Day.

• Roses: Well, you must have idea of the roses and have guessed the meaning too, but a love of rose implicates a loving nature in the whole. Those who’re fantasized by roses tend to be very feminine as well as very conventional, with a sense of perfectionism and confidence. If you momma is a loving individual, just go with roses this Mother’s Day to wish her.

• Carnations: Those who prefer carnations are supposed to be loyal and down to earth. If you mom is someone on whom you have faith and you always share your secrets and has always been on your side, definitely you must go with carnations this Mother’s Day!

• Lilies: Those people, who love lilies, are often the most caring persons, committing themselves to the one who’re around them & are well-known as well as loved for their caring nature & bigheartedness. Caring for other every time isn’t easy, and these people deserve something very special in return. Why not let you mum know, shy have you chosen lilies this M-Day, even if she’s not an admirer of lilies? I’m pretty sure she’s going to love this meaningful flower.

• Daisies- Gerbera & Germini: Gerberas are akin to daisies in appearance; however they are much larger & are found in all sorts of colours, while Germini are miniature versions of Gerbera. Gerberas are quite perfect for those who are younger at heart. Those who have special liking for this flower love the outdoors & can’t wait for the summer season to turn around.

• Orchids: These blooms have quite interesting meanings and are ideal gifts for those who applaud the finer things in life. The fans of these flowers are known to be exciting people with something mysterious in them, attracting others with an intriguing charm.
Now if you’re unsure of what flowers to choose for your mom, just take help from this guide. Now send mothers day flowers to Delhi or any part of the world with online delivery! Make most out of this day to remind your momma, she’s the reason behind your success and smile!


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