Why our Elders are Right about White Holi Kurta


Getting slipped in stylish clothes and accessories is the true essence of all Indian festivals, irrespective of religion, caste, creed or area.
However, the exception in it the Holi celebration, where the basic rule is get dressed in white Holi Kurta, look festive and get the kurta sprinkled with colors, gulals and abirs. Holi is the quintessential celebration of colours that bring out the child in us. As it’s a celebration being rejoiced since ages, wearing white Holi kurta is an inseperable tradition of this festival.
Few years back, Holi was a festival when “Kurta Faad” tradition was on its peak where people used to slip in torn and tattered clothes to celebrate the essence associated with the festival. However, at present, it’s all about dressing brilliantly and looking quite festive with ethnicity.

Holi Kurti for Women:


Put on white or light colored kurta or clothes as Holi colors are best visible on white or light shaded clothes!
White Kurta and kurtis are best choices for women as they appear quite peppy, comfortable and of course stylish!
For a complete look, go for white kurta with matching earring and leggings and bring the ultimate ethnic diva in you. Pair with your kurtis, lightweight kolhapuri chappals to look stunningly ethnic.

If figure hugging leggings are what you don’t feel comfortable with, ditch the idea and pair the kurti with denim jeans. They don’t get sticky on your legs and don’t allow colors to stick to your skin.However, if you’re yearning for a complete village belly look, opt for light colored salwar suits with a printed duppatta.

Holi Kurta for Men:


Men don’t have to go with the mundane kurta payjama look anymore! Give you holi outfit a fashionable twist with a white trendy kurta coupled with a denim jeans.
It’s not necessary that you get slipped in the matching payjama, but you can pair it with any trouser or jeans as white goes well will all shades almost.

Ditch your love for brands this Holi and go ethnic cum trendy with Holi kurta in colors like white, pale, ocean green, turquoise or any shade of your choice.

They also Make Great Holi Gifts:

These trendy apparels, besides adding to one’s style statement, also make great Holi gifts. Yes, you can also get Holi kurta/kurti wrapped to make an ultyimate token of love for this colourful celebration. If you want to add something more, then there are Holi colours, pichkaris, Holi thandai, gujiyas and many other gifts too.


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