Top 5 Flowers for Birthdays & Anniversaries

Top 5 Flowers for Birthdays & Anniversaries

Are you planning to stun a loved one in Delhi on his/her birthday? Birthdays have always been the occasions of immense joy, isn’t that? Yes, it is! And sending someone very close to heart, a bouquet of flowers is still the most acclaimed way of letting him/her know you care for them and you are thinking about them.

Age is not bar when you’re sending flowers. Your old recipient may value the thought & the gift of beauty, while the very young receiver will be pleased about the festive hues & delicate texture. So, if you want to send flowers to Delhi, consider these most eminent flowers for birthday celebrations.

  • Roses: There is no surprise that roses top the list when it comes to choose flowers for any occasion. The excellent variety in the hues, and the sizes available along with its soul melting fragrance, make roses number one choice to send for almost any occasion. Small rose buds tucked in many bouquets, while bigger, lush flowers catch attention and earn appreciation.
  • Gerberas Daisies: Akin to sunflower, gerbera daisies have wide petals spread all over and come in mood lifting hues. Considered a happy flower, gerberas have paved their way into a festive bouquet again and again. For anniversary & birthday, they make perfect choices as recipients never go bringing a cheerful smile on their face.
  • Chrysanthemums: Well, these blooms are bright, cheery & make perfect birthday flowers. You’ll find a number of colors available at your florist so that you can make your gift color-coordinate. Get prepared a vibrant bouquet to sweep your recipient off his/her feet upon reaching.
  • Carnations: These are often the most eminent cut-flowers all around the world. And it’s not challenging to make out why. These lush flowers can blush dexterously with hues, or widen the eyes with the ecstasy of their petals.
  • Pansies: Some varieties of these flimsy blooms appear as if they were decked with faces. They make ideal gifts to send to Delhi for a birthday occasion or anniversary celebration. The color varieties include white, yellow, & of course mood cheering purple with many others. These colors make them perfect for brightening one’s day.

Though above mentioned flowers are the more popular species of birthday or anniversary flowers, your florists will likely have more recommendations. If you want to send something else for anniversary, you can send anniversary cakes online with flowers.


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